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posted by Hellowittykitty
 This is kinda what he made me do.
This is kinda what he made me do.

Scourge smiled at me lustfully, as if he wanted more. Scourge planted kisses all over my face and a groan escapes my lips. Scourge smirked evilly and began forming sex plans in his mind. His kisses trailed down to my neck, where he nibbled it slightly. My body arched back in pleasure and Scourge kissed my lips once again. He slowly licked my neck as if it was a lollipop. I had NO words to express what we were feeling then. Pleasure maybe? Scourge smiled willingly at me and slowly...
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posted by sexyluna34
i ran to jakes house knocking on the door like crazy!!!!

jake: *opens door* uh oi luna..whats wrong you look like you saw a g-mmmmphh *i kissed him*

luna: *pushes him and my self inside and closes and locks the door*

luna: *breaks kiss* i saw scourge!!!! he tried to rape me!!!!! *crys*

jake: *hugs me* its gonna be okay...ill kill that jackass for trying to rape you...*sigh* okay..tell me...what happened?

i explained it very well because the first back thing i said his jaw dropped....

luna: a-and thats what happened...

jake: *kisses me* mm.....*breaks kiss* its gonna be okay long as your...
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posted by sexyluna34
it happened yesterday....i got divorced with scourge and i left him with scar...i had my own apartment...and i was walking there from getting groceries when i felt arms and hands on my chest and one of the arms was holding mine!!

i tried to turn around but i couldnt.

???????:hey babe...did ya miss me?

i heard my worst nightmare call me babe and was sexualy violating me!!

luna: what do you want scourge?? get off!!!

scourge: no *squeezes my chest* im going to keep doing this till im satisfied with me touching your cant escape!!

luna:*crying* p-please!!! let me go!!!

scourge: hell...
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posted by sexyluna34
it happened last entire life changed after that... heres what happened:

luna: zzzzzzz..

scourge:*teleported into my room* time to finally make you mine..luna michelle the fox...*holds up cuff ring with an x on it*

scourge then got in the cama and took off my underwear...i woke up feeling his gloved hands on my hips...i turned around and stared at my worst nightmare:

scourge: *smirks and pulls my arm so that im closer to him* oi babe..did ya miss me? *chuckles* you and i are gonna have a party. *grabs my face and kisses me....he got his tongue in there to..i tried to grab my...
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posted by alexischaos2004
I ran towards a bench and hid behind it, planning a surprise for the green hedgehog. He ran towards the bench, and I extended my foot out to trip him. Scourge fell down flat on his face, and I made a run for it back to my house. "I've never experienced something this intense..." I muttered to myself, entering my house and locking the doors and windows.

The lights in my house were somber, so I turned on the lamp in my living room and layed down on my sofá to rest. I turned on my TV to see what to watch. I found many TV channels on, but I never really found anything interesting. I yawned deeply,...
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posted by SonicXAlika
Scourge is a bunda hedgehog but also is not a a** he is a guy who always hits on every girl he sees i do not like obsess over him i just like him as a character who has a attitude and is a pain and my sister showed me archie comics and learned mais about him and this is not a complaint to ScourgeXAlex17 because i live with her andshe is the one who showed me scourge and told me she was madly in amor with him so i kinda like scourge and i only like sonic the most becuase his hero attitude and now im so bored and i don't know what to wright
 I hope you guys like it!~Author's Note
I hope you guys like it!~Author's Note



This couldn't be happening! I can't be pregnant! I'm just a young fox! I'm still in high school! And god only knows what damn grade Scourge is. I covered my mouth and let tears flow down my eyes. Scourge immediately rushed toward me and shot Mindy a mean glare. "You think it's funny when my whole world has CANCER?" Mindy scowled. I knew in her mind she was sticking the middle finger at Scourge. I sobbed, full of happiness, sadness, and confusion. What was next? Scourge was probably going to dump me. Just like my prom encontro, data Brian the esquilo dumped me at the last minuto in the ballroom....
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posted by archiecomics
"hello people its me sonic sonic the hedgehog and the crazy girl seguinte to me is amy rose"


sonic:"......uhm....lovely girl"

amy: oow. anyway we read some stuff here and people are saying that scourge raping them o.o

sonic: so we asked scourge to come here and talk about his little probleem come on green"

scourge:*going to sit seguinte to amy* whats this about?

