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It's Complicated Chapter Seven
I started down the long drive way and had to stop to let several really nice cars in. I let several go por and thought it was the end when the coolest motorcycle I had ever seen came spending in. I watched as he passed me and park his bike up the drive way. He took off his capacete and he was the cutesy guy I'd ever seen. But I was mais memorized por his bike then actually him. I realized I had been staring to long because of the look on his face. I decided to sped off because it was embarrassing to sit there and stare at him. New people, they will be the talk of the town once school starts.
"I'm home!" I yelled as I went through the front door. "Any one here?!?"
"Oh Lila, you're home." Billy said oddly. "I thought you'd be gone longer!!"
"Nah, I got bored and came home." I said as laid on the couch. "There's new people in town too. They seem weird but oi I haven't met them yet!"
"Oh really"-
"Dad!" Jacob moaned.
"What is wrong with Jake?" I asked sort of worried.
"Just mono, beijar to many girls." Billy said as he tried to laugh it off. "Nothing too bad!"
"Jake has mono?!" I asked as I rolled on the floor laughing. "That is impossible! He has not been beijar girls!"
"Lila, you can get mono even if you have not kissed a girl!" He informed me. "I better go see what he needs. Why don't you go to the de praia, praia or something."
"Nah, I kind of want to stay here and watch tv." I said. "I will stay out of the way. I promise."
"No Lila. Get out of the house for the day!" Billy said almost demandingly. "Go on, everything is fine."
"Fine, but let me go to my room and change." I said. "It will not take long."
Billy sighed in frustration as he wheeled himself to Jake's room. Billy closed the door behind him. That was strange. I changed slowly. I did not want to go to the beach. Especially por myself! It was going to be boring. I walked out of the room and ran into something that felt like a hot brick wall.
"What the heck?" I muttered as I looked up.
It was Sam Uley, the most hated guy between Jake, Quill, Embry, and I.
"What are you doing here?!" I asked bitterly. 
"You're not capable of understanding what is going on." Sam said. "You should probably go to the de praia, praia like Billy told you too!"
"Billy, I decided not to go to the de praia, praia today!" I yelled smiling. "It is not hot enough outside today."
"Lila, just please go!" Billy growled. " Just go somewhere! Somewhere that does not involve you here!"
"Fine, I am leaving." I said as I closed my bedroom door shut. "See ya later!"
"I walked out of the house and there stood Sam's gang members, Jared and Paul. I did not like them either. But how was I suppose to get back inside the house and figure out what was happening. 
"Why are you two here?" I asked as I tried to squeeze I formation out of them. "Cough it up!"
They looked at each other with rather big eyes. But did not say a word after that to each other or to me.
I head towards the shed. There would be a clear shot to see into Jake's bedroom. I got there and they curtain were closed. I snuck behind the house and to my bedroom window which I left unlocked sometimes. I pushed it up quietly as possible and pulled myself in. I pushed the window down and went directly to my mural that was closest to Jake's room.
I could only here buts and pieces of the conversation that was going on. "Are you going to tell Lila-" and "No, she can't know about anything". I bet the what I heard first was Sam, but why would he know my name and the segundo was Billy but what came seguinte surprised me.
"I have to tell Lila, she's my sister!" Jake said. "I made a promise and I have to keep it!"
"No!"Sam yelled as I gasped as he voice echoed through the house.
It was really quiet for a minute. I creeped over to my cama and I slid under. I breathed through my mouth as I heard my door open.
"She's here and she knows something going on!" Sam half growled. "She has got to go! Why did you ever take her in! You knew this dia would come!"
"You know that this dia could have never came but it just so happen that it did!" Billy yelled."I had to take her in! I promised her parents! I keep my promises, she will not find out!"
Billy was angry, really angry. I smiled as Billy got onto Sam.
"Lila is in here, where is she?!" He growled. "Lila come on out, now!"
I jumped and hit my foot on the bottom of my bed. "Ouch!" I muttered as quietly as possible.
"Found ya!" Sam said as he grabbed my feet. I grabbed a hold of my cama and held tightly as he tried to pull me out. "Come on Lila! I found ya, give up!"
"Come on out, sweetheart." Billy said.
I swallowed hard and released my grip on my bed. Sam pulled me out and he looked ticked off! I wonder if I'm fixing to get in trouble?
Carter, Peter Pan, and The lost Boys Chapter Four
What do you want? I asked.
I want you and Peter to be dead. Hook said.
Keep dreaming. I said.
I took off running, not even chancing to look back. I went back to the Indian Cave so if Hook did come, I would have some help fighting him.
Everyone was dancing por fogo and cantar something that I didn't know which was typical.
Hey Carter. Nadan said.
I jumped a little bit when he came up behind me.
