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nice transformation.
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Hi everyone. I am a huge fã of this animê and its mangá and have decided to take some action since a capu3 hasn't been announced yet and started making my own capu3. My version of it is going to try to tie the animê back into the mangá with as much fluidity as possible. So far, I only have the first episode done which is titled 'A New Evil and a Vampire' and I will be posting a link to it in the description. I hope you guys enjoy it and will support me. If you read it and have any ideas feel free to review it and to send me your ideas. When I am done with 13 'episodes' I plan on sending all of them to the Gonzo Corporation in hopes of it kick-starting their production for a season 3. I will not be asking them to pay me if they use my ideas but to simply give me credit for it publicly and in the credits of the episode.
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JUST TO SAY SO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is about the Manga. NOT THE ANIME! The animê is pretty much broken, so the only thing that can save it is a reboot, which I don't see happening until, like, ever.
This is about the ENDING of the MANGA! If you haven't read it yet, and choose to read this anyway, DON'T POST IN THE COMMENTS SAYING I RUINED EVERYTHING FOR YOU, cuz I won't care that you refused to pay attention to my simple directions.

Now, to begin. We have no idea what happened to Fairy Tale, but obviously, they didn't get beat up enough the first time, and they came back. Of course, they are...
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