amy: scourge we just heard that you rape people

scourge: WHAT!? who said that

sonic: so you don't know anything about it *give scourge a book called he's back por sexyluna34*

scourge:*grab it and read it*

some minutes...
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posted by gyrothehedgehog
chapter 3-TWO GIRLS, ONE CAT
Sonic watched in astonishment as a rosa, -de-rosa hedgehog walked over to them. A hammer, with pointed ends, poised above her head, was the first thing he noticed. Her green eyes were set in a demented look, almost as demented as her wide grin. “Oh, Scougeey. I’ve come for you.” Scourge curled up into an even tighter ball, then whispered into Shadows’ ear. “Looks like Mrs. Koo-koo has returned from the looney bin.” He rolled his eyes, looking as calm as possible. Suddenly, just when she approached him and was just about to strike his head, a purple blur shot out...
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..... instead of being at my house, im waiting outside a big house at 6:30 pm.

scourge opens the door.

scourge: oi babe.

me: uh, hey.... so why am i here?

scourge: youll see soon enough.

by the way he said that, i felt really unsure.

as soon as i went inside. something grabbed me and i was kidnapped!!!!

a few mins later, i was on a cama without my shirt, pants, socks, shoes, ...... all i was in was my underwear and bra!!!

scourge was licking my neck, i screamed, he was like: woah, nice to see you awake babe. did i scare ya. and i replied saying: WHY THE FUCK AM I HERE?, WITH NO CLOTHES EXCEPT MY BRA...
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i first saw scourge when me and my best friend were at the local bar blowing off our homewrok. i dont like bars since i was 12 years old. my friend midnight was 12. and she had a boyfriend already. as for me being a cute girl who can kick a$$, the only people who liked me were lolicons, and pervs. even fang the sniper tried to get me to amor him. but i said no way.okay lets get to the REAL story:

i hadnt been in the bar for 3 seconds, and everyguy is staring at me, i have no idea why, but then i see what there eyes see. i hide my chest and glare at all of them. one guy actually touches my shoulder...
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posted by sexyluna34
i was only 13 when i met him.... jeez.....heres what happened i was alone at my house wathcing tv..i had the phone seguinte to me and the news came on:

tv: in other news..a rapist hedgehog has been running around raping 13-16 ano olds while no one is in there house-

luna:*spits out coca-cola i just drank*

luna: ..the hell?


luna:*feels eyes watching her*

i then felt someones hands one my shoulders...i got scared and i turned around.

tv: this hedgehog is green with blue eyes and has a if anyone sees this man call-

????: oi there....wanna party?

luna: *gets out piko hammer that rosy...
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posted by Havanahedgehog
Massie:I can't belive this happening 2 me
Hannah:IKR???!! i luv ur dress massie
>>>>>>2 HOURS LATER<<<<<<<
Scourge:i luv u babe
Massie:*throws arm around scourge*i luv u 2 my sexy baby
Scourge:*kisses massie*I'll wear this ring 4 evah
Sonic:congrats u 2!!!
Silver:yaaa me 2 congrats
Scourge:thnx blue
Sonic:wlcm king scourge*bows*
Silver:as u wish queen jasmine*bows and smirks*
Massie:how do u know my real name????
Hannah:im sooo happy 4 u massie!!!!
Sonic:soooo ive been thinking massie wats gonna be ur kids name???
Scourge and Massie:WTF???!!!SONIC!!!!
sonic:sorry just askin
posted by sexyluna34
i then watched as the police took scourge and sent him to a new dimension...far away from me...good riddens:

jake: ow my arm.

