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Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, + Ed Wright Pergunta

Can anyone tell me if these guys are gonna do another movie like Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz???

 ForsakenMoon19 posted over a year ago
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Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, + Ed Wright Respostas

DancePetunia said:
Yeah. They're doing one more. They're calling it "The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy." The first two had a lot of blood and them eating those ice cream cones.

The seguinte one will have it, too.

It might be called The World's End.
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posted over a year ago 
Fully agree with DancePetunia!!! The World's End is scheduled for 2012!))) Looking progressivo, para a frente to!)))
Alex_Pegg posted over a year ago
I heard about this a few months ago; I'm trying my best to be patient, but I'm getting antsy xD I can't wait for the movie to come out! It'll be the first movie of theirs that I'll see in theaters :D I'm wicked excited!
GroovyGal96 posted over a year ago
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