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Loryn's POV 

I had been in the hospital for a couple of hours that i knew of. I just remember waking up here in the hospital. I knew I was in Australia for the Solar Blue Surf contest but I didn't know why I was in the hospital but I shortly found out what happened when Bec walked into my room. 
oi Loryn. How are you feeling? Bec asked. 
Fine, I guess. I said shrugging my shoulder. 
I winced in pain. My shoulder was hurting, my ribs were hurting and then my ankle was hurting some but not to much. 
Bec, what happened? Why am I in here? I asked. 
Well, Loryn you were surfing and your pearled, fell forwards off of your board. She told me. 
Oh. I said. 
The doctors said that when you fell progressivo, para a frente that you put your arms out in front of you to catch yourself but ended up popping one of them out of socket, then you sprained your ankle and then when Jake was giving you CPR it broke some ribs. Bec told me. 
Wow. I've never done this much damage to myself before. I told her. 
Loryn, can I ask you a question? I don't want to offend you. Bec said. 
Yeah sure. I said. 
Have you ever surfed that big of waves before? Ec asked curiously. 
No, I haven't. I said looking down. 
It's okay. We can work on that. I just wanted to know. She said. 
How long have I been in the hospital? Do my parents know that I'm in here? I asked. 
Yes they do. And you have been in here 3 days. Bec told me. 
Wow. Three days! Why aren't they here? I asked. 
I dont know. They said something about, you can take care if yourself. Bec told me. 
Oh okay. I said. 
If you need anything, Loryn, just ask. Okay? Bec said. 
Don't worry. I will. I said. 
Gary stuck his head in the door of my room. 
Do you feel like company? Gary asked. 
Umm, yeah. I said trying to smooth my hair out. 
You look good, Loryn. Dont worry! Bec said. 
 I smiled at her. 
Loryn! How are you feeling? Lila asked as she walked through the door. 
I'm okay. I told them. 
It was somewhat awkward because we all didn't know each other well or they didn't know me well. 
What have y'all been up too? I asked. 
Just boring school. Don't worry your not missing much. Leo said. 
The tone of his voice indicated that he hated school. I just kind if chuckled at his remark. 
That's good, then. I said. 
Okay, let's, let Loryn get some rest. Gary said. 
Oh we brought you some flowers. Cam said while setting them down on a table. 
Awe, thanks. They are lovely. I said. 
And we brought you some magazines!! Emma said while Paige handed them to me. 
Thanks yall. I said. 
What does y'all mean? Leo asked with a weird look on his face. 
Sorry, its a southern word for saying you guys or just sometimes talking to one person. Sorry it's kinda hard to explain. I said. 
It's okay. Well go início and research it. Paige said. 
Okay, we have got to get going! Bec said. 
Everyone said goodbye and Leo told me goodbye y'all even though it wasn't in the right context. 
Jake didn't say goodbye to me he just quietly slipped out of the room. 
Bec, is Jake okay? I asked. 
Yeah, I think so. Why? She asked 
I don't know, just wondering. I said. 
Okay, get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow. Bec said. 
I laid there thinking about so many things. How my parents weren't here on my first major wreck off my surfboard and then how Jake didn't talk to me at all. 
I kept making excuses up for why my parents weren't here. Like they don't have enough money for trips out to Australia or they can't just get up and leave their jobs. All while I was thinking that Jake kept popping up into my head. I had all these perguntas like; why didn't he say anything to me? Or why did he have that look in his eyes? Did I really die and did  Jake really bring me back to life? And then there was did my death and then did my coming back mess with Jakes mind? 
I fell asleep pondering  all of those questions. 

