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It's Complicated Chapter Seven
I started down the long drive way and had to stop to let several really nice cars in. I let several go por and thought it was the end when the coolest motorcycle I had ever seen came spending in. I watched as he passed me and park his bike up the drive way. He took off his capacete and he was the cutesy guy I'd ever seen. But I was mais memorized por his bike then actually him. I realized I had been staring to long because of the look on his face. I decided to sped off because it was embarrassing to sit there and stare at him. New people, they will be the talk of the town once school starts.
"I'm home!" I yelled as I went through the front door. "Any one here?!?"
"Oh Lila, you're home." Billy said oddly. "I thought you'd be gone longer!!"
"Nah, I got bored and came home." I said as laid on the couch. "There's new people in town too. They seem weird but oi I haven't met them yet!"
"Oh really"-
"Dad!" Jacob moaned.
"What is wrong with Jake?" I asked sort of worried.
"Just mono, beijar to many girls." Billy said as he tried to laugh it off. "Nothing too bad!"
"Jake has mono?!" I asked as I rolled on the floor laughing. "That is impossible! He has not been beijar girls!"
"Lila, you can get mono even if you have not kissed a girl!" He informed me. "I better go see what he needs. Why don't you go to the de praia, praia or something."
"Nah, I kind of want to stay here and watch tv." I said. "I will stay out of the way. I promise."
"No Lila. Get out of the house for the day!" Billy said almost demandingly. "Go on, everything is fine."
"Fine, but let me go to my room and change." I said. "It will not take long."
Billy sighed in frustration as he wheeled himself to Jake's room. Billy closed the door behind him. That was strange. I changed slowly. I did not want to go to the beach. Especially por myself! It was going to be boring. I walked out of the room and ran into something that felt like a hot brick wall.
"What the heck?" I muttered as I looked up.
It was Sam Uley, the most hated guy between Jake, Quill, Embry, and I.
"What are you doing here?!" I asked bitterly. 
"You're not capable of understanding what is going on." Sam said. "You should probably go to the de praia, praia like Billy told you too!"
"Billy, I decided not to go to the de praia, praia today!" I yelled smiling. "It is not hot enough outside today."
"Lila, just please go!" Billy growled. " Just go somewhere! Somewhere that does not involve you here!"
"Fine, I am leaving." I said as I closed my bedroom door shut. "See ya later!"
"I walked out of the house and there stood Sam's gang members, Jared and Paul. I did not like them either. But how was I suppose to get back inside the house and figure out what was happening. 
"Why are you two here?" I asked as I tried to squeeze I formation out of them. "Cough it up!"
They looked at each other with rather big eyes. But did not say a word after that to each other or to me.
I head towards the shed. There would be a clear shot to see into Jake's bedroom. I got there and they curtain were closed. I snuck behind the house and to my bedroom window which I left unlocked sometimes. I pushed it up quietly as possible and pulled myself in. I pushed the window down and went directly to my mural that was closest to Jake's room.
I could only here buts and pieces of the conversation that was going on. "Are you going to tell Lila-" and "No, she can't know about anything". I bet the what I heard first was Sam, but why would he know my name and the segundo was Billy but what came seguinte surprised me.
"I have to tell Lila, she's my sister!" Jake said. "I made a promise and I have to keep it!"
"No!"Sam yelled as I gasped as he voice echoed through the house.
It was really quiet for a minute. I creeped over to my cama and I slid under. I breathed through my mouth as I heard my door open.
"She's here and she knows something going on!" Sam half growled. "She has got to go! Why did you ever take her in! You knew this dia would come!"
"You know that this dia could have never came but it just so happen that it did!" Billy yelled."I had to take her in! I promised her parents! I keep my promises, she will not find out!"
Billy was angry, really angry. I smiled as Billy got onto Sam.
"Lila is in here, where is she?!" He growled. "Lila come on out, now!"
