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posted by NailStrafer
I made an account a little while ago. Sorry to say I've lost track of time. It's been a busy few weeks between work and social commitments. But now I've finally got a bit of time to post one of my fã characters.

I have two major fã characters I use between roleplays and fanfiction. You could say they're like two sides of a coin, each reflecting a side of my personality. One of them is serious, and the other one is fun-loving. Giichi is the fun loving one.

If the backstory doesn't make much sense, it's because this version of Giichi is from Sonic Aftermath, an old Sonic roleplaying site I used to administrate. I'd be glad to explain mais if you like.

Name: Giichi Twinkieland (possibly an alias)

Age: 24

Sex: M

Species: Sand cat

Faction: Thieves' Guild

Alignment: Hero


Giichi's pele, peles is a sandy tan color, with darker brown stripes all across his body except for his chest. His eyes are completely greenish yellow, except for the black pupils. Despite being in his mid 20s, he still looks like a teenager. His clothes vary for whatever he needs to wear to blend in...although he is particularly fond of one outfit when traveling. He often likes to wear brown boots, a red tunic, and a brown capa that can completely conceal his body except for the topo, início half of his face. It also has a capuz, capa if he'd like to further conceal his identity or if it's cold. Giichi uses this to conceal the various tools and weapons he carries for doing thievery, in addition to valuables he has stolen. He often tosses it aside when engaging in a fight, so he keeps spares around.

Personality: Giichi likes to picture himself as something of a gentleman thief...all suave and debonair. However, he looks and in fact is much too young to do the "gentleman" part justice. Many people who meet him for the first time think he is still a high school student, despite the fact he's actually in his mid 20s. While he considers this annoying at times, he likes to use it as a way to get people to underestimate him as a stupid kid and nothing more.

However, he is starting to develop the gentleman thief's wits and cleverness. Giichi loves coming up with plots to steal whatever catches his fancy...analyzing holes in security; optimal places for entry; how he will make his sweet, sweet getaway, etc. Most of all, he loves to think of how to do it all without having to kill a single person. Giichi is a decent fighter but he prides himself mais on getting what he wants with resorting to as little violence as possible. He may be a thief but he doesn't like blood very much.

And in spite of being a thief, he is also quite charitable and something of a Robin capuz, capa figure. Giichi regularly donates to charities, and he also loves to go out with friends and share some of his spoils so everybody can have a good time.

Ever since he learned how to steal Giichi just started to view life as a fun game, and most people who meet him will definitely get this impression from him. He tries to see the best side of things and not get discouraged, and he rarely holds a grudge against anyone who's wronged him. Giichi feels life is just too short to be harboring hatred. This also applies to when he is on missions. Even when things don't go according to plan, he tries to stay calm and keep his head clear. Giichi figures it's his best defense from panicking, making mistakes, and getting caught.

However, this overly optimistic view does sometimes cause him to underestimate what he is getting himself into. There's been several times when it's landed him in jail...although with his Thieves' Guild connections he's usually not there for very long. People also may find him somewhat insensitive with how he seems to consistently be in a good mood, and there are times when his generosity does go too he regrets how much he gave up the seguinte morning.

He loves classic sports cars, particularly those from the early 60s to the late 70s, and he's especially fond of convertibles. Sometimes he helps out in a restoration comprar in Soleanna to earn a little extra money, and because he loves the work itself. Giichi's main hobby is also taking his Ferrari out to amateur racing events, in addition to tearing it up along the de praia, praia roads near his house.

Giichi is also an avid fã of tokusatsu TV shows, particularly Neko Sentai Kittehranger. The show stars Lionranger, Tigerranger, Leopardranger, Ocelotranger, and Sandranger (his favorito ranger, since he too is a sand cat).

Family: Both of Giichi's parents are still alive and employed por the same circus, although he doesn't really know or care what they're doing, considering he hasn't seen them in years. He doesn't even care what happened to them after the dimension merge.

Transport: Giichi owns a beautiful red 1969 Ferrari Dino 246, and he keeps it at his seaside cottage for pleasure driving and short errands. It's very fast on a winding road, should the situation call for it. However, most of the time he rents or steals whatever vehicles he needs...the better to stay incognito when doing his job.