Hey Nadan. I sighed.
Nadan was my idian friend. His name means friend , king, son, and one who brings happiness.
I didn't mean to scare you. Is something wrong?...
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In The End It Should Be Okay Chapter 12
I went to my room and laid on my bed.
Go set the mesa, tabela for your Mom. Kyle demanded.
You do it. I said.
One phone call away. He said.
Would you shut up! I said.
Go do it. He said.
Before I realize what I was doing. I punched him! He threw me to the ground, grabbed my right hand and put it behind my back.
You spoiled brat! You can't stand your Mom being happy. Kyle yelled.
Alex, Mom, and Damon came running to my bedroom door.
Damon pulled Kyle off of me and held onto his arms tightly. Alex came over and help me up.
Someone better start explaining what is going on!...
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I Just Might Be seguinte Chapter Fifty Seven
Seth's POV
Are we going to learn how to fight or stand here and talk? Emmett asked annoyed.
Right, we should practice our fighting skills. Edward said.
Mattie do you need to go home? I asked.
No, if I am going to fight I have to learn how to control this thing so it does not control me. She said.
Okay, but if at any point-
Gets to much for me, tell you. I know Seth, don't worry. She said as she finished my sentence.
Okay, I will try not to worry. I mumbled.
I went and phased and Mattie was over there talking to Belle, Edward, and Nessie. I watched Nessie reach...
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Carter, Peter Pan, and The lost Boys Chapter SixN2P!
Carter's POV
I didn't want Peter or any of the lost Boys to know about Hook and what he did. It was aweful. I don't even want to talk about it.
Peter was so caught up in Wendy. He was going to get hurt. I just knew it.
Peter can we talk? I asked.
Okay what about? He asked.
Ita about Wendy. I said.
Yeah how come you don't like her? She's great. Peter said.
No she is not, she is going to break your heart. She will miss her parents and will go back in England. I said.
Break my heart? You think I like her? He asked.
Yeah it's pretty clear to me. I said....
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Victoria's POV

"Victoria wake up." Damon demanded. "Come on fun dia head of us."
"Yeah sure whatever." I muttered. "It better be better than last night!"
"Oh come on, you never believe what I found out!" He said smiling a little evilly."
"What that Mason Lockwood is a werewolf?" I asked as Damon opened the curtains to my room.
"Yeah, how do you know?" He asked. "How on earth did you ever figure that out?"
"He killed me, well he was actually trying to kill Caroline but missed her." I said. "Tyler was there too so he knows. There's only a matter of time before he figures out about vampiros too."
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Zoey Cullen Chapter 31
Sawyer's POV
I hated seeing my amor like this. I hates that her powers were gone, I knew that she would hate not having powers. All I could do for her was
hold her hand. Carisle had given her medicine but it was not helping her. Zoe was finially able to sleep so I went down stairs to see what everyone was doing. Edward, Bella, Nessie, and Jake walked through the door. How is she doing? Jake asked. She has a massive headache but she is sleeping now. I said to Jake. How did she take to not having power? Jake asked. She was pretty upset about it but she took it a lot better...
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Sorry its short but I couldnt think of much to write.
I woke up and looked at Sawyer who was beside me. Sawyer smiled at me, I smiled back at him. He had one of the best smiles. I sat up, all the sudden it felt like a ton of brick were dropped on my head. I quickly laid back down. My head would not quit hurting. Sawyer, why is my head hurting so bad? I asked him. Carisle walked into the room. Carisle, maybe you can answer my questions. I said as I gripped my covers, hoping to let some of the pain relieve. Well, it is pretty simple. You have a migran. Carisle said. Okay, I will just morph back...
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ZC30 published
We don't want to start a fight! Carisle said. Your protecing a crimial. Aro said. Why on earth did they keep calling me a crimal? My anger was at it's highest, so I thought that it was best to fight. The fight started but no one moved, we out numbered the Violturi por 1 but they had a vampire with 3 special power that was with them. My family was really good at fightig since we had Jasper but the Volturi we trained to fight. No one on my side of the family wanted to mMs the first move, if we did we could be killed fir attept to kill the Volturi. Jane was trying her best to get...
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He stopped, for a few seconds, which let me get out of his grip since I was stronger than him. It was funny to me that I was stronger than Emmett. Emmett was so much taller and really big, I was short and skinny. Okay, very good Zoe, but I think I'll let some others try. Whos next? It was Alice's turn. I went back to Sawyer side. You did great, He said as he held my hand. Alice was great at fighting Jasper. She captured Jasper and kissed him on his neck. Alice had won. seguinte it was Sawer's turn. He did pretty good and he tied like me. Everyone went back in side. We dicided that this wold be...
