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Shadow's POV

Well, me and my little hedgie's in cama now. I can't go to sleep and it's almost 3:00 am... What's that little bump further down from Sonic? Oh, Sonic, you naughty little hedgehog. Now, por looking at it, I got one as well. I reached from under the covers to stroke his member, and he let out a little moan in pleasure. Oh, Sonic...

Sonic's POV

What's that fuzzy thing on my...SHADOW!...It felt nice and pleasurable, actually...FUZZY. Soon, he dragged the covers off the cama and he can see my 'thing' clearly now, which made his 'thing' go higher. I let out a little moan. I wanted him to...
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>|3 <3 Enjoy!~ Comic por 💫💛AngelofHapiness💛💫
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As sonic and shadow fall into a deep sleep sonic suddendly wakes up due to a very loud thunder clap
Sonic *jumps up* GAHH *he yelled*
Shadow *wakes up from soincs loud yell* what is it sonic *he wipes his eyes and looks at his alrm clock and the time is 2:46 AM*
Sonic oh shadow i didnt meen to wake you up it was the thunder it startle me *he smiles and lays back down*
Shadow oh *he yawns and goes back to sleep*
Sonic *very carefully moves closer to shadow and softly puts a arm around shadow and falls asleep*
(a few hours later sonic is awkend buy the smell of food)
Sonic *sniffs the air and follows...
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Please read the first part first to understand the story!
(Sonic is wearing a dark grey t-shirt with jeans and Shadow is wearing a red camisa with black jeans.)

The wolf's name was Jock, a suitable name for a grey wolf. He strolled in and waved at Sonic, who blushed at him. "Is this the guy?" Jock whispered to Shadow.
"Yeah. You know what to do." Shadow whispered back.
"Okay, Sonic, this is Jock." Shadow told Sonic.
"H-hi..." Sonic said. Jock replied with a smile.
"He's going us tonight." Shadow continued.
"Ah." Sonic nodded, understanding what's going to happen.
"Well, I don't want to...
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