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posted by courtneykutie
Iam so made I had it really long then I hit a button and it all disappeared!!:(
Math class
Renesmee's POV

Miss Smith our math teacher is very stupid,she uses a calculator for ever thing,My dad just says 'not every one is as smart as you',Me and Riley text all hour.At my mesa, tabela I sit with Gabe,the estrela football player who is very smart,has really beautiful eyes and has ever girl drool over him.Well Ricky has lots of girls flirt with him and it bugs me.

My phone vibrated,which Means I got a new Text-
She is so freakin stupid,no wonder she has no husband-Riley
I giggle,Gabe...
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Lots of thanks and hugs for pinkyshadow45,team-jacob-er,CourtneyKutie and the other fãs who actually took 10 minutos of their time leitura it :D
so here it is...Chapter 3
enjoy leitura it :DD

Chapter 3
Bella POV
-"No time left"

-When I look back now over my life and call to mind what I might have had simply for taking and did not take, my coração is like to break.-

My body theoretically had Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante for a longer time than it actually looked.
Reneesme would and will never cadastrar-se them...
She couldn't be part of the strict,harsh royal family.
I instantly...
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posted by courtneykutie
Heyy-sorry it took me so long,My computer at início got a dumb virus and we got to go pay someone to take it off,so i have to wait to go to my grama's to write then i get the freakin 24 hora Flu!!!!

Chapter 5
Renesmee Pov

When we told Uncle Em and Aunt Rose about what's about to happen in 3 weeks from now,They started to train with everyone.In the begining Daddy and Uncle Jazz thought I didnt need to learn but Mom and Aunt Alice talked them in to it.

When I watched them Fight it was Funny,Mom bet dad alot mais than he bet her

"Im letting her win"He says

"Sure If it Makes you feel better you can say...
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posted by sami1002
one mais after this one plz leave a comment on what you think I should name the squil

Renesemee's pov

I saw a brown haired vampire leaning over uncle Jasper's neck I jumped at her and pinned her on the ground.Are you sure Renesmee you want to do that I heared a vocie hiss"Nessie don't look away from her"Adam yelled to me.I kept my eyes on her .I felt a cold hand Grab my shoulder and pull me away ."Get away from her" dad said I looked up at him,he looked different.His golden eyes were an emereald green and his puipils were hazle.I looked over at her again I didn't see a differentsI looked over...
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posted by courtneykutie
Hey- here's Jane!!

Alec's POV

The dia they arrive...

She'll be here,Near my amor Maggie and Im Scared I wont be able to protect her,as if she heard my thoughts she says

"Ill be fine stop worrying,If you were Human all of you hair would be Gray"Renesmee laughs at this

"So true"Renesmee add's

"Ha,Ha"I said

We were in the yard,Walking to the Clearing,every one was talking to different people,Esme and Carlilse just got back a few days ago.Jacob was in human form holding Renesmee's hand,Seth and Leah were walking way in the back in lobo form,They'll howl for the others if we need them,There...
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Note-when the kids get older they look 2 years older than supposed too.
Renesmee's POV

1 ano later...

"Muma Iam glad you had two mais babies"Jazmin said looking at Josh and Erin in there cribs sleeping

"Me too,mommy"Eric said,looking at his new brother and sister

"Is there going to be anyone?"Mags said giggling over on the rocking chair in the new born twins room

"Uh..."I said looking at her,she was smiling at me

"Ya muma are you going to have anymore babies?"Jazmin asked with a hopeful expression,Mags smirked at me

"Not any time soon"I said Mags laughed really load,I was about to yell at her to...
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posted by courtneykutie
Alec's POV

Walking into the old place I used to live,I thought,How could I have lived here for so long?Its was so boring...

And Now My Maggie is gone...

My life with out her was nothing...

Iv been Happiest in my 6 years with Maggie than any Other time in my life...

Bella and Edward were following me while we went stright to The Main room,were I know Aro is.

