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It's Complicated Chapter Seven
I started down the long drive way and had to stop to let several really nice cars in. I let several go por and thought it was the end when the coolest motorcycle I had ever seen came spending in. I watched as he passed me and park his bike up the drive way. He took off his capacete and he was the cutesy guy I'd ever seen. But I was mais memorized por his bike then actually him. I realized I had been staring to long because of the look on his face. I decided to sped off because it was embarrassing to sit there and stare at him. New people, they will be the talk of the town once school starts.
"I'm home!" I yelled as I went through the front door. "Any one here?!?"
"Oh Lila, you're home." Billy said oddly. "I thought you'd be gone longer!!"
"Nah, I got bored and came home." I said as laid on the couch. "There's new people in town too. They seem weird but oi I haven't met them yet!"
"Oh really"-
"Dad!" Jacob moaned.
"What is wrong with Jake?" I asked sort of worried.
"Just mono, beijar to many girls." Billy said as he tried to laugh it off. "Nothing too bad!"
"Jake has mono?!" I asked as I rolled on the floor laughing. "That is impossible! He has not been beijar girls!"
"Lila, you can get mono even if you have not kissed a girl!" He informed me. "I better go see what he needs. Why don't you go to the de praia, praia or something."
"Nah, I kind of want to stay here and watch tv." I said. "I will stay out of the way. I promise."
"No Lila. Get out of the house for the day!" Billy said almost demandingly. "Go on, everything is fine."
"Fine, but let me go to my room and change." I said. "It will not take long."
Billy sighed in frustration as he wheeled himself to Jake's room. Billy closed the door behind him. That was strange. I changed slowly. I did not want to go to the beach. Especially por myself! It was going to be boring. I walked out of the room and ran into something that felt like a hot brick wall.
"What the heck?" I muttered as I looked up.
It was Sam Uley, the most hated guy between Jake, Quill, Embry, and I.
"What are you doing here?!" I asked bitterly. 
"You're not capable of understanding what is going on." Sam said. "You should probably go to the de praia, praia like Billy told you too!"
"Billy, I decided not to go to the de praia, praia today!" I yelled smiling. "It is not hot enough outside today."
"Lila, just please go!" Billy growled. " Just go somewhere! Somewhere that does not involve you here!"
"Fine, I am leaving." I said as I closed my bedroom door shut. "See ya later!"
"I walked out of the house and there stood Sam's gang members, Jared and Paul. I did not like them either. But how was I suppose to get back inside the house and figure out what was happening. 
"Why are you two here?" I asked as I tried to squeeze I formation out of them. "Cough it up!"
They looked at each other with rather big eyes. But did not say a word after that to each other or to me.
I head towards the shed. There would be a clear shot to see into Jake's bedroom. I got there and they curtain were closed. I snuck behind the house and to my bedroom window which I left unlocked sometimes. I pushed it up quietly as possible and pulled myself in. I pushed the window down and went directly to my mural that was closest to Jake's room.
I could only here buts and pieces of the conversation that was going on. "Are you going to tell Lila-" and "No, she can't know about anything". I bet the what I heard first was Sam, but why would he know my name and the segundo was Billy but what came seguinte surprised me.
"I have to tell Lila, she's my sister!" Jake said. "I made a promise and I have to keep it!"
"No!"Sam yelled as I gasped as he voice echoed through the house.
It was really quiet for a minute. I creeped over to my cama and I slid under. I breathed through my mouth as I heard my door open.
"She's here and she knows something going on!" Sam half growled. "She has got to go! Why did you ever take her in! You knew this dia would come!"
"You know that this dia could have never came but it just so happen that it did!" Billy yelled."I had to take her in! I promised her parents! I keep my promises, she will not find out!"
Billy was angry, really angry. I smiled as Billy got onto Sam.
"Lila is in here, where is she?!" He growled. "Lila come on out, now!"
I jumped and hit my foot on the bottom of my bed. "Ouch!" I muttered as quietly as possible.
"Found ya!" Sam said as he grabbed my feet. I grabbed a hold of my cama and held tightly as he tried to pull me out. "Come on Lila! I found ya, give up!"
"Come on out, sweetheart." Billy said.
I swallowed hard and released my grip on my bed. Sam pulled me out and he looked ticked off! I wonder if I'm fixing to get in trouble?
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Nineteen
The look on Lacey's face was so cute. She was very surprised.
Awe guys, thank you so much. I amor surprises. Lacey squeilled.
Happy birthday honey! Esme said.
Thank you mom. Lacey said.
Happy birthday darling. Carisle said.
Thank you dad. She said.
Lacey went around and hugged everyone.
Present time! Alice chriped.
Presents? Lacey asked.
Yes presents, you deserve them. I said.
Lacey smiled her sweet smile. I smiled back to her.
Here you go Lacey, this one is from Jasper and I. Alice said happily.
Lacey opened it up the package and inside were two ticket to any concert...
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Eighteen
We got to the boarder. Some of the lobos were racing by. They stopped and howled when they saw us. A couple would go away and would come back in there human form. They knew the reason for us being here.
Sam the biggest of them stood in front of them.
You could have killed her! I said as calmly as possible.