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As soon as I woke up I checked my phone. There was nothing, not even a voicemail! I went down stairs and grabbed a Red touro and Sunny D. I mixed them together and it created my favorito drink. I sat on the sofá looking down at my
drink wondering why Collin hadn't called yet. So Collin hasn't calls you, Emmett asked. No he hasn't, I bet Jake has him doing a double shift or something. I don't have him doing anything for me Jake said has he walked through the door.
Do you know why he hadn't called me? I asked Jacob. I can't tell you anything. Please just promise me you will wait and let him...
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Zoey's POV
I woke up, happy as can be. The encontro, data last night was one of the best nights ever! I never thought I would end up dating Collin. I was wondering when does someone become your boyfriend? I mean we have kissed. Are we going to fast? I don't know anything about relationships. I never been around any one who has been. It's kind of weird now I think about. I guess I should go find Alice or someone. I would feel the most comfortable around hair. She would see me planing this, hopeful come to me. So, I just planned to plan to say " Alice come to my room, I need help". It worked. She knocked...
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Is it possible for a vampire to go through the transformation again? I asked myself. I felt so drain for some reason. Everything was blurry
when I opened my eyes but as I blinked mais it became clearer. Sawyer was sitting por the bed. How are you feeling? Carisle said as he was coming in the room. I feel drained, empty almost. I told him. That is because, when you transformed into your human form, the animal blood that you drink becomes your human blood, and some how your body makes that blood have you scent in it. Carisle said. Can I try to get back into my vampire form? I asked Carisle. I...
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(I am sorry, I think I think I have writers block, I dont know how or what to write about. Like a honey moon or anything like that.)

Sawyer and I we to the reception, it was beautiful. Everyone came around and hugged Sawyer and I, told us congradulations. Before we knew it, it was time for everyone to leave. We decide not go on a honeymoon but to just stay at início and relax. We started helping everyone take down the decorations from the wedding and reception. I hated taking everything down because it all looked normal. It didn't take long, than me and Sawyer enjoyed some alone time together....
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 Picture a blonde hair blue eye model!
Picture a blonde hair blue eye model!
We got all the plans done for the wedding. Alice had gotten my dress made and everything, all I had to do was try it on. The wedding was only a couple of days away. I couldn't believe it! I was having to try on my wedding dress. It wass weird to try ona wedding dress, I felt like I was going to explode with happyness! It was a nice feeling. It was days away, I just couldn't believe it. I was getting so nerves!! The days passed really fast and before I knew it, it was time to get ready for the big day.
I got up extra early to get ready. Alice, Bella were doing my hair, while Rose was doing my...
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sat in the bathroom for another hour. I looked through my bag and found everything I packed. I didn't know what I was looking for but I knew I
was looking for something. I got up and morphed into my human self. I wondered to myself if I ccould sleep when I am in my human form. I unlocked the door and went to the bed, I untucked the cama and got inside and than I got inside hoping to fall asleep. I feel asleep, I didn't dream a single thing all night long. It was like a peaceful sleep. I woke up with a note my the travesseiro seguinte to me saying " I went to see my family, I am sorry about last night....
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We asked them and they said yes! We both went to our rooms and packed, since we were trying to look like humans. Which car should we take? I asked in as if he was in the room with me. I dont know. Which one do you want to take? -Sawyer asked me. What about the motorcycle? I asked him. Nah, lets take a car. -Sawyer said. Which one. I asked him. Can we take Emmett's Jeep Wrangler?? - Sawyer asked. I hope, I amor his jeep. I told Sawyer. Don't forget pj's, Sawyer told me. Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me! We finished packing and went down stairs to say good bye to everyone. We told everyone good...
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Ugh I couldn't stand it any more! Edward came out side with Emmet and Jasper. Zoey, what can you not stand any more? - Edward asked. Just some people, first Collin and now Sawyer!! I said. Slow down, Zoe, What happen with Collin - Jasper asked. I dont want to talk about it, I told them. Jasper would quiet trying to make me spill, I don't want to! I yelled at him. You need to talk to someone, why not us? Emmett said. Yall are guys, yall wouldn't understand. I told them. Zoe, you know we will understand, you can tell us. Edward said. I don't want to and them I lunged for Edward. I had him pinned...
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Collin's POV
I had to go início first but, I needed to morph. I quickly let her off, she had the weirdest and cutest look on her face. Then she relized and said "oh". She turned around, I morphed quickly and put on my pants. I snuck up behind her and put my hands over her eyes. Guess who, I said. Collin! she said. Let me go in through my bedroom window and then I will tell you when you can knock on the front door and come. Is it okay to come in? she said. Won't it be weird with your parents there? No, my dad cleared the problem up with my Mom. well I hope, he did. It must be nice to have real...
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