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posted by SkyheartPegasus
Let's see. Where have I left off..? (tapping chin and thinking)
Oh, right! Right after Wave Ocean.
Sonic and Tails go back to Soleanna. You have to go to the desert to continue the story. Sonic and Tails go to the ring for the desert stage, but since the guards have seen Eggman there, they are restricting access.
Then you have to get this ability that lets you slide under things to save a girl that went on a roof for some reason. You go to the other side of town, then slide under a mural to find a very glitchy camera angle and a few boxes. Break them, go on the spring, then find the girl and talk to her.
You take her down, and after, you talk to the mayor guy. He lets you take access to the desert. Sonic and Tails find Elise, who apparently has tan legs. Then, "Eggman" attacks you and you have to go through a boss fight.
What is it called? The Egg Cerberus, exclusively with only one head. (I will get back to the stages and boss fights later)
After you defeat it, Sonic and Tails dividido, dividir paths. Sonic takes Elise through the desert, which is apparently filled with quick sand, so you have to use Elise's apparent glowy orb of death to not sink through.
With Elise in your hands, you aren't allowed to use a ton of your abilities, like the spin dash or any gems you have. (Gems are things you can buy in the comprar to get mais abilities)
After that, they somehow appear in a meadow with nothing in it but grama and flowers. Elise insists Sonic is hurt, so he has a bandage for a little while. And... it's a romantic scene. Euh. I'm not gonna talk about it. e.e
Elise tells Sonic about Iblis because her mind is a Mary Sue in itself I guess. Then they run away. And somehow get back... i dunno.
The new character Pothead the Porcupine... um, I mean Silver the Hedgehog comes along and attacks Sonic, calling him the Iblis Trigger. And an annoying battle starts.
At the end, in Sonic's story, Silver surprise-attacks him in a cutscene. Elise gets captured... again... then Silver is about to, I guess kill Sonic, and Amy steps in while Sonic just runs away.

I'm bored, so see ya laters!