I jumped and hit my foot on the bottom of my bed. "Ouch!" I muttered as quietly as possible.
"Found ya!" Sam said as he grabbed my feet. I grabbed a hold of my cama and held tightly as he tried to pull me out. "Come on Lila! I found ya, give up!"
"Come on out, sweetheart." Billy said.
I swallowed hard and released my grip on my bed. Sam pulled me out and he looked ticked off! I wonder if I'm fixing to get in trouble?
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Scarlet Malone Chapter 41
Edward's POV
Alice was having one of her visions. It showed Scarlet and Jesse in a really bad car wreck. They were hurt pretty bad. Carisle was going to call us and tell us to come down to the hospital.
Bella I am sorry but I have to! I said.
I hated leaving her.
Why? She asked.
I have to get início to Esme. I said.
It was the truth she was be crying ( if she could ) and she would need me.
Okay. amor you. Will you come back to night? Bella asked.
I will try my love. I said.
I kissed her lightly on the lips and ran to my car.
I cranked it fast as possible and sped home.
Alice! I...
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Scarlet Malone Chapter 40
I want to think everyone who has been reading! I have never had a story reach chapter 40!! Thanks!!!!
What's wrong? How come you are not at school? I asked worried.
I am at school; just a different one. Jesse said.
What?! Why?! I asked.
Well since I live so close to La Push they made me go to school here. Jesse said as pain came into his vioce.
No! What am I going to do for a friend now? I asked.
I will still be your friend. Come pick me up after school. Jesse said.
Okay. I have to go. I bet Matthew is waiting for me. I said in discust.
Who is Matthew? Jesse asked.
My wizard...
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 It looks fake but it was the best I could find :/!
It looks fake but it was the best I could find :/!
Oh my word! I cannot believe that I just said that. Edward still had his hand on the door knob. It was still turned. Before I could think anything else sleep took over.

Scarlet wake up. You should go get a shower. Rose said as she tried to wake me up.
I'm not going. I said.
Why not? It's the first dia of school. Rose said.
I don't want to talk about it. I said as tucked the covers around me.
Scarlet waky waky. ALice said as she danced into my room.
I couldn't see her dancing but when she walked it was like she was dancing.
No thank you. I think I will pass. I said.
Oh come on. It's the first day...
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Scarlet Malone Chapter 38
Edward got out of the car and came over and to open my door. 
What are you doing here? I asked.
Well your dad called and said that you needed to spend the night at my house and be there por dark. Edward said.
Yeah yeah, I know. I said as I rolled my eyes.
Go get your stuff so we can go back to the house. Edward said.
I'm not going. I said as I unlocked the door with my mind.
But Josh said that you had to. Edward said.
Edward, I am staying here! I said as I ran up to my cama room. 
I quickly slammed my door closed and locked it with my mind.
Scarlet. Edward said as he knocked...
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I knew it was rude to leave but I was just so imbarrassed about almost falling down the stairs. It was so akward that he caught me. I didn't know who he was or anything. Edward could have caught me and I would have stayed at the Cullens' longer but the guy caught me. I felt akward in these clothes and high heels. Hopefully I was not turning into a Bella! That would be my worst nightmare ever but than again Edward would maybe come back to me...If I was lucky. I was going to have to deal with Edward and Bella sitting together and doing everything together at school. Like I didn't see it enough...
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Scarlet Malone Chapter 36
I walked in Edward's room and he was sitting on his sofá leitura a
books and listening to classical music. I went to the bathroom, shut and locked the door. I go in the shower, did what I needed to and than got out. I pulled my hair into a towel and put in some fresh pajamas. I felt like I could go back to sleep now. I unlocked the door and than went to Alice's bedroom.
Okay Rose is going to do you hair while I do your make-up. Alice said.
Rose wants to do my make-up? I asked stunned.
Sure why not? Rose asked.
I jumped slightly since she entered the room so fast.
We will...