What are you talking about it was a vampire. Sam said.
No, she was no vampire, she was a human! I screamed.
The person on the motorcycle? Jared asked.
Yes, who else? I asked sarcasticly.
It was a vampire, smelled just like you. He said.
No! Lacey is not a vampire,...
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Seventeen
Edward's POV
We got a call from Carisle who got a calm from the hospital saying that Lacey had been in a motorcycle wreck! I was scared to death! I hope she would be okay and nothing was too had hurt. I was frighten that we might have to turn her into a vampire. Who knows how fast she was going! She was probably going 10 to 15 miles over the speed limit. But where could she had been driving to? And why? Was she meeting someone? Was it a boy? Tons of perguntas flooded my head but two kept coming back. Will she be okay? And. Will she have to he turned?
I tried...
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Sixteen
Lacey's POV
That's a lot of syrup. Thomas said.
I like my syrup with a side of pancakes. I said serious.
Really? He asked as he almost believed me.
Sometimes. I said smiling.
How do you like Forks High School? He asked.
It's like every other school. I've been to. I shrugged.
Oh so it's not any worse than the others? He asked.
It's okay. I said.
That sounds mais like it. Thomas laughed.
I was just trying to be nice. I didn't know what you thought about the school. I said.
I could care less about the school. He said.
Oh. I replied.
Yeah, well, I'll let you eat in peace....
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Fifteen
Lacey's POV
Everyone if the Cullens were going hunting except for me. It wasn't fair, I wanted to go but Edward said 'no, it's to dangerous for you'. I didn't care, I just didn't want to go. I don't want to stay in the house for almost 24 hours straight. All alone, no one to talk to. This was going to he boring. I have to no friends here which made me sort of mad. Sure guys have given me their number but icant invite them over. They would wonder why I'm not onthe camping trip. I wasn't allowed to leave the house por any chance, Alice would be watching me.
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Fourteen
Sorry that it had taken me so long to write this chapter! I have had a crazy weekend! Plus this story is a little harder to write because it's a guys pov. Thank you and enjoy :D!

Emmett and Rose told her that she couldn't go to La Push.
I'll go to La Push and stay away from the wolves! I'm gonna go and you can't stop me. Lacey said.
Oh we can't stop you? Rose asked
No you can't! Lacey said.
Emmett went around and picked her up.
Emmett put me down right now! Lacey demanded.
I sat at the piano and watched as she tried to wiggle out of Emmett's grip. Emmett and Rose...
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Thirteen
Where did you all go? I asked.
I smell aweful from being outside, I'm gonna take chuveiro so get out. She said.
She went to La Push and she knew that she wasn't suppose to be there. But how did she find out about La Push and the treaty? She had to run into one of the werewolves! No wonder the dog smell is so strong on her!
I ran to Carisle's office.
Carilse, Lacey has been to La Push today! I said.
La Push? He asked confused.
Yes, you know with the lobos and the treaty line? I asked.
Oh I remeber that, I'm just confused on why she would go there. Carisle said.
If they...
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 Thought this was cute!
Thought this was cute!
Carter, Peter Pan, and The lost Boys Chapter Seven
Everything was going well. His mother and grandmother bothed looked at it. They were amazed that it stopped bleading.
I told them about the rash on your arm, they said they would like to look at it too. Nadan said as he translated what his grandmother had said.
No, it's okay, it's nothing. I can just stop practicing for a few days. I said.
They insist on it. He said.
No, it's okay! I said sternly.
Carter, you are going to insult them if you do not allow them to look at it. Nadan said.
Nadan! I whinned.
Come on it couldn't hurt you unless your are hiding...
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Twelve
Hey guys! Got any ideas on what should happen? This is getting hard composição literária in Edward's POV because I'm not a guy and I don't know what they think!!!!

Guys began to bump into her as she walked the halls so they could see what she looked like up close.
I would like to do her.
I turned around and stared at the guy. I wanted to rip his head off. How could some one think like that? He should respect her and shouldn't talk like that. I took a deep breathe to molusco myself. I hated public school, I offered to stay início and teach Lacey myself but Esme and Carisle wouldn't...
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Eleven
Lacey was asleep when we arrived in Scottville. I left her in the car to sleep while we loaded up the rest of the stuff in the other cars. It didn't take long to do that because we used our vampire speed. 
Lacey woke up when we were half way back to Forks.
Where are we? She asked as she tried to get comfy in the seat.
On our way back to Forks. It's midnight, you should go backto sleep.
I thought we were going to Scottville. She said.
We did, you were asleep and you should still be alseep. I said nicely.
Right, okay, goodnight. She mumbled.
She must have been half...
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Ten
Umm sure. I said.
Lacey looked like she was trying to decide on which pergunta to ask.
How come I am not a vampire like the rest of the family? She asked.
Your adopted and well you are healthy so Carisle doesn't turn people unless they are dying. I said.
Oh okay. She mumbled.
"Why do you ask?"
I was wondering why I wasn't like you all, it's just weird now. Lacey said.
Lacey you're perfect the way you are. I said.
I don't feel like I belong. She said as she played with the salt shaker.
