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posted by renesmeblack
End of Chapter 13

"Nessie," Jacob whispered. It sounded like the nickname was sung por angels. I stared into his eyes.
"Yes?" I breathed.
"You're a..."
"Vampire? I know."
I was disappointed. There has to be something better to say, we're together again, after I was kidnapped! An, "I amor you," was the first on my list. I turned away from him.
"Renesmee, what's wrong?"
The first time I actually wished there was tears on my cheek.
"There's got to be something wrong. Is it the fact you're a vampire? Oh, honey, I amor you, not what you are."
I felt his hands pull me back, against his...
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posted by renesmeblack
9. The Semi-Sweet Taste of Reunion

I couldn't sit up. I couldn't even mover my eyes. The angel looked into them for a fleeting second, with bright crimson eyes. In that same segundo they grew darker until they were the dark brown I knew. I wish my energy would return. The angel placed his hand over my heart.
"No," he whispered. "No, not my love. NO!!!"
He screamed with rage and ran at Mark.
"You! I saw you! You were killing her, now she's dead! She's dead!!!" he screamed.
"Renesmee asked for this, personally, Jacob. She wouldn't take no for an answer. She wanted the baby out before she committed...
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posted by renesmeblack
8. Death Comes Running

"Renesmee, you..." Mark started to say.
"Yes," I sobbed.
He put his arms around me. He comforted me unsuccessfully. Then he left me alone to sleep. I wish he'd leave me to die. But soon I slept.

I was walking in my own home, and I saw my family walk seguinte to me. Then they disappeared, leaving one extra person there. I realized it was Jacob, and rushed to hug him, saying, "I'm so glad you're safe."
But then he was right behind me, made of thin air. I heard a baby's restless cry. I ran towards it, far in front of Jacob. It was a small newborn child. But this newborn had...
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posted by renesmeblack
7. What Would You Do, If There Was No Other Option?

I stared into his eyes. He was serious.
"Renesmee, this is for your health and the baby's. Please, if you want it, then care for it," he said.
I shook my head, giving myself a major headache. He stopped me.
"Please, Renesmee, you're dying. I can't feel the baby kick anymore. You look gaunt, and you haven't eaten a thing."
"No, I'll kill you!"
"Renesmee, I'm going to heal before you inflict any real damage."
Then Jacob grabbed my arm and shook me, staring deeply into my eyes.
"Renesmee! You. Are. Going. To. Die."
"He's right," said a voice....
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Chapter One:
First Sight

Kalysta Cullen, the great granddaughter of Edward and Bella Cullen, sped up to the door of her house.
She had the urge to go hunting.
"Silvia, wanna go hunting with me?" She asked her sister.
"Sure,I'll be down in a nano-second!" Silvia replied. Sure enough, in less than a nano-second, Silvia was outside, dressed and ready to go hunting.
"Come, on! Race you there!" Kalysta challenged, ready for a five segundo run to the forest.
"Beat you there!" Silvia took off, but Kalysta was faster, her speed was inherited from her great grandfather, Edward Cullen. In about three seconds, she was in the mountains, her sense of smell alerted, hungry for mountain lion.
Finally Silvia was hunting with her five segundos later. Senses alert, both girls sensed a full grown mountain lion prowling around nearby.
The hunt was on.

to be continued.....
Amberkit raised her small head. "Snowdapple!" I mewed to her mother. "I'm coming, Amberkit!" she sighed. "Amberkit is beautiful, Snowdapple." Amberkit's father, Emberclaw, told Snowdapple.

Emberclaw was Snowdapple's secret mate. Snowdapple was a medicine cat, and even though the warrior code forbid, Snowdapple mated with Emberclaw, truly angry with herself because medicine gatos were not to have kits. A clear sign from StarClan, Snowdapple had four perfect kits, but three died after being born.
Amberkit's two sisters and brother, Ripplekit, Sweetkit and Mousekit, were buried where they had been...
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