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Source: Me, episode "The lost Treasure of The Golden Squirrel"
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(this is merly mi first amor story, dont be annoied IF IT SUCKS, ALSO DONT BE ANNOIED IF I HAVE BAD TEXTWRITING since i am from Venezuela (look at the map))

- One dia the penguins had an idea "lets go eat icecream skippa^" said private happily "ok guys, but i cant go, i have to go to do my rutinary look, but come back with 2 icecreams for me""ok skippa^" and they went away "he never comes with us" pointed kowalski "maybe he has a secret?" "oh kowalski, he is skipper, skippa^ will never hide nothing to us!" said private, and they went away.

- After some hours they came back, and kowalski went...
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Source: The lost Treasure of the Golden esquilo
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Hi everyone! Once again, my segundo fan-fiction.

Marlene woke up with a big grin in her face with asking aleatório questions. How would my dia turn out? Is it going to be good or better? Bad or worse? i want to find it out.

Marlene went to the Penguin's habitat and saw none of the penguins are outside. "Hmmm, strange.. Where is everybody?" she said to herself. She entered the H.Q and saw a pale Skipper with a thermometer in his beak and a thick blanket on. " What's wrong with him? " Marlene said sarcastically. " Ca-ca-can't you see I-I-I'm sick! " Skipper said hesitantly. " You don't have to be mean...
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