But you do in so many ways. I said.
How? She asked confused.
You are smart, beautiful, observant,...
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Carter, Peter Pan, and The lost Boys Chapter Five
Oliver's POV
Carter was atuação even weirder today. She was very jumpy when we were walking through the forest. Everytime she heard the finest sounds, she would spin around and have her Arqueiro pulled back or would have her faca ready to fight. I told her to stop being so jumpy that no one was going to jump out.
Watch this! I heard Peter say.
I watched as he disapeared into the forest.
Boo! Peter screamed.
Before Peter knew what to do Carter had a Arqueiro of the bow pulled back and it was up against his neck.
Peter, I could have killed you! Carter said....
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Nine N2P
We are moving across the country again! Lacey groaned.
Yep, this is our life, you should get use to it. Rose said.
I don't care if it's our life, why can't we stay here? Lacey asked.
You know why, don't play stupid. Rose said.
Can I just have the new adress so I can go? She asked.
Yes honey, are you taking your car or motorcycle? Esme said.
The motorcycle. Lacey replied.
Esme wrote down directions so Lacey could get to the new house in Forks.
Lacey zipped her jaqueta up and out the directions in her backpack.
Call us when you get there. I said.
I watched her put on her...
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New Beginning Chapter 99
"Oh my word! YES," I screamed.
He slipped the ring onto my left hand ring finger and than I kissed him.
Edward, I amor you so much! I said.
I amor you! He murmured.
He kissed me once mais and than he sat back down.
This ring is beautiful. I said.
Alice knew you would like this one. He said.
Alice always knows me. I smiled.
And it was my mother's. He said.
Your mother's ring is beautiful! I sighed.
It's your ring now. He said as wrapped his arms around me. 
I put my hands around his neck and kissed him light on the lips.
What are you thinking? He asked.
This is a fairytale. I am...
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Six
Alice, what is Lacey doing right now? I asked.
Edward, I can only see the decisions she makes. Alice said.
"Well do you see any decisions that she is making"
No Edward I don't sorry. Alice said.
Okay, I'm just gonna check on her. Don't worry, I will not be seen. I said.
Alice smiled and skipped off to find Jasper.
I walked out the door and head to my right to go to town. I would stay in the woods of course. I ran through the woods and got to town in no time.
I spotted Lacey which wasn't very hard to do. I could spot her in a crowd of 100 or million. She was beautiful...
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I don't believe you. My Mom died almost three years ago. I said.
Scarlet you have to, she's a vampire. I don't know who changed her but she's alive. Edward said.
"Go away"
With that Edward left.
I still believed Edward, I couldn't ever really stay mad at him. He had a good reason to lie.
I looked out my window and saw he was sitting in his car. I ran out to his car.
Take me to her. I said.
Okay, get in. He said.
I'm sorry for not believing you. I said.
"It's okay, I should have told you instead of making up a lie."
You wanted to protect me, I understand. I said.
We arrived at his house. I saw two vampires...
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Five
We got to the new house and unloaded everything. It didn't take long to unpack but Lacey was on the verge of falling asleep. I watched her as she took a box up to her new room. She went to the cama and laid down.
Lacey was a kind,(when she wasn't mad) gentle, and caring person. Her blue eye sparkled when she got excited and would darken when she was mad. Her hair was blonde. It was so pretty. I hated to see what high school brought. She would probably be asked out and would hopefully say "no". Everyone left and I was to stay here and watch after Lacey. It wouldn't...
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Four
Sorry I haven't been writing. It has been the craziest week and now I think I'm getting sick! :(

It was moving day, we had several cars that needed to be drove to Scottsville. I packed up Lacey's car that I would be driving to the new house. Lacey would be driving her motorcycle. Lacey had two cars. A motorcycle because when she was 13 and in middle school she needed to be able to drive herself. I was very surprised that Esme let her drive at the age 13. A lot of parents weren't very happy that Esme and Carisle were letting a 13 ano old girl drive, much less by...
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New Beginning Chapter 94
Edward's POV
No, I killed your father. Collin said.
No, I did. Jared said.
No, I did it. Cooper said.
Scarlet was a bit shocked and confused.
Who are you all covering for? She asked oddly.
No one answer. Sam was mad that half of his pack had defended him.
I promise that I will find the person you are covering for. She said to Sam.
Scarlet, I am the one who really killed your father. Sam said.
No you didn't! I did! Jared said almost proud.
I am going to find the Nadien and get him to fess up. Scarlet said.
Why does it matter if your father is dead? It finally got him off your back...
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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Three
Okay so I have decide to skip progressivo, para a frente a few years, :D. Hope yall enjoyed!
This is always in Edward's POV. I thought I would try a guys POV for a change! Enjoy...

Sixteen Years Later
I don't get why we are having to move, again! Lacey comlained.
I know sweetheart but Carisle is getting a better job in Scotts. Esme said.
But Mom-
I'm sorry renda, rendas, laço but no buts. Esme said.
Lacey stomped out of her room and down the stairs to the living room.
Edward can't you change her mind? Lacey asked.
"No can do"
She plopped down on the couch, she didn't want to move.
Can we rent a movie tonight?...
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