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posted by SoulsGirl32
We were heading to Kid's house for a party ever one from school is going to be there from Maka to Soul. I have a crush on Soul but he didn't know it, and just hope we don't start off or end with that game 7 min in heaven. We walked to the door and knock. "Hey look who it is the new girls are here." Soul said opening the door as we walked in I could hear música playing. We went over to dance after that, we went to the living room. "Hey you want would be really fun 7 min in heaven." Kid said. Damn it ran throw my head I was hoping this wasn't going to happen. As all the boys put there names in...
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posted by rapidwave
soul is a young hot cool boy ,at least 13 years old. he is a demon scythe and he's also from a family of skilled musicians. He has a older brother Wes that is a skilled violinist. He states that he does not know what he is "capable of" compared to Wes, who he considers to be a master violinist. Soul is partners with maka albarn a very smart girl. They constantly bicker, often leading to confrontations, though they still work well together in battle. soul may have feeling's for maka as he staets that he is willing to die for his master. he may amor her. Soul is a traditional scythe in his weapon form. He and Maka are able to use the soul resonance techniques, Witch-Hunt slash and and Demon-Hunt slash .which turn the blade into a extremely large crescent. Demon-Hunt carries Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength. soul also has a laid back attitude, and he tries to maintain a "cool" image, to which he often compares his current situation.