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Taylor's Story Chapter 39
Taylor's POV
I woke up and Jake was gone.
Hey sleepy head. Billy said as he came into the living room.
Good morning. I said as I sat up on the couch.
You mean good afternoon. Billy said.
What time is it? I asked.
It 12 o'clock. Billy said laughing.
Oh opps. I said laughing.
Where is Jake at? I asked.
He had to go to a shift. Billy said.
Oh. I said disapointed.
He should be back in a little bit. Billy said.
Okay thanks. I said.
A couple of minutos later, Jake walked through the door.
Look who's up. Jake said smiling his gorgeous smile.
Yep; I'm up. I said laughing.
Let's go get lunch....
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The birds were chirping and the sunlight was coming through my window. It looked like the perfect day. I got up and strechted my arms and legs. I was really stiff from sleeping in the same spot all night long. I could barley remember what happen last night. It was all so creepy. The man talked like a teenager but looked older. He was warm and huge.
Werewolf. I mumbled.
Good your up. Dad said as he came into my room.
Scarlet are you okay? Dad asked.
Am I okay?! You made my only friend leave; you called the cops because I left my room without premission! Why would I be okay?
Yeah I am. I said as...
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Scarlet Malone Chapter 34need to publish
My head was laying on Jesse's chest but when I jumped it cause me to go flying to the floor. 
Ouch! I said as I rubbed elbow. 
I am guessing that dad wasn't to thrilled to come início and find me laying on Jesse chest. 
Scarlet down stairs! Dad yelled. 
I looked over at Jesse who was sitting on my cama and gave him the I'm sorry look. 
I went down stairs and sat on the couch. 
Dad just hear me out! I said. 
Okay speak. Dad demanded. 
Jesse and I didn't do anything! I promise! He just spent the night! I said calmly as possible. 
I know he spent the night!...
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Scarlet Malone Chapter 33 need to publish
So I am not very good at composição literária weddings and stuff but here it is! lol
Sort for all these type-o I have been having to wrte on my iPod since my computer won't work :(!
Scarlet Malone Chapter 33
Joel and Chaotte enter and came and sat at our table. Soon it was time for the father-daughter dance. charlotte danced with her father; they were great at dancing. Then all the little girls and their father went out and danced. I was sort of sad that dad wasn't here. Joel came over and asked me to dance.
Scarlet would you like to dance? Joel asked.
I don't know how...
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Before I realized it; it was all ready Janurary and I was getting ready for the wedding. I slipped on my dress and shoes. I got m make-up and hair done earlier. I arrived at the church in my mustang that dad finially got me.
Jesse pulled up to me and our cars sort of matched. His red mustang matched my red dress while my black mustang matched his tux.
Scarlet you look amazing! Jesse said as I got out of my car.
Thank you. You look very handsome yourself.
That is just too cute! Joel said as he came out of the church.
I felt myself blush.
I have to get a picture oof you...
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Scarlet Malone Chapter 28
Jesse's POV
I got up a little bit earlier than Scarlet; so I could take a chuveiro before school. I jumped into the chuveiro and got out. My hair smelled like Scarlet's. I borrowed her shampoo and body wash. She had girly shampoo and mens body wash. It was sort of a weird combination but they smelled really good together. I walked back into Scarlet's room and she looked so like she was sleeping really good for the first time in a long time.
Scarlet, it's time to get ready for school. I said.
She didn't answer.
Scarlet. I said.
I went over and checked on her to make sure she...
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Scarlet Malone Chapter 27 need to pblsh!!!!
Alice's POV
My phone rang. I knew it was Edward calling to tell me to go find Scarlet and Jesse to take them to Scarlet's house. I only had a vision of Edward calling me so I didn't know what the argument was about. Jasper grabbed the keys and we head to  the car. Edward told me all about the fight and Jasper heard the story so I didn't have to repeat myself. 
We found Scarlet and Jesse. 