- - - - - - -
Bella's POV

I cant stand this place...Iam on Edwards arm,Holding on tightly,Iv been a reck Since My Baby has been Takin,My One and Only Daughter has been Takin por this stubid stubid stubid place,I have so much hatred for this place...
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posted by eriemorgan

Sweetie you are a joy to me and your father, we couldn't think of our lives with-out you,as your mother i had to sacrifice all of my engery to bring you into this world, jacob was there and so was your father, no-matter what people say a bout you, you need to remember that your family care and love, you with all of our hearts, and that night when your father found out that jacob had imprinted on you he was so angry and i was too, for having him to that to you, we wanted to protect you in so many ways,

You see before you were ever born me and jake had a friendship that he thought would...
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 Ariel Winter
Ariel Winter
*Two of these children are not really actresses, but most are so that's why the título has the name it has*

Okay, there has been a lot of debates and ideas on who should play Renesmee Cullen in Breaking Dawn. Most people are just going to wait, a lot mais are settling on one actress. Others just have no clue! I, on the other hand, see almost any little girl suggested as Renesmee. But there are four who appeal to me thoe most, and here they are;

1. Bella Thorne (11 years old)
Bella has the same descrição as Renesmee; the bronze, curly hair...the chocolate brown eyes....looking so adorable. She...
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posted by DrakesGirl_1
Hi my name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I'm half human & half vampire,but my mom Bella is now a vampire like my dad Edward.My nickname is Nessie I like it I'm composição literária in this diary to continue the journey and you readers were thinking " I wonder how the Cullen family is doing and how Nessie is doing?" and all that well I'm grown up and the Cullen family is actully doing great also I forgot to mention you were thinking " I wonder how Jacob Black is doing?" For all you team Jacob people he is doing great like the Cullen Family he vists us almost every weekend I like it when he comes over. If you are wondering my age i'm 14 yes the time and years fly quick, well until the seguinte entry I'm going to have to say goodbye

Yours Truly,
Renesmee Carlie Cullen

seguinte Entry:8/6/10 maybe? Today's Entry:8/5/10 At:12:57 A.M.
 fotografia belongs to Sesame Ellis/Rachel Devine
Photo belongs to Sesame Ellis/Rachel Devine
Mackenzie Foy[Rumored Renesmee Carlie Cullen] Information Article:

Name: Gemma Reed Devine
Nicname: Gem
Age: 5
Currently Living: Australia
Hair: Bronze/Brown
Eyes: Brown
Siblings: Little Brother and Sister, Kieran and Clover.

Gemma's mother is a photographer, this is how everyone got to using her pictures as Nessie, heres her flickr: link

Breaking Dawn came out merely two years atrás but from the very beginning we were seeing pictures of Gemma everywhere as the Renesmee, Edward and Bella Cullen's half human/half vampire daughter.

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posted by elizasmomma
I promise to remember Bella
Each time I carelessly fall down
And I promise to remember Edward
Whenever I'm out of town
I promise to obey traffic laws
For Charlies sake of course
And I promise to remember Jacob
When my coração fills with remorse
I promise to remember Carlisle
When ever I am in the Emergency Room
And I promise to remember Emmett
Every time there's a huge boom
I promise to to remember Rosalie
Whenever I see something that holds pure beauty
And I promise to remember Alice
When I'm at a mall and a cute outfit spots me
I promise to remember Renesmee
When I see that beautiful bronze hair.

And I promise...
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Well...Im in a rush trying to finish up my fanfiction though I have ALOT mais :)
Im trying my best to make it exiting for you guys :)
P.S Now Im reducing the length of how much I am composição literária right now.
:) but it still is exciting to read don't worry x}


-Chapter 6-
Bella P.O.V

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

The voice who spoke was clearly the voice of an Alpha.
No life was brought up in his voice...It was empty...Blank.
He turned his head to assure everything...
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posted by elizasmomma
Dear Diary (In His World)
October 25, 2010

I tapped my pen to the pad of paper on my escrivaninha, mesa at a slower – but stronger – than human pace. My eyes focused on the lines, each one so clear, so vibrant. The acidic smell of ink from the pen poured into my nostrils, flooding them with solvents, pigments, dyes, resins, lubricants… and whatever else ink was made from. Chemicals.

