sandra bullock Once a cheater always a cheater

tracyyourfriend posted on Mar 20, 2010 at 02:29AM
I'm so sorry that this has happened to such a wonderful person as yourself. I'm praying daily for the Lord to give you strength through this horrible time.
Take some time for yourself now and breath. Know that you have many many by your side. Your sister and family are the best. They know you and you will be able to go through many emotions. I've been married for 25 years and to this day cheating is my worst fear.
Your WAY ABOVE all this girl. Please remember that you are loved and admired for all your hard work, the wonderful daughter, and sister you are and so much more.
Take it minute by minute, one day at a time and don't forget to BREATH. Jesus will get you through it, all you have to do is ask him, he knows all.
Prayers for many happier days to come your way.
Tracy J Ramzinski
New Braunfels, Texas :)

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over a year ago truthsetsufree said…
I'm not even sure why I am writing this. I don't usually but in to other peoples lives like this. If you believe (and even if you don't) in God and His Son Jesus; there is also an enemy (satan) seeking everyone out to kill and destroy every relationship. He is out to break up/ manipulate/tempt each and every one of us. The only thing that brought my husband and I through the devil's schemes(and my own selfishess) is God himself. Sandra, I don't even know you. I don't even know if you even read this stuff. But God has been laying you on my heart to pray for you and your husband. If God can use a person half way across the country, who doesn't even pretend to know you:) during your time of need, then I would fathom that He loves you both more than you can even imagine. God is a God of restoration, healing, and forgiveness. No sin is too great. I've been through it. My husband has forgive me. Just as Christ forgave him:) I pray right now in the name of Jesus, that He would restore your relationship with Him and your husband. That He would guide you both to a place of forgiveness. I ask that He would protect you both from any further harm or attack. Amen.

In Him,
Amanda Davis
Oglesby, IL
over a year ago lgellison said…
I feel like I really want to talk to Sandra. I hope she gets these messages. I really wish I was her neighbor. I have to say is this, although what he did (and we really don't know exactly what happened) is this truly the only time he did this to her. Marriage has its ups and downs, and there are many marriages that do survive something like this, especially if it is the only time this has happened. If Sandra chooses to forgive him and work it out and stay with Jesse, good for her. Love can be very strong. The other most important thing in this is the kids. His kids have been thru alot in their lives. Sandra seems to be a mother to them, and it would be so devastating if she were to just walk away and give up. I'm not saying Jesse isn't a big jerk for what he did, but I think he really does love her and he really does regret what happened. Sandra I hope you read this and I hope you will truly give this a lot of thought and sit down and talk and yell if needed to Jesse and see if you can work this out for the kids sake. It will be hard to trust again, but it can be done.

Good luck Sandra