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Smurfette is 1 of the main characters in the Smurfs franchise. There are enough enjoyable smurfs, but my favorito is Smurfette.


Despite how sweet she is now Smurfette was made por Gargamel so he could have a sidekick to help him get the smurfs. However Smurfette had a sweet side and clearly wanted to stop being Gargamel's sidekick so Papa Smurf used some magic to change Smurfette. She used to have black hair, but now she has blonde hair.

Why Smurfette is My favorito Smurf

Smurfette is por far the cutest smurf. She's 1 of the most overly sweet and adorable characters in all of animation....
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Papa smurf: Get him good updates.
Clumsy smurf: Call him 'Hero smurf'
Lazy smurf: Get him a new blanket and pillow.
Handy smurf: Get him a new hammer
Brainy smurf: Tell him he is clever
Reporter smurf: Get him information on whats smurfing around in the village.
Tailor smurf: Get him clothes to make.
Farmer smurf: Give him a mission to grow crops.
Dreamy smurf: Don't disturb him while he is dreaming.
Harmony smurf: Tell him his música is good (although its not *giggles*).
Painter smurf: Tell him something to paint.
Hefty smurf: Tell him he is so strong.
Vanity smurf: Tell him he looks very handsome.
Jokey smurf: Open his gift box(BOOM!) and laugh.
Poet smurf: Listen to him all day.
Grouchy smurf: Talk about me(Smurfette)
Baker smurf: Get Greedy smurf engaged in something.
Greedy smurf: Give him some of Baker's freshly baked cakes.

That always works for me :-)