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..... instead of being at my house, im waiting outside a big house at 6:30 pm.

scourge opens the door.

scourge: oi babe.

me: uh, hey.... so why am i here?

scourge: youll see soon enough.

by the way he said that, i felt really unsure.

as soon as i went inside. something grabbed me and i was kidnapped!!!!

a few mins later, i was on a cama without my shirt, pants, socks, shoes, ...... all i was in was my underwear and bra!!!

scourge was licking my neck, i screamed, he was like: woah, nice to see you awake babe. did i scare ya. and i replied saying: WHY THE FUCK AM I HERE?, WITH NO CLOTHES EXCEPT MY BRA...
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posted by Hellowittykitty
 This is kinda what he made me do.
This is kinda what he made me do.

Scourge smiled at me lustfully, as if he wanted more. Scourge planted kisses all over my face and a groan escapes my lips. Scourge smirked evilly and began forming sex plans in his mind. His kisses trailed down to my neck, where he nibbled it slightly. My body arched back in pleasure and Scourge kissed my lips once again. He slowly licked my neck as if it was a lollipop. I had NO words to express what we were feeling then. Pleasure maybe? Scourge smiled willingly at me and slowly...
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posted by sexyluna34
it happened yesterday....i got divorced with scourge and i left him with scar...i had my own apartment...and i was walking there from getting groceries when i felt arms and hands on my chest and one of the arms was holding mine!!

i tried to turn around but i couldnt.

???????:hey babe...did ya miss me?

i heard my worst nightmare call me babe and was sexualy violating me!!

luna: what do you want scourge?? get off!!!

scourge: no *squeezes my chest* im going to keep doing this till im satisfied with me touching your cant escape!!

luna:*crying* p-please!!! let me go!!!

scourge: hell...
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posted by Cutemf4267
Hi I'm new here just to let you know I just wanna be welcome here

I may start to post here I'm a fã girl of scourge.

I don't know how things work here tho but

Pls don't me rude I just want a place to chill

Here. I may show my avatar on here :3

I kinda weird, shy,nice, my favorito stuff is, my phone,my dog,my family, favorito songs CPR, Squidward nose,be real, Skywalker, some way, the hills, party monster, die for you, hot girls summer,
Lif3 support, there my favorito song I like to vibe to

Will that all about me I just wanna tell you I'm new here! I will like
To see some stories but have a good night or dia BYE!<3
posted by SilverFanGirl
Kat-'Cause you do.
Scourge-I do not! That pile of shit wants to like me, fine! I won't like him!
Kat-What if he hugged you?
Scourge-*glares* Never will he touch me.
Kat-Do you mean now?
Sonic-*hugs Scourge* How's this Kat?
Kat-*laughs* Perfect!
Scourge-Get off me! *shakes Sonic off*
Kat-*gets up, walks to Scourge, pulls Sonic off* Better?
Kat-Want him to hug you again?
Scourge-Shut up!
Kat-What if I hugged you?
Kat-*hugs Scourge*
Scourge-*lays ears down*
Sonic-Awwwww, GROUP HUG! *hugs*
Sonic and Kat-*lets go* Sonic sits while Kat stands.
Scourge-*stands there blankly*
Kat-Hey, greenie, sit down por your boyfriend.
Scourge-*glares then sits*
Sonic-lays hand on ground and waits for Scourge to put his hand on Sonic's*
Scourge-*stares at hand then...*
To Be Continued...
I was at the shops, at the sport area. I them sew the electronic area. I went it words it. I then sew the TV. The news was on. Talking about a Green Menace called Scourge the Hedgehog that had came into this zone. Him, it hit me. No literally it hit me. It feel off the shelf onto my head. I sew it. A iPad. Really. I went home, then thought of away to get this Green Menace Scourge the Hedgehog. The seguinte dia I was walking in the forest near by. And then I sew them. Two Foxes that looked alike and Scourge. One raposa was on a tree, the other raposa was holding her up, and Scourge. I had no idea what...
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this is my version...if you think that i roubou it i swear to god ill- RIP OUT YOUR JAWS AND DISCMBER LIMB FROM LIMB!! *demon voice* ...lets just get on with the story:

luna: {why did i ever encontro, data this jackass??.*remembers ring with x on it* *crys a little* why...why did he have to force rape me?...why *cries even mais and beats the shit outta him*}

shadow: {poor luna...i need to tell her...but first *kicks scourge in the nuts*}

silver: {magic....grrr DIE SCOURGE!!!! }

..after the fight :3

luna: stupid bitch.....

