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Mindless behavior Roc Royal wow his so cute

Roc Royal- he is a haired hat lover swaager hottie

MB fãs i reli lyk all of yall bt some of you are really obssessed with him for example if Roc gets a girlfriend one of his fãs will threaten his girlfriend which is wrong because if Roc likes dat girl he likes her you can't break amor and maybe one time hopefully your time will come when your Roc's girlfriend who knows

i know he is cute and all you want for your future boyfriend but its not lyk its the end of thee world if Roc does not lyk you no matter what you'll always be his fã and he would not be anything with out his fãs (i think)
Remember the triple R's
Roc Royal Rocs

Swag Out
angel Songz
 geek is mi new person heres her outfit!
geek is mi new person heres her outfit!
Narroter:well now its naes encontro, data and nae was supposed 2 meet prince there but she say prince kissin another girl wen she got there
Prince:uh oh
Nae: who tf r u
????:who r u yellin at me
Nae: im his gf b**.**
Geek:im geek ok fuc.kin geek okay baq off mi man
Nae: prince okay i get we are DONE!!!
Nae: thts why i cheated on u wit rayray alredy =)*leaves*
Prince:srry yu had 2 go through tht i was gonna break up with her anyways okay bby!
Geek:thts why i amor yu

cht 9 coming soon
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sometmes i say i don't like trey aka rocroyal
sometimes im in school daydrwamin about him
the teach walks u 2 me and say whats going on
i don't say nothing much i hate it but
i think im falling n amor 4 the frist time it hurts
me so badly i can't take it no mais . its like i
just want 2 scaerm so lond that my lugs burst
i hope 1 dia i could see him but i no it will never happen sometimes i say "if i cuold keep on beliveing
it will come true" but u no that will never
happen well think u 4 leitura god bless
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