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The Donation  Demeter13 1729 74209 faz 4 meses
Knights of Dawn  TAIKAMODO 151 13481 faz 10 meses
aleatório animê RP  DDFFguy730 1 982 faz 11 meses
aleatório animê rp  Harpaw8 38 3117 faz 11 meses
Black butler rp  Harpaw8 76 2895 faz 11 meses
Adventures in Sugar Rush (Wreck It Ralph)  LetsDuel2012 476 123485 over a year ago
The Dark Chapters: Part 2. (PRIVATE)  IAMYOURENEMY 5723 279402 over a year ago
The Magic Kingdom  beautybeastfan2 0 488 over a year ago
Voting for God.  BanetteGhosneir 20 2934 over a year ago
The Evil Within Roleplay [no please join]  catos971 28 8541 over a year ago
Dungons and dragões Oh My!  666demon 4 4890 over a year ago
astrologia Zodiac RP  Meenah-Piexes 22 9771 over a year ago
Dreamcast [Reboot]  TAIKAMODO 25 4640 over a year ago
Dreamcast  TAIKAMODO 309 46121 over a year ago
Our House Is Your House (Ghost & Human RP)  tastycakes 10 6161 over a year ago
The Lazarus Troupe {Dark Circus RP}  tastycakes 3 4575 over a year ago
The Laws of Running Amok  -Universe_COLA- 7 4028 over a year ago
Inner voices  BanetteGhosneir 11 4759 over a year ago
Pandora Knight  TAIKAMODO 579 59585 over a year ago
When Hell Breaks Loose  -Universe_COLA- 184 17996 over a year ago
estrela WARS - Rise of the Order  Hades_Shadow 86 14458 over a year ago
Witch Hunt  BanetteGhosneir 3 3599 over a year ago
Troublesome School: segundo Generation! (Private)  xXDreamWriterXx 10208 645300 over a year ago
Begining of the End  heart-of_love 4 3599 over a year ago
EARTH 616 - A Marvel Universe RolePlay  Hades_Shadow 26 6894 over a year ago
Discovering the Extinct  BanetteGhosneir 55 8968 over a year ago
The A.S.S. Trip Effect  -Universe_COLA- 95 9426 over a year ago
Ancient's Awakening Problems.  BanetteGhosneir 3 2501 over a year ago
Returned  BanetteGhosneir 5 6222 over a year ago
Dimensional Deities  BanetteGhosneir 65 13237 over a year ago
demons and angels.. will our war end?  lucedragneel 1 3843 over a year ago
WD +  -Universe_COLA- 49 4392 over a year ago
Boundry of the Apocalypse  BanetteGhosneir 31 5368 over a year ago
Dark rp: the re-darkening (Now with extra darkness) [OPEN]  J-slice 3 4394 over a year ago
Rise of The Horsemen  Lady_Pool21 9 5124 over a year ago
+++  BanetteGhosneir 7 4697 over a year ago
If at first you don't succeed. Die, Die, Die again.  BanetteGhosneir 6 3721 over a year ago
Shitty o espaço Cadets and Unwanted Hitmen  Chibi_lou 33 8418 over a year ago
The Fabulous Killjoys  bIackparade 2 4636 over a year ago
Crown of Thorns (Please Join!)  -Universe_COLA- 169 19581 over a year ago
Fairytail: Our amor confirmed ( PLZ JOIN< original characters from the show.. SHIPS XD  lucedragneel 1 3233 over a year ago
Territory amor  x-Yumi-x3 421 32790 over a year ago
Green (A slice of life but with spin) (Please Join, Open to all)  666demon 7 4514 over a year ago
A Percy Jackson war between camps  Wolfpaw6 9 2318 over a year ago
Six heros, to six zeros.  BanetteGhosneir 146 14746 over a year ago
The war we lost  Wolfpaw6 21 4759 over a year ago
Royals of Gaia  heart-of_love 210 23879 over a year ago
Star-forged in a medeival age  BanetteGhosneir 2 4758 over a year ago
The Final prophecy (Percy Jackson themed role-play)  Wolfpaw6 129 13542 over a year ago
HOTEL VALHALLA - Hall of heroes [OPEN]  Hades_Shadow 155 23744 over a year ago