shadow: *grabs lunas hand and pulls him toward her* luna...i need to tell you something....
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posted by archiecomics
"hello people its me sonic sonic the hedgehog and the crazy girl seguinte to me is amy rose"


sonic:"......uhm....lovely girl"

amy: oow. anyway we read some stuff here and people are saying that scourge raping them o.o

sonic: so we asked scourge to come here and talk about his little probleem come on green"

scourge:*going to sit seguinte to amy* whats this about?

amy: scourge we just heard that you rape people

scourge: WHAT!? who said that

sonic: so you don't know anything about it *give scourge a book called he's back por sexyluna34*

scourge:*grab it and read it*

some minutes...
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posted by gyrothehedgehog
chapter 3-TWO GIRLS, ONE CAT
Sonic watched in astonishment as a rosa, -de-rosa hedgehog walked over to them. A hammer, with pointed ends, poised above her head, was the first thing he noticed. Her green eyes were set in a demented look, almost as demented as her wide grin. “Oh, Scougeey. I’ve come for you.” Scourge curled up into an even tighter ball, then whispered into Shadows’ ear. “Looks like Mrs. Koo-koo has returned from the looney bin.” He rolled his eyes, looking as calm as possible. Suddenly, just when she approached him and was just about to strike his head, a purple blur shot out...
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posted by sexyluna34
i ran to jakes house knocking on the door like crazy!!!!

jake: *opens door* uh oi luna..whats wrong you look like you saw a g-mmmmphh *i kissed him*

luna: *pushes him and my self inside and closes and locks the door*

luna: *breaks kiss* i saw scourge!!!! he tried to rape me!!!!! *crys*

jake: *hugs me* its gonna be okay...ill kill that jackass for trying to rape you...*sigh* okay..tell me...what happened?

i explained it very well because the first back thing i said his jaw dropped....

luna: a-and thats what happened...

jake: *kisses me* mm.....*breaks kiss* its gonna be okay long as your...
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posted by sexyluna34
scourge: alright...lets get it over....but let it last for a loooong time..heh.

luna: no nonononooo!!!! i wont let you!!!

scourge: *grabs my neck and bites it* *he then puts his hand under my saia and feels that sensetive spot*

luna:aaaaaaaggggh!!!! make it stop!! make it stop!!!!

scourge: HELL NO!!!! *scary smile* YOUR MINE AND I GET TO MOLEST YOU WHENEVER I WANT!!! NOW GET YOUR VAGINA OVER HERE AND LETS GET STARTED!@!!!!! *unchains me and sticks his beep in mine*

luna:*gasps* no...ngggh ......sugh sos sdsd qede e heahahahahahaaaaaa aaaaagh n-ngggnh haaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggh!!!!!...
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posted by silverstruelove
Me: Scourge what are you doing?!
Scourge: nothing babe i just want a little fun ( slides hands from my waist to my hip)
My name is Magic. Im 13 years old and i almost became a victim to scourge. Like the other middle school kids, i walk to and from school. Like the other girls, i was in amor with my boyfriend. Silver and me became a couple barely a mês ago, and he has already said that he loves me. I was walking home, so i could tell my mom, amy, about what he said. I was cantar a song. That was my greatest downfall. I was sing he could be the one por miley cyrus/hanna Montana . I heard someone...
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posted by Skull-Rose
Her small form twirled in front of her husband, who stared at the girl with that amused signature smile on his lips, before stopping , clasped her hands together and cat walked towards him.

“Do you like it~? I bought it just so I can twirl in it~!” She shot him a lustful smirk before twirling around once mais and were halted por a sudden grasp of her wrist, a push up against the mural and his hands gripping at her hips; her lips curled immediately as his body slammed against hers.

The illusionist leans in towards her flushed face, brushed his lips across hers (sending that anxious tingle down her spine) and tilts his head, lips curling to whispers at her ear. “Or you could have bought them just to seduce me?”

