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You know you're a Stampy fã if......
1. pronounce the word lol "lol"
2. you subscribe to both of Stampy's channels, and all of his friends
3. (if not already British) you speak in an accent at aleatório times of the day
4. "lovely jublly" is now an adjective that you use regularly.
5. you call rosas lovely jublly amor amor petals and dandelions sunkiss.
6. you have a sudden craving for cake
7. your giant creeper now has a topo, início hat
8. you amor cats
9. you made at least 5 fã art, 4 poems, 3 songs, 2 cakes and 1 video for Stampy
10. you call Stampy "Stamps"
11. you are in his amor garden (and if not, you are desperately trying to get in)
12. you named your dog (real life or Minecraft) after one of Stampy's minecraft dogs.
13. you watched all of his vídeos even if you don't play half of those games (or heard of them)
14. you downloaded Stampy's Lovely World empty map
15. you learned a bunch of aleatório stuff you never knew about before.
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