Heiau Kupua: the Temple of the Hawaiian Demigods [OPEN]  Hades_Shadow 125 16776 over a year ago
Hometown (Slice-Of-Life Roleplay) [Setup]  BanetteGhosneir 20 5307 over a year ago
School of Dragons: seguinte Generation [OPEN]  Hades_Shadow 117 16593 over a year ago
Sonic X Rp (Open)  Iveon 0 2806 over a year ago
S.H.I.E.L.D. - Rising from the Ashes [[OPEN]] ((SPOILERS))  Hades_Shadow 215 20569 over a year ago
E.D.E.N  TAIKAMODO 228 29341 over a year ago
The Edge of Our Stars  -Universe_COLA- 3 5002 over a year ago
avatar the Several Airbenders (Fixed)  Wolfpaw6 1 4941 over a year ago
We Aren't Alone.  BanetteGhosneir 1 4209 over a year ago
The Count Down  heart-of_love 60 11529 over a year ago
Abnormalities  BanetteGhosneir 5 3844 over a year ago
LUNARIA - CITY OF heroes [[OPEN]]  Hades_Shadow 66 7625 over a year ago
Prisoners without names  BanetteGhosneir 2 2806 over a year ago
The Last of the Living  brodxe 7 3539 over a year ago
Room 8-1-20-5  -Universe_COLA- 19 3843 over a year ago
Worse Than Prison  XxLostAngelxX 4 4077 over a year ago
ADILGASHI - INSTITUTE OF MAGIC [[OPEN]]  Hades_Shadow 99 10797 over a year ago
51st regiment of world war 2 rp  Wolfpaw6 0 3538 over a year ago
We are the survivors (OPEN)  Reflecting 1 4819 over a year ago
Monster Academy: Chaos of the Gods (Monster Academy RP new arc, Closed RP)  mcterra 443 39387 over a year ago
Raven Academy for the 'Special' Kids  Kat-chan 211 21920 over a year ago
Fateless  BanetteGhosneir 2 2989 over a year ago
Bounty Hunt!The Deathly Prize(REBOOT) [CLOSED]  IAMYOURENEMY 2635 152918 over a year ago
The Folivora  grey_skies 62 11407 over a year ago
Life above the Tank (Steampunk/Dieselpunk RP OPEN)  catos971 42 8357 over a year ago
N.O.T.K.U. - Demise of Cyberforce  Hades_Shadow 23 4576 over a year ago
Ilvermorny: The American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry  Hades_Shadow 158 15799 over a year ago
The Dark Continent  Haiiko 3 4453 over a year ago
Dream of Worlds (Full)  BanetteGhosneir 16 4697 over a year ago
The Ones That Don't Belong  Sableye21 1004 70344 over a year ago
The Grind  Phantelephant 0 5551 over a year ago
Rise of Four  Historyheathen1 24 3355 over a year ago
The Tournament Of Souls  Firebird06721 62 7198 over a year ago
disney RP  beautybeastfan2 0 3538 over a year ago
GOTHAM: Arkham's Finest [[OPEN]]  Hades_Shadow 171 18791 over a year ago
Hotel California  Axel1313 3629 254179 over a year ago
White cruz Academy  El_Noire 224 23600 over a year ago
The Song of Unhealing  -Universe_COLA- 12 4453 over a year ago
Experimental Captivation  xXDreamWriterXx 84 9394 over a year ago
I'm Not Broken  Kat-chan 173 15677 over a year ago
Halo Rp  Wolfpaw7 0 3294 over a year ago
End of the World(Story)  heart-of_love 119 12837 over a year ago
---Will of the Stars--- [[CLOSED]]  BlackSparrow 3742 297599 over a year ago
Forgotten and Untold  BanetteGhosneir 1 4636 over a year ago
Of Another Kind (Ninja Academy)  shadowcon99 8 2989 over a year ago
This is War 3030  demon_wolf 21 3843 over a year ago
The Mystery Gang Versus the Void  Phantelephant 6 3721 over a year ago
Death and all his friends  Axel1313 137 13147 over a year ago
Daemon's rebellion  BanetteGhosneir 99 10858 over a year ago
The Manor (OPEN) [Genre: Horror/Mystery]  carlie445 129 16304 over a year ago