Twin Sais - Contrary to popular belief (and Raphael's weapons in Ninja Turtles) sais are not blades. The shaft of the weapon is actually rounded and blunt at the tip. But anyway, Giichi prefers this weapon because of its defensive capabilities. The weapon's distinctive prongs can be used to catch incoming attacks from knives, swords, etc. Once you catch the attacker's weapon with one sai, you can simply push it aside and then hit the attacker with the other sai...either with a soco (using the base of the grip for greater force), a thrust (using the weapon's tip) or a strike (using the side of the shaft).

Blowgun - To augment his close range sais, Giichi also carries around a blowgun for distance attacks. But keeping with the less-lethal nature of his weapons, he uses it to fogo sleeping darts at opponents. And since it's almost totally silent, this makes it perfect for putting unaware enemies to sleep. Anyone hit por the dart can expect to fall asleep for a few minutes, and then wake up later unaware of what happened.

There are drawbacks though. Naturally he can only fogo one dart a turn at most, since you have to put in a new dart after every shot. And when used on someone who's experiencing a combat high during a fight, it's nowhere near as effective. Yeah, it might slow them down a bit and make them feel somewhat woozy, but they won't fall asleep. Giichi carries thirty darts with him at a time.

Sticky Smoke Grenade - Because Giichi would prefer to avoid fights, he likes to use these to cover his escape when caught. You just pull the pin, throw, and it instantly releases a nuvem of smoke. The smoke nuvem will remain in place for several segundos before dissipating. The can can also attach to most surfaces, even other people. This can be very disorienting if he manages to stick one of these on you.

Toolkit - These are items that Giichi carries with him to do his breaking and entering. It consists of lockpicks, a small crowbar for prying things open (like windows), a small computer for electronic locks, gloves, a flashlight, chewing gum (for covering camera lenses), and assorted other goodies.

Giichi Twinkieland was born the son of two acrobats in a traveling circus show. His parents wanted him to follow in their footsteps, so they trained him from an early age in the arts of the flying trapeze and parkour. por the time he was about 10 years old, he was out there doing the show with them. por 15 he was practically as good as they were.

But honestly, Giichi didn't want to follow the path his parents had laid out for him. The idea of being a circus performer his entire life, like his parents, made him retch just thinking about it. They weren't paid well, their início was a tiny trailer, and always being within the atmosphere of the circus was dizzying and suffocating. At the age of 18, he let his parents know he was leaving them and the circus. They weren't surprised, but they were heartbroken all the same. It was rather obvious to them over the last couple of years that Giichi, quite frankly, didn't enjoy their work. They'd hoped it was just a phase, but they were mistaken. So, with great sadness, they allowed their son to leave and pursue his own future.

But after leaving, Giichi realized rather quickly it was hard to make good money with the talents and skills he had. There really wasn't a job market anywhere for a trapeze artist and parkour master except for...surprise...other circuses. He needed money quickly but he didn't want to return back to his old life...and going to college to get new skills would take too long and cost too much.

But one day, he had an inspiration while he walked down a rua in Soleanna and looked up. A lot of the windows high up on the buildings were left wide open, since it was a hot summer day. To the average person, they'd be impossible to get to. But for Giichi? Cake. So that very night, he scaled the buildings up to dark windows that had been left open. With just one hora of work he'd already pocketed $500 worth of cash and small electronics.

Considering Giichi had been sleeping outside for a while por now, he quickly decided to use some of the money to rent a hotel room. After entering his room, he spread out his spoils on the cama and sat there...just gazing at them.

To Giichi, this felt so wrong. So far as he could recall, Giichi had never stolen anything before. But he'd also never earned anything close to this in such a short amount of time at the circus. It felt amazing to get so much for so little time and effort. In the end, Giichi decided he would only keep doing this until he got his feet under himself and found a stable job. In the meantime, he would share a little with his fellow homeless to make himself feel better.

At first, that's how it was. But the longer Giichi roubou things the mais he realized he liked this life. He could basically travel anywhere he liked and do whatever he wanted. So over the seguinte several years he started picking up mais skills to help him in his line of work. Lockpicking, safecracking, breaking glass windows without making a sound, a knowledge of police procedure and codes, etc. He pretty much had his career down to an art por now. With his money, Giichi purchased a home...a remote cottage on the coastline near Soleanna. isolated that he had the de praia, praia to himself for a mile in either direction.

