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posted by BrooklynAlexa
justin bieber
Justin Bieber
Taylor vs. Justin!Who will win? Well you can find out when you enter and leave a comment saying who's hotter Taylor Lautner or Justin Bieber!? So Hurry up!Don't waste time! Enter!Leave a comment now!This will contest will end Wednesday Febuary 20th,2010.If you like Taylor Lautner. Great!If you like Justin Bieber.Even Greater!! Justin is a good guy! He Loves Singing! Just like me!! He likes playing the Guitar! Like Me! I guess we have alot in comment!!


Host of the Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber club.
taylor lautner
Taylor Lautner
oi guys whats up,
As Justin Bieber's mom does a lot for him and he wants to buy his mom a house and i think that sense Justin does so much for us we should help him get that money also enough money to keep Justin's 3 friends with him for one full year. we could do fundraisers like all the people in Michigan could get to together and do it all the people in Florida and each state could do that this could be a never ending fundraiser after every fundraiser we could send the money to his manager to give to Justin we as a club could made Justin the happiest kid on planet earth.