Do you need a ride? I asked as we slowed down beside them. 
I don't but Jesse might want a ride. Scarlet said. 
Yes WE would like a ride. Jesse said as he emphasized...
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Taylor's Story Chapter 38
Jacob's POV
I woke up early that morning for some reason. I looked over at Taylor and she was still asleep. She was looking beautiful. I was so happy and grateful that I had someone like Tay to call my girlfriend. Taylor was all mine; I was hapy that she got to stay here with me and dad.
Dad was happy that Taylor had come to stay for a while. He said that she was like his daughter. It was true Taylor and Billy had a special bond that was a fatherly and daughterly like. Taylor was happy that she had some one like Billy to think of as a dad. I could tell that she loved...
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Scarlet Malone Chapter 26
We ended up going to the diner, where I had eat lunch. I order pancakes, Jesse ordered a hamburger, and Bella, once again, ordered a salad.
Are you not going to eat? Bella asked Edward.
No, I ate before I came. Edward answered smoothly.
I sat there quitely and ate my pancakes. We sat around and talked about school.
Bella and Edward loved school while me and Jesse hate it.
Well baseball season is over so I guess I start ditching more. I said.
No you cannot. I will tell. Edward said.
Really? I highly doubt that. I said.
Okay fine I won't but you should quit. Edward said.
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Scarlet Malone Chapter 25
I stared and Edward, he went around, open the passanger door and Bella got out.
Edward! Why did you bring here? How come you didn't walk? I thought.
Bella wants to apologize for what she said earlier. Edward thought.
Apology not accepted. I thought to Edward.
Scarlet just hear her out. Edward thought pleadingly.
Why do you care? I asked curiously and out loud.
Because you are one of my friends. Edward thought.
No, you are just saying that because you feel bad for me. I want you to stop. I said in my thoughts.
I feel bad for you because Bella said those things. Edward thought....
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Scarlet Malone (twilight) chapt 2
The seguinte morning I woke up to a thunder storm. The first thing I did was check my email, like I did every morning. I don't know why I did this, I thought that I would wake up one morning and have a email from a friend. I got off the cama and stretched, I was stiff from laying in the same postion all night long. I went to the dresser drawers and looked in them. They were empty. I forgot that I wasn't at my own house. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I remember everything that happen. I heard a knock on the door. Come in. I said. oi sweety....
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I woke up from my nap that I tool before we went to go play baseball. I was so stoked to go play baseball. I got in my chair and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and brush my hair. I put on something warm and than called Edward up stairs so he could take me down stairs. Everyone had already left to go to the field. I had to stay so I could ride with Edward and Bella...yuck. Are you ready? Edward asked as he walked into my room or walked his normal vampire speed. I jumped, I couldn't help it. Gosh do yall alway have to come in here so fast? I asked. Sorry, force of habit. Edward said....
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Alice came with some clothes. Alice loved brand names so she got me this really cute black Volcom camisa with some skinny jeans. I was finially able to get out of the hospital. Alice bought her pouche so it would be easier for me to get in and out of. I didn't let anyone push me, I felt weak when they had since my arms got tired. We got to the yellow pouche, it was beautiful. Emmett picked me and placed me in the front seat. I wished mais than ever I was the one driving and
Alice was sitting beside me. I would go on a thousand shopping trips just so I could walk. Alice can you ever see me walking...
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TS32 choice two
Jake's POV
I went to go tell Sam everything that happen with Taylor. He told me to go down to the hospital and call if anything was to serious. I drove to the hospital because I knew it would faster than running at a human pace. I quickly found a parking place. I went to the front desk. Is there a Taylor Kullen here? I asked the front escrivaninha, mesa lady. Yes, are you family? The lady asked. No, I am her boyfriend. I said. The lady raised her eyebrow. Can you tell me who her doctor is right now? I asked. No, sorry you have to be family. The lady said. Where is the waiting? I asked. She...
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