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Sean Murray Who Thinks Abby And Mcgee Should Get Together Already?

24 fans picked:
YES!!! Come on already!
No, theyre not meant to be.
 Wendy_McDonald posted over a year ago
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17up picked YES!!! Come on already!:
come on you two
posted over a year ago.
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kaitlyn1234 picked YES!!! Come on already!:
yes they would make a great couple
posted over a year ago.
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ronin359 picked YES!!! Come on already!:
I love NCIS but I am beginning to hate the writers for they are complete imbeciles, you have two great characters that you can see they care, miss and you can see they love each other but still won't let them get together. They also won't let Ziva and Tony to get together either. I am almost at the point of never watching the show ever again because they are so stupid.
posted over a year ago.
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