The seguinte morning I woke up really early. I was getting out of the hospital. The doctors gave me crutches to use until I could put weight onto my ankle without it hurting. I thought Bec was coming to pick me up but Jake walked into my room. 
Hey, Bec and Gary got tied up in a meeting so they sent me to pick you up. Jake said. 
Oh okay. I said. 
Here are some clothes to change into. He said. 
Are you okay? I asked. 
Yeah, I guess. He responded. 
No your not. I can see it in your eyes. I told him. 
I'm fine. I don't know what your talking about. He said. 
Sorry, I usually can tell when people are upset. I said. 
I'll leave so you can change. He said. 
Something was wrong with him and I was going to find out but first I just had to find a way. I thought.  
I changed clothes and told Jake he could come back in. A nurse walked in pushing a wheelchair. She helped me get in it and then pushed me to the van. Jake had grabbed my back and my crutches. 
I can hold my stuff, so you don't have to carry it. I told Jake. 
It's fine. I've got it. He said. 
When we got to the furgão, van he opened my door for me and helped me get in and then he sat my stuff in the back of the van. 
So where is everyone else? I asked Jake. 
They are at school. He said. 
Oh okay. I said. 
Lila, Paige and Emma wanted me to tell you that they are going to share a room so you can get the rest you need. Jake told me. 
Oh. I said. 
When we got to the house Jake grabbed my back out of the back and then handed me my crutches. 
Thanks. I said. 
He was treating me different, like he didn't care about me. It was different than before. I got inside and Jake was walking downstairs in his swimsuit. 
Do you need anything? Jake asked. 
No, I'm fine. I said. 
Okay I'm going surfing. He said and left. 
I hobbled up the stairs and went to my lonely room. There weren't any posters on the walls and my stuff was still pretty much in my suitcase. I went to the other girls bedroom and looked in on it. They had it so cutely decorated. I hopped back to my room and looked at the time it was 1:00pm. So I had a couple of hours before everyone would be home. Jake was pretty much ignoring me, my parents hadn't called me to see how I was and it was all starting to get to me. I could feel the tears filling up in my eyes. I didn't want them to escape but they started rolling down my face and I couldn't help it. I pulled my escrivaninha, mesa chair up seguinte to the window and sat there with my leg propped up on my bed. I could see Jake surfing from my room. I saw a bunch of other kids surfing too. They were trying aerials and they didn't have on a leash. I saw one kids board fly up into the air and land on Jakes head. I got up and ran towards the de praia, praia as fast as I could which wasn't fast at all. When I got to the edge of the water Jake was paddling in. 
Are you okay? I asked 
Yeah, I think so. He said. 
How did you get down here so fast? He asked.I was looking out the window and saw what happened. I was worried that you were hurt. I said. 
I was putting all of my weight into my leg that wasn't hurting and I was trying tj slow my breathing down but my ribs were killing me. 
So you are okay? I asked 
Yeah. He said. 
Okay, well I'm going back up then. I said. 
Okay. He said. 
I couldnt believe that he hadn't offered to help me back up to the house. It took me forever to get back up to the house por myself and when I got back, I sat in the same chair And propped my leg up on my he'd like before. 
Now I was crying out of pain. I had really hurt my ankle when I jumped up and ran down to the de praia, praia and then my ribs were hurting from running. I tried taking deep slow breathes but it wasn't working. I moved over to my cama and laid down to see if that help and it did some. 
When my breathing slowed down, I got up and went to the cozinha to get some ice for my ankle and ribs. 
When I walked into the kitchen, Jake was just sitting at the mesa, tabela looking down. I saw a tear drop onto the table. 
Jake-I said but I couldn't finish because he got up and let the room. 
Me being the kind of person who cares about how people feel, followed Jake. 
He stopped walking once he heard that I was following him. 
What do you want? He snapped at me while turning around to look at me. 
I just wanted to know why you were crying. I said. 
Go away and stop trying to pry into my life so much. He said. 
I'm sorry. I whispered. 
With all that said I turned around and walked back to the cozinha and grabbed some ice and headed for my room. 

Thanks anynomous for making me write again!!!! Please comment and/or like my story so I know who is all reading!!! Thanks!
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Chapter 8 

I hadn't realized that I was crying, yet again when I was composição literária my dreams down in my book.  I sat my book and pen down then wiped the tears off my face. When I looked up, Jake was standing in front of me. 
Why aren't you at school? I asked. 
Didn't feel like it. Are you okay? He asked. 
Yeah, I guess. I told him. Are you okay? I asked. 
Yeah, I'm fine. Ive had to do rescue people like that before and so I knew what to expect. He told me. 
I just nodded my head to him. 
Look, about the other dia when I said "you don't know what it's like", I'm sorry for that. He said. 
It's okay....
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Chapter 7 

I went upstairs and sat in the same spot. I loved surfing and I almost loved watching people surf more. I watched Jake go back out and surf till everyone got início from school. When everyone came início from school they stopped and greeted me. 
Hey Loryn! Is Jake treating you like a princess? Paige asked. 
I just smiled and said yes. 
Paige said that she could tell that he liked me but I hadn't given any signs away that I knew that could even give a hint to me liking Jake. 
Well good! You deserve it! She said. 
Paige! Let's go, your late for training. Gary yelled 
Oops! See ya! Paige...
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Opportunity of a Lifetime 

Chapter 9 

After I had wrapped my ankle in a dry bandage, I started to cook ceia for everyone. I made spaghetti. I thought it was really but apparently  Lila and Paige were vegetarians. I am totally a meat eater. I amor meat! Oh well, seguinte time they can make their own food. After I read over some things for school, I went to cama but that night I a strange dream. 
[i] I was in a restaurant with Nate. ( A guy from school that I had liked but he didnt feel the same way). We were sitting at a mesa, tabela together and then my sister had showed up. She had been taking pictures...
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