The dimensional shift transported his cottage with nearby Soleanna to its present location in this world. The shift was a shock and surprise to Giichi, but he mais or less welcomed it considering it made his job easier. All of the old police and crime agencies that had been after him before were either gone now or in disarray. And now a whole Thieves' Guild had been established for like-minded people, so he had a ready supply of partners for capers.

If there's one thing that annoys him about the's that reliable charities are much harder to find. Despite being a thief for so long, Giichi never quit giving part of his spoils to the homeless and less fortunate. He likes to give as much as he thinks he would pay in income taxes, if his job was legit. Giichi thinks it would do a lot mais good towards helping society than unwillingly giving it to wasteful bureaucratic governments.

Moves/Combat Style: When given the choice between fight or flight, Giichi tends to always choose flight. If that's not a choice, he prefers to use his superior speed and agility to confuse and disorient opponents, and then he moves in to make several rapid strikes with his sais and claws before backing off. Hit and run is his mantra. Each individual blow isn't that hard, but when they all hit together it can really shock an opponent.

Speed Jump - This mover allows Giichi to cruz a short span of o espaço in just a dividido, dividir second, about up to 20 feet. Giichi can jump in any direction, as long as it's a straight line. He can do this two turns in a row, but any mais than that and he starts to wear out his feet, which slows him down a lot. This is extremely bad for him since speed is central to his combat strategy. So if he pulls this mover twice, he has to wait four turns before he can do another Speed Jump.

Handstand Kick - If an opponent comes at Giichi with a high attack, he evades por falling backwards and landing on his hands. And then from that position, he brings his legs up. And on the way up, they'll probably beijoca, smack right into the guy who just tried to hit him. Then he transitions from the hand stand into landing back on his feet...standing a short distance from his opponent. This allows him to both evade and attack at about the same time. It'll definitely catch someone por surprise the first time he does it, although opponents can get wise to it if he abuses it. Not to mention it kind of depends on there only being one combatant facing him at a time.

Super Slide Trip - Giichi gets a running start, then lets himself go into a long slide on the floor, with one foot first. He will then slide about ten feet at a rapid speed, tripping up people in his way. After that he'll have to jump back up on his feet. This can also allow him to quickly slide under low say a descending door. It's very useful for attacking while making an escape.


Acrobatics/Climbing/Parkour - Giichi was trained from an early age to be light on his feet and pull off astounding feats of agility. Because of this, he can be a very difficult target to hit, considering he can backflip and cartwheel all over the place like a hyperactive Power Ranger. This also gives him the ability to jump quite high.

Between his claws and his small, light frame, Giichi can also easily and quickly scale surfaces made of materials soft enough to dig his claws into. It's the same way pretty much, if handholds are provided. Giichi is also very adept when it comes to taking the high road horizontally. He spends a lot of time practicing his parkour, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, vaulting railings and park benches, jumpkicking up between two walls, running along árvore branches, and many things in between. So if he doesn't want to get caught and there's a lot of things to climb and jump between, you aren't going to catch him.

Infiltration - Giichi excels at breaking into places he's not meant to be. He's learned how to pick simple locks, break windows without making a sound, crack combination safes, defeat simple surveillance measures, and even knows a little bit of hacking for defeating electronic locks. If he wants to get into a secure area, he most likely will find a way in. He especially likes to use his small size to squeeze into air vents, too.

Advanced Driving Skills - As a hobby, Giichi frequently takes his Ferrari to autocross events and open track days, in addition to tearing up the deserted de praia, praia roads near his house. Because of this, he has experience handling cars at their limits. Giichi is well versed in choosing the right racing line, proper shifting technique, evasive and passing maneuvers, and not to mention a few other tricks like drifting and reverse 180s. Against a true professional racer he would lose, but he is considerably better at driving than the average motorist.

Vehicle Mechanic - Giichi has some mechanical experience from working to restore classic sports cars. Given enough time, he could probably restore an old car that hasn't run in years back to life. He also has detailed knowledge about vehicle locking and security systems (both past and present), so in a pinch he could also steal a vehicle if needs be.

True to his feline species, Giichi is incredibly fast and agile, and can quickly climb up any surface soft enough to dig his claws into. This makes him a very difficult opponent to keep up with, let alone hit. If only footholds are available, he can easily climb those too. Giichi can also jump quite far too. His smaller size and slim figure also allow him to easily enter small openings. He is best suited for an infiltrator-type role.