luna: are you sure your alright?

jake: long as your gonna be fine*smiles*

luna: *smiles and takes him inside*

luna; are you sure? do you need to sit down?

jake: shoulder....

luna: where does it hurt?

jake: right there *points to right shoulder*

luna: i dont see anymmmmpphhh

jake: *kissing me* mmmmmmm*breaks kiss* ...*smiles* i lied.

luna: *blushes*..what about your real injury?

jake: arm...ugh.... its gonna need to heal ...itll only take 2...
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posted by angel7782
well...sounds like you have fun with....however you spell his name....XDlol

so eh just went in your house???O.o thats creepy.


well how did he???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????XD
posted by sexyluna34
when i woke up the seguinte morning..i found a note.

note: luna....look behind ya..and your gonna find something to make your morning great.

i turned and saw scourge...he slept near me...he then hugged me while sleeping...i blushed.....then.. i just didnt move....i started to mover my hand on his face....i saw his scars..i thought:poor guy. i then licked his stomahc as if doing that may make them dissapear...i then heard a laugh ...i looked up and scourge was smiling at me.

scourge: morning...that was a nice little good seems that your taking interest in me...dont ya think?

i then lost...
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posted by silverstruelove
Me: Scourge what are you doing?!
Scourge: nothing babe i just want a little fun ( slides hands from my waist to my hip)
My name is Magic. Im 13 years old and i almost became a victim to scourge. Like the other middle school kids, i walk to and from school. Like the other girls, i was in amor with my boyfriend. Silver and me became a couple barely a mês ago, and he has already said that he loves me. I was walking home, so i could tell my mom, amy, about what he said. I was cantar a song. That was my greatest downfall. I was sing he could be the one por miley cyrus/hanna Montana . I heard someone...
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posted by sexyluna34
luna:aaaagh dont touch me there!!!

scourge: i can touch you werever i want!! *rubs crotch*

luna: nngh!!! stop it!!! you even want to know how i got out?

luna: h-how?

scourge: i killed everyone there...i showed no mercy! and now....*keeps rubbing my crotch* i have you to have "fun" with! heheheh!!

luna:i..said..... STOP!! *wacks him with piko hammer and runs to jakes house*

luna: *opens door and runs into jake and kisses him*

jake: ....*breaks kiss* what happened?

luna: hes*pant* back! *pant*

jake: *eyes widen* what did he do??

luna: h-he found me a-and he ran at me...and...he ....touched...
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posted by crystalstream
The wind whipped harshly at my fur, as the biting cold stung my eyes. My cheeks already had Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante tears clinging to them, and I had no energy left to wipe them away.

Perhaps I was being childish, getting upset over some guy. After all, I was only eleven; surely there was someone else out there for me?

But I wanted him.

Everything about him made me tingle. His ebony pele, peles that shined constantly, her blood red eyes that seemed to be aware everything, his smile that lit up his whole face. I cared for him, I dreamed about him, he held a precious part in my life.

But of course, the feeling wasn't mutual....
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(that the begining,Sariia will met Scourge)
Sariia: *sit in dark alley and cry*
Scourge: *sees Sariia and walks to her* oi sweet thang~ why are you crying?
Sariia: M-My boyfriend cheaed on me....*cry*
Scourge: *eyes widen* Woah! say what?! Come with me.
Sariia: *walks after Scourge*
Scourge: *picks her up and runs to a hotel*
in hotel
Sariia: *staring at him*
Scourge: So...see ya later babe~?
Sariia: See ya...wait...what is your name?
Scourge: Name's Scourge the hedgehog. Your's beautiful~?
Sariia: *blushes*My name is Sariia.....
Scourge: Well Sariia...*kisses her cheeck* See ya~ *winks at her and runs...
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