I wanted to write a book. Not a book that would go on to be published; just a book. A fictional story with fictional characters who I controlled. I didn’t know what I wanted the book to be about, exactly. I also didn’t...
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January 1st, 2011

Dear Diary,

“I was transformed at age eighteen when groupies were ‘groovy’ and drugs fit right in with the música and excessive cerveja chugging.” Nicole pleated her skirt, shutting her eyes to remember her past life.

Her mortal life.

“In every corner someone was having a hallucination, or a new song was being played…Woodstock was one getaway in ’69,” she chuckled, bitterly, opposing her reminiscing urge.

It was a humble Tuesday night and we were wrapping up the New Year’s dia celebrations with Nicole. Upon request, I ripped up the pages I wrote about Nicole during...
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posted by bellamay
 the cullens
the cullens
feno ppls hope you like the articl.ok so lets get on the rode

it was about a few months after my b'day jake was out checking the boundres for the volti to see if they came back."nessie jake is back today"my mom said to me "realy i guss i lost time leitura my what time is he back at?"i asked mom
she started smiling "alice do you know when he will be back"mom said trying not to laugh"yes.he will be back at 5o'clock.omg!i better get ready for what is happig awwwwwwww!edward,esma,jasper,bella,carlil,rose,emmet come on in to the other room!nessie stay here and don't lisen in"anut alice saied...
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posted by elizasmomma

i was in your room late last night watching you sleep, and some-how knowing how wonderful you are and how you've made me and your fatther's life so blessed,

Your attitude about life is so kool and awesome, i guess you have your father in you mais than you have me, but that's okay,.

The one thing that i saw in you before you went to cama was how you loved on every-one even uncle Emmett which i thought was pretty cute por the way,

You are so beautiful in every-way shape and form of your little body, you make me and your father laugh when we see you getting done picking flores or running away from jaz or even going shopping with your aunties which i know that you love.

your mother
Isabella Marie cisne Cullen
posted by bamagirl5899
okay i wrote this then it got deleted but im trying to re write it it was pretty good.

Lexi's pov

Okay what just happened?The imprinting thing was getting to me could I handle something like that someone allways loving me that i didnt like. Oh well at least im giving him a chance. I thought as I parked my car Edward was still standing where I jumped the fence either he's totally mental or he has ADHD. Seth gave me time to change then we went for a walk but we ran into Scott exactly where we broke up "Speak of the..." Seth grabed my hand and started walking off. "I just want to talk to her for...
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posted by edwards_No1
 renesmee's dress
renesmee's dress
Renesmee's POV

Ugh! I felt horrible, like I always did in the mornings. I was planning on rolling over so I didn’t suffocate but couldn’t be bothered. I cheirado, cheirava, smelt gran’s special bacon, toucinho and eggs from my room. That was one thing that got me outta bed. “Ouch!” I whined as I stood up. I had rolled over and fallen out the bed. I stumbled down the stairs. It seemed to take forever. I walked through the hall and saw Jacobs back turned as he talked to esme my grandma. I was very embarrassed and made as little noise as possible as I mouthed ignore me don’t tell him to esme. My hair was a complete...
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posted by sami1002
Renesmee's pov

"Uncle Jasper?" I cryed as the Volturi came in the room .Jane and a small vampire boy with short brown hair ,pale while skin and blood red eyes appered in frount of me "come on Nessie let's go,Adam!"the brown haired boy untied me . I wasn't incontrol of my boady any more, after I got down they started walking and I followed like a lost puppy.

"So Nessie I belive you have figured out Adams ability to controll people's minds and boadys" Jane said as we entered a small gray room with a thin cama and one light bulb hanging from the ceiling "this' Jane explained "is you room for you...
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