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posted by DottFan101
A Dawn And Scott Story Ch.1 
~Dawn's POV~ 
He threw me out along with the rest of my stuff. 
Dad:I told you to win Total Drama,didn't I?! Me:Yes father,but- Dad:*Slams Door In My Face*
Tears flooded in my eyes as I walked slowly away from my past home. All of a sudden I see a figure walking towards me. I reckidnised him right away. Scott! The person who sabotaged me into getting voted off. When he noticed me,he smirked.
Scott:Well if it isn't the nature fairy? Me:Leave me alone Scott! Thanks to you,I got kicked out of my house! My father told me to either win that show,or not come home!
His smile...
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posted by GreenStar
Her eyes opened....she was scared.....she hated her life at school...and at home.....her mother was over protective and her father.....her father was so busy....the way he use to look at her was with amor and joy...he found her a a delight, he used to look at her with amor and joy....but it was with embarrassment and dissopapointment.....her father was a very busy man...he had no time for his daughters......her and her little sister Lisa, was different,strange and unique....there was no other girl like them...but dawn...Lisa's older sister had fully developed her super natural power....Lisa...
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