Giichi is not much help in a straight-up fight, considering he has average strength and low stamina. With his speed he can strike quickly and then back off just as fast, but his blows are quite soft. It also only takes a few solid hits to knock him out of commission...and one or two can slow down his advantageous speed quite a bit. He prefers to avoid confrontation whenever possible because of all of these things.
posted by darksilver
Miss me?... didn't think so... Anyway, while I was gone, I've been composição literária books. New characters, new places, all that good stuff. I thought, it wouldn't hurt to tell you guys about Boom, cause his back story has never been told.

Boom was born from Rythe and Xion. Rythe is a Hedge-Bat, and Xion is an Ecidna. Boom was born 4 years before his younger brother, Slash. Boom quickly learned how to use a gun, and por the time he was 10, could snipe a 6 inch in radius target in the center from a mile away. When he was 12, he got his first set of pistols. He dual-wielded them like a real pro. To this...
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posted by rath01
soon as they heard those words both elise and rath scrambled to break the tank when they did they helped the hedgehog out of the tank on to a near por chair " what were you doing in that tank " elise asked the hedgehog " I don't know all I now is my name is kalus and that's it said kalus with a confused look on his face " ok I believe you " said elise." now the real pergunta can you fight" said rath." I think so" said grief still trying to remember something." oh no DR. neg has released 7 war bots out into the city" yelled elise from her computer." good time to get payback on those things for...
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--------------------------------------------------THAT NIGHT... Zim and Tak got no sleep. They both stayed up all night trying to fix Gir. Tey tried putting in new batteries, waving a taco in front of his nose, and even trying to get the lava out with a syringe. They still had one choice. They spent the other half of the night trying to make a Chaos Emerald. Finally, the esmeralda was complete. They put the esmeralda inside of Gir. "Why'd you taunt me with that taco knowing I couldn't get it?" gir said. "It worked!" Zim said. They opened their door, but they didn't get out....
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posted by zelda4559
 ruby the hedgehog
ruby the hedgehog
"what's the seguinte misson" "The other chaos emrald is at the town of soleanna" says emma "ok I'm off" Ruby went in the HQ helicopter and landed in the town of soleanna. "so you're that ruby the hedgehog" "huh, who's there" A bat flies down "I'm Rouge the bat" " I see that you got the chaos emerald" ruby says " I'm a treasure hunter on my spare time" rouge says "I'm sorry but I need to take that emerald" "Never" rouge says "I gess we'll have to fight for it" rouge takes the first mover using a spin attack. I doge and kick her "you're not to weak, but not to strong ethier" rouge says trowing another kick hiting me. "I've heard of you, you're that secret agent,I'm one too" "Who's You're leader"rouge says "emma"ruby says "emma...I know her" "you do" "yes, but I still can't give you the chaos emerald"rouge says "As long as she knows that someone good has it, it will be fine" I went back to HQ helicopter. Back towrds the spy HQ.
posted by zelda4559
"You're misson is to recover the chaos emeralds." "ok" Ruby runs off heading towards Eggman's base."who's that" ruby thinks. As a Blue hedgehog races by. "It don't matter" As ruby sneaks into one of the vents. Crawling until the she sees the glow of the red chaos emerald. "It's like taking doces form a baby" ruby jumps out of the vent and takes the chaos emerald. As she gets ready to leave a two tailed raposa walks in. "huh, who are you" "I'm ruby, don't bother me" she jumps into the vent before tails can get her. "Get back here ruby" Ruby escapes Eggman's base and run torwds the spy HQ. "so you say a red hedgehog took the chaos emerald" says sonic "yes, she escaped before I could get her" says tails angerliy "let go after her,sonic" says cream "I'm back" "Good job, angent ruby"says Emma the HQ leader "I have a question, who's the yellow two tailed fox" ruby demands "tails the raposa he travels with sonic the hedgehog" "tell me more"
Note: This is a continuation of Part 3. You need to read some of the other stuff first.

The rush of wind flowing past his ears made Sonic feel alive again. Of course, he wasn't running at the speed of sound, exactly. He was just running faster than 60 miles an hour, because he had both Tails and Knuckles following him at 50 miles an hour.

"Feels like old times, huh?" Sonic called back. "Man! I'm unstoppable!"

"Just like old times." Knuckles rolled his eyes. "At least I have a life and a career! I'm not living in my mother's basement!"

"You don't even know your mom." Tails snapped. "Anyway, the...
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