She forms a Brilhante Victoria smirk. “Ohoho~ only you~♥”
i first saw scourge when me and my best friend were at the local bar blowing off our homewrok. i dont like bars since i was 12 years old. my friend midnight was 12. and she had a boyfriend already. as for me being a cute girl who can kick a$$, the only people who liked me were lolicons, and pervs. even fang the sniper tried to get me to amor him. but i said no way.okay lets get to the REAL story:

i hadnt been in the bar for 3 seconds, and everyguy is staring at me, i have no idea why, but then i see what there eyes see. i hide my chest and glare at all of them. one guy actually touches my shoulder...
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posted by sexyluna34
luna:aaaagh dont touch me there!!!

scourge: i can touch you werever i want!! *rubs crotch*

luna: nngh!!! stop it!!! you even want to know how i got out?

luna: h-how?

scourge: i killed everyone there...i showed no mercy! and now....*keeps rubbing my crotch* i have you to have "fun" with! heheheh!!

luna:i..said..... STOP!! *wacks him with piko hammer and runs to jakes house*

luna: *opens door and runs into jake and kisses him*

jake: ....*breaks kiss* what happened?

luna: hes*pant* back! *pant*

jake: *eyes widen* what did he do??

luna: h-he found me a-and he ran at me...and...he ....touched...
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(if you don’t know “Code Geass” or at least WHAT geass itself is, you’ll end up kinda lost, & this is meant to take place AFTER chapter 4 of my ‘Scourge rape trap’ installations, which has already been posted…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-! So no complaints)
-Scourge~to Scintillant: “YOU did this-DIDN’T YOU- - -!!!!-?”grinding his teeth like never before. She was almost too overcome w/ laughter to respond coherently;
-Scintillant: “- - -no- - -I SWEAR- - -to actual- -GOD- - - -I didn’t- - -<burst of laughter>-the other fãs did this- -by –them –SE-LVES - -!!!!!<another...
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on what happened yesterday, its now saturday. im at the mall with my bff. and she stares at sketchpads.

i then see scourge over por the comida court gaio, jay yells to him: oi scourge!

i slap my hand over her mouth to shut her up.
me: what the fuck is wrong with you?

but- to late he was already walking over to us!

scourge: yo whats up?
me: um... hey. um jay- wait, where the hell did she go? ggrrr, damn that fox.

scourge: ...... oi come here.

me: what do you wa- {scourge strikes his tongue into my mouth. i shut my eyes. his tongue is attacking mine! he then breaks it.

scourge: how bout you come over this time,...
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Amelia: How did you get in my house?
I screamed at Scourge. I knew he would come back, but not like this. Scourge broke into my house.
Scourge: Bebe, of the there is one thing you got to know about me, I always get what I want. It might only be for a little whole but I still get what I want.
I was scared. There was no way out.
Amelia: Your going to rap me.
Scourge: No I'm not. I going to kiss you.
Amelia: WHAT?!?
Scourge: Yeah. I Bebe, Am going to kiss you. Well make out with you anyway.
Amelia: I can't.
Scourge: Why. Sacred.
Amelia: I have a boyfriend.
I was making up lies.
Scourge: And who this, 'Boyfriend'...
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posted by Hellowittykitty
I was the most unfavorable kid in school. Girls say that I'm as ugly as a dingo and boys say that not even a pedophile would encontro, data me. I wasn't ugly, but I wasn't beautiful. The only thing I was was intelligent. Smartest kid in the whole campus. Teachers loved and acknowledged me mais than any other student. But one hedgehog changed my life. Forever. Let me talk about how we first met. It was a nice, warm Friday evening, right after school was dismissed....

"Hah, it feels heavenly to get away from the drama of the gals and boys from school." I sighed as I stretched my twin brown tails. In Princeling...
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posted by silverstruelove
That night 10:00:
Me:(thinking) i have to go to sleep. There's no one here but the security guard. I saw him while i went to visit my aunt who was down the hall. I saw him staring at me. His eyes were a familiar color, like i saw those eyes before. I couldnt of because i barely met him.
Everyone but me and the security guard left the hospital.
Scourge: i just have to wait for her to fall asleep then i can inject her with this ( takes out a reddish liquid).
Me:i should of let silver and luna stay. Magic just go to sleep. ( closes eyes)
Scourge: (smiles) now it's time for this. (Walks to me with the needle of the liquid)
Luna: where is my purse. Damn i left it at scourge's house. ( runs to scourge's house and opens door) where is it ohhh there it is. ( gets bolsa from mesa, tabela and sees plans on a different table) what's this? ( picks up and reads it) OMG

WHAT DO THE PLANS SAY? WHAT'S IN THE SHOT? Find out in chapter 15