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Been in the darkness long enough
People say I've been atuação too tough
Trying to stay low
Living on a cup of Joe
Cause I'm just a black coração (repeated 3 times)

Somebody left a note
Saying that I've been so bad
I thought It was a joke
My mom was so sad that she left my dad
Cause I'm just a black coração (repeated 3 times)

Living on the lamb
The perfect place for a grown man
Darkness rests in my hand
With no demands......
Cause I'm its ruler! (Repeated 2 times)

Being like The old devil
I feel like I've been leveled
On the 666th floor
With no doors to escape the
Cause I'm just a really really rotten black heart!
So while the first full fanfiction I wrote was Lizzy: Eternal, the first idea and series I had was the Seven Server Saga; the thing that literally started EVERYTHING I ever made.

This was the origin for…
~Tons of other characters you haven’t heard of
~And basically every plot that started in other series, or almost all of them.

This was my first, and to this dia only, series that involved canhão characters, but it had quite a few changes along the way.

So let’s go to the beginning involving my first ever fã Character, Starcher Saraduct. I made this guy when I was...
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Nat and Tiny were walking through the newly growing forest. Trees were growing back to full health, but many didn't make it through the fire. New trees started to grow from the old ones. The forest almost looked as good as new " I'm amazed it only took 3 weeks for the forest to go back to being normal. " Nat said," It grew faster than I thought it would." Tiny agreed," It's mainly from the help of Rose. She helped sprout new trees and grow bushes. And also the ashes. Plants seem to grow better in them. I just hope that the animais come back, the forest wouldn't live completely without them."...
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Name (full): Rynk “Hellborn”

Age: Erm… traditionally she’s 15, so… fifteen.

Gender: Male… FEMALE X{D

Species: Erm… oh boy
~Acid Monster 30 %
~Banshee Mobian 30 %
~Identity 10 %
~Mobian Core 10 %
~Xorda Mobian 10 %
~ Lynx 10 %

Abilities: … I’ll list abilities and weaknesses to avoid stu-ness
Acid Monster abilities
~Acid… yeah
~Water increases pele, peles and hair, as over-exposure is damaging
~ Not too sure but I think Acid monsters might be a bit fragile

Banshee Mobian Abilities
~Metal bones (the metal bone abilities transfers to all DNA’s)
~Flight (via a web-like substance...
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The Drones moved progressivo, para a frente from Fort Benjamin like, well, insects.
The IND captured one of Natura's Queyn's, and were using them to make cheap, efficient insect soldiers.
The Queyn issued orders via the hive mind she established at birth.
Search. Eradicate. Search. Eradicate. she repeated over and over in the insect's feeble minds.
A trono escort glided over the surface of the sand at the Feild of Benjamin prepairing for the showdown por ingraining into the ground and using their glyph rings to form turrets.
"It's the first major battle," whispered a long obselete Arkknight. The only place where his...
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{this fanfic has pretty much no plot they just go save a bunnie my god!}

so this was heaven a land of clouds a land of hope and dreams "wat the hell" said misery just waking up "this is heaven" asks rane also waking up "i gess so" i said and i stood up the clouds were quite fluffy and jumpy then misery took a handful of clouds and puts them in her mouth so i slap her hand and say "wat the heck u dont just go around eating stuff" i say "mmmmm tastes like biscoitos, cookies yummy" she says with her mouth full
"come on lets go we have a mission guy" rane says getting...
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yo, everyone ,… I,ve got many "why"s to ask
- why dreams are just a legend for a cinema hero to act?, why it's just a far away thing that we live and feel it can't be reached? Why life goes one way for most of people? Why ur only matter in life is to find a job and ur life stops there? Why don't u try to reach ur dream? Is that the real meaning of our lives? What's the difference between u and the person ur fã of? Aren't u both people? Wasn't he like u when he was little?

Yo ,wake up, the only thing I'm seeing here is dead people , everyone is living alone, one of my biggest dreams is find...
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Chapter Three:

“Talon? Alloooooooooooooooooo?” Rin called out. She was walking through the city lixo Yard. Some employees were about and heard her. She quickly turned around a bit so that she could change her face to her cat-apparel, then looked back at the worker.

“You’re looking for someone?” The worker asked with a slightly worn out sigh.

“Um yeah,” Rin answered, “a friend of mine wanted to meet me here… is it okay if I look around? I- I won’t touch anything!”

“Um... well alright,” por the quick reply, Rin guessed the man was busy and eager to finish up, “just make...
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I made an account a little while ago. Sorry to say I've lost track of time. It's been a busy few weeks between work and social commitments. But now I've finally got a bit of time to post one of my fã characters.

I have two major fã characters I use between roleplays and fanfiction. You could say they're like two sides of a coin, each reflecting a side of my personality. One of them is serious, and the other one is fun-loving. Giichi is the fun loving one.

If the backstory doesn't make much sense, it's because this version of Giichi is from Sonic Aftermath, an old Sonic roleplaying site I...
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The a fury centered at the current events, and a duty to fulfil, Takris lets out a rift of energy spreading around the planet, screaming, as seven lights blast from the ground, one forming at him. One is pink, another gold, another blue, one silver (for Tak), another red, one green, and one purple.

As other figures begin to appear, Takris catches a glimpse of something about to happen in the seguinte few seconds. Another person was about to vanish before he could fix the planet. His own power was not going to keep anyone here yet. He needed the permission… a loophole.

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“So Finale thinks that he can channel the Rasoul that Vice absorbed out of him…?” Kyle questioned, which received a few eyebrow raises from the Rasoul Embodiments and Trenton. “…I know Finale already said he could but I was just trying to ask and make sure if he really thinks he can do that or if we really think he can do that…”

“Yes, I really think I can do that as I already said before,” Finale replied. “But also like I already said, someone is either going to need to fight him down or hold him down or something such as that as I can’t focus while he’s trying to attack...
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Dannie looked down at her sister when she heard a small squeak escape from her. Dannie narrowed her eyes as Leah looked up at her with tears in her eyes.

"I'm scared...Natasha has been gone for over an hour!" Leah's ears lowered in worry as she looked back towards the island. "We should go look for her!"

"But she told us to stay on the boat!" Dannie protested.

"I don't care! What if she's hurt and we can't help her because we listened to her orders?!" Leah growled. "Please Dannie?!"

Dannie sighed and realized that Leah wanted to go find Natasha because Natasha knew the two girls ever since...
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