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 Picceh made por meh =3
Picceh made by meh =3
NOTE: Read Nicklebackfan's story on the Sonic Boy fã Characters Club before readig this!

After a chase with Embers and Skylar, Rocket and Lila were just on Nay-Nay's board, Lila was still blushing a little from the whole "kiss" thing. Then they both found Nay-Nay, which she was eating Pocky and Cookies. "There you guys are :D", Nay-Nay ran up to them and squeezed them hard, "What took you so long? Were you guys making out or something?" "Uhhhh no?? O//////O" Rocket and Lila replied at the same time without noticing until N-N had a suspicious look. Lila was still blushing and then N-N started...
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In the past:
Sonic:(knocks on Amy's door)
Amy:(opens door angrily) what
Sonic:Ames im sorry why do you keep ignoring me
Amy:i have moved on. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? I thought that you wanted this
Amy:i dont want to hear it. Just leave me alone. (Closes door)
In the future:
Me:ugh... my head (touches face and hears a clank) what the... (gets up and looks into the mirror) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Dad:magic what's the matter?! (Eyes grow wide) omfg
Mom:sonic is Magic ok i heard her screaming (eyes grow wide)
Dad:ill call Tails
Me:what's happening to me. Im part robot again!...
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i told scourge that i was going out to buy some stuff.

scourge: be careful...and get your gun and phone if anything comes that?

luna:yeah..lova ya. *leaves*

as soon as i left the store..i felt eyes watching me......horrible eyes that only appear in my nightmares:

????:why hello my dear.

luna:...fuck off nazo....

nazo: come on...dont be like that... come here.

luna: leaving......

nazo: *grabs me and kisses me*

luna: *deadpan look*

nazo:..*breaks kiss* you arent going to run away?

luna:...are you serious?

nazo: so you amor me? *tails wags* hate you see ya later jackass. *he then grabbed...
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posted by crazyasfred
Name:Nicolette but she prefers Nikki
Likes:Music,Harry Potter,Hunger Games,Writing,Hanging out with friends,Playing video games,Singing,Dancing,Playing guitar
Dislikes:Peas,Racisim,Homophobics,Fake people,Bulling,PDA,Mephiles
Best friends:Amy,Sonic,Blaze,Sliver,Tikal,Scourge
Fave Food:Pizza
Fave Drink: D.r Pepper
How u can tell she likes a boy: blushes,doesn't keep eye contact,smiles,ears twitch
Ill write a story a bit later maybe try to draw her more......tell me what you think
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Theme: Switch por Ashley Tisdale
Love/Crush: Wizard the Lunar Hedgehog
Home: Tech Crisis,Dead Line
Fav Colors: Red, Blue, Purple
Fav Food:She doesnt really eat much but she'll eat this werid comida called "milas geanto"
Friends: Flame the Bat, Crazy the Hedgehog, Snow the Cat, Serenity the Hedgehog,Galaxy the Bat, Pualina the Rabbit, Satellite the Hedgehog
Enemies: Mirage the Bat, Aquamarine the Bat, Gizmo the Fox, ciara the Hedgehog
Fav Drink: StarLight Dust.
Birth: August, 26, 1996
Personality: A futuristic Cosmic cat who loves to explore new galaxies and planets. she loves hangin out with Wizard. She plays a very important part in Dead Line... and thats making peace with the planets around hers. it can be very dangerous at times but shes tough enough to handle it. she likes conneting the dots with the stars in her free time.
 Eternity the Cosmic Cat
Eternity the Cosmic Cat
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