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GazettE : 1st Impression of Uruha  VKei_Addict 0 1568 over a year ago
Uruha & English  VKei_Addict 0 1110 over a year ago
GazettE : Place They Don't Like  VKei_Addict 0 1616 over a year ago
Ruki's Interview II  VKei_Addict 0 1201 over a year ago
Aoi x Ruki [The GazettE]  VKei_Addict 0 2384 over a year ago
the GazettE's Excite New ano Comment 2012  VKei_Addict 0 565 over a year ago
Ruki's amor Interview  VKei_Addict 0 6644 over a year ago
Ruki on Tokyo Dome  VKei_Addict 0 906 over a year ago
Interview/SHOXX vol.139/Sept 2004  VKei_Addict 0 1101 over a year ago
The GazettE and their shocking experiences!  VKei_Addict 0 276 over a year ago
You've released 2 singles, Regret and FITB, so you guys can relax a bit, right? [Neogen YB 2006]  VKei_Addict 0 561 over a year ago
About Reita's fashion...  VKei_Addict 0 932 over a year ago
It's a kinda digressing pergunta but does Ruki also do SM ?  VKei_Addict 0 303 over a year ago
Pets~ [Neogen YB 2006]  VKei_Addict 0 310 over a year ago
What are you currently into right now? [Neogen YB 2006]  VKei_Addict 0 475 over a year ago
GUREN  VKei_Addict 0 789 over a year ago
Memories of Valentines dia II  VKei_Addict 0 426 over a year ago
Long-distance relationships as a student  VKei_Addict 0 741 over a year ago
Are you concerned about environmental issues?  VKei_Addict 0 766 over a year ago
Your favourite artist?  VKei_Addict 0 715 over a year ago
What's the most reckless thing you've done?  VKei_Addict 0 414 over a year ago
I: A word to your fans.  VKei_Addict 0 399 over a year ago
Reita as a cameraman recording Ruki holding his violão, guitarra  VKei_Addict 0 392 over a year ago
Kai's first impression of Ruki  VKei_Addict 0 343 over a year ago
amor  VKei_Addict 0 392 over a year ago
Ruki [The GazettE]  VKei_Addict 0 779 over a year ago
Ruki [The GazettE]  VKei_Addict 0 612 over a year ago
Ruki's Voice!!! :O  ilovethegazette 5 2058 over a year ago