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Because Tadashi is somewhat of a "minor" character when compared to Hiro, Baymax and the team, a lot of times there isn't much info on him. But, lucky for you, you have Tadashi's #1 fã here to find everything! These are just excerpts (so far theres only one ssshhhh), some may not be here because they are on video (which should be in the video section here!).

link on XINMSN (28 November 2014)
 Image from XINMSN.
Image from XINMSN.

Can you please tell us about your character Tadashi?
Henney: Tadashi is a young man, but he's a REAL man in every sense of the word. An amazing soul, a kind and gentle heart, and he...
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Obviously, it's always pretty likely that they chose his name simply because it's nice. But because I'm an obnoxious brat and I amor to pick at anything Tadashi-related, here is a small study thing I did a while back on disney Wiki.

These are the possible spellings of his name and the meanings of the different spellings (I don't yet know which meaning gpes to which spelling, when I do I will editar it).

Hamada, Tadashi (はまだ ただし):
浜田 正
浜田 禎
浜田 忠

濵田 正
濵田 禎
濵田 忠

濱田 正
濱田 禎
濱田 忠

Hamada can also mean "seashore arroz paddy", which is weird, but kind of pretty to picture, ahaha.

Tadashi can mean: loyal, true, righteous, morally correct.

Tadashi can also mean something like "happy history" (tada, 'happiness' and shi, 'history').

All sorts of beautiful things come from his name, haha. He really is a good dude.