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posted by despaina
This is perhaps one of the worst shows ever made for television. First, these "survivors" are not anything remotely close to what a true survivor would be. Someone who actually would be worried about finding comida or finding shelter wouldn't be sitting around on logs whining about how they got their feelings hurt. And these stupid little "games" they play where people are eliminated. How does this have anything to do with "surviving?" Just becuase the show takes place on a tropical island doesn't mean they couldn't film the same show in downtown Los Angeles. Just throw them all in a giant sandbox...
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Borneo - Rudy Boesch (3rd Place)
Australian Outback - Jeff Varner (10th Place)
Africa - Brandon Quinton (8th Place)
Marquesas - Vecepia Towery (Winner)
Thailand - Brian Heidik (Winner)
Amazon - Jenna Morasca (Winner)
Pearl Islands - Andrew Savage (10th Place)
All-Stars - Rudy Boesch (17th Place)
Vanuatu - Chris Daugherty (Winner)
Palau - Jeff Wilson (16th Place)
Guatemala - Stephenie LaGrossa (2nd Place)
Panama - Bruce Kanegai (7th Place)
Cook Islands - Adam Gentry (5th Place)
Fiji - Earl Cole (Winner)
China - Erik Huffman (6th Place)
Micronesia - Erik Reichenbach (5th Place)
Gabon - Crystal Cox (6th Place)...
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[Millie- staight away me and oliva, verde-oliva formed a good bond, i think it is because we are both Country Girls]

Olive and Millie walk off into the trees, to collext potential fogo wood.
Olive- Me and you to the end?
Millie- i feel i can trust you. So sure. Lets do it.

[Billie- i have never been able to mesh well with other girls, i have 4 Older Brothers and My Mum died when i was 2. So i was surronded por men.]
Billie walks up to Arnold and Hal trying to make a spark.
Billie- i am really struggling with these girls.
Arnold- yeah, i have noticed.
Billie- i think it would be in my...
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posted by Vaping_Orchard
Ok, So season 34 was the very first time I have ever watched survivor, and I loved it. I'm 37, and I'm not quite sure why I never took interest to it, but I have now. So after last season, and part of this new season, I decided to go back and I'm going to watch all seasons. Right now I am only on season 2. But here is my pergunta to the Show Vets out there.....Did the Show get safer?

On all of season 34 and thus far on season 35, I never seemed to feel they was in danger....from the wild life I mean. Yeah they have showed like snakes and stuff....but never anywhere close to them. And I've never seen critters or rats around the contestants or foraging through their comida or stuff. But on season one, there was rats all over them, hell even a snake like 15 feet away from them sleeping. The new seasons just seem like they have made sure there is no danger to them. And that, to me, take away alot from what the Show is suppose to be about. Ya know what I'm saying??
posted by LeahGurland123
Name: Survivor Nicaragua
Season Episode : Season 21 Episode 14 S21E14
Title : This is Going to Hurt
Airdate : December 15 2010 08:00 PM ET broadcast on CBS
Synopsis : A huge reward is on the line.


The rules of this game are simple: sixteen average Americans (eighteen in seasons 8 and 9, and 20 in season 10, and eighteen in season 11) are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth. They are divided into teams. Every three days, the Survivors must gather to vote someone out of their tribe. Once a total of six people have been voted out, the two tribes merge (this may...
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Jeff- and welcome to the first ever C999's Surivivor (borneo)
i will now announce to you the two tribes that will go head to head to try and stay on the island.


oliva, verde-oliva

the two tribes have 16 willing people waiting for everything Borneo can give them

Allainces will form,
Blindsides will occur
and Castaways will be booted!

a suprising merger,
a surprising Individual Immunity challenge dominator,
and a well liked winner :)

16 Castaways
39 Days
1 Surviovr!


Episode Summary:
Its natal time but their is no festive cheer for the Winner who's name will be call
Survivor Season 21 Episode 15 - Winner announced!
Survivor uses five early-20s delinquents on community service in Wertham (a fictional borough in an unnamed city), that are caught outside during any thunder storm and acquire special powers. Kelly (Lauren Socha) gains the capacity to read the thoughts of others, Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) may rewind time when encountering an immense sense connected with regret, Alisha (Antonia Thomas) sends people into a sexual frenzy when they touch...
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posted by truth111
Survivor fã vs favorito started with an all estrela cast but through blindsides and injuries the weak prevails. After last years pathetic results I never thought there could be a weaker survivor but this one takes the cake. This survivor not only was pathetic because of the results of the final 4 but also because of how easy surivor has become. How can u call it survivor when they eat so much everyday(including reward challenges)and the weak win. Parv won because the weak voted for the weak. Eric made the most dumbest mover in survivor history but Amanda made a huge dumb mistake por taking Parv...
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