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posted by BrianMay100
your like freddie if you:
1. have black hair
2.mostly wear black
3.wear pele, peles coats [not real fur]
4.you play the piano
5. you like the country japan
6. you like japaneez food
7. your favorito colour is black
8. you have brown eyes
10. you paint your left hand nails black
11. you live in Kensington,London,England
12.you were born in september
13.your hight is 5ft 9
14.you play some of the guitar
15.you like jimi hendrix
16.you are shy,funny,kind
17.you have silk &
saturn cama sheets
18.you are striking in apperance
19.you like to be center of atention
20.you always have to win
21.you sometimes wear clogs.[brian wears them all the time even now]
posted by BrianMay100
1:you have curly hair like brian or have long blonde hair in layers like roger did in the 70's

2:you listen to rock & roll

3:you wear leather

4:you are funny & kind like freddie , kind & polite like brian , crazy & wild like Roger or quiet & shy like john.

5:You paint your left hand nails black like Freddie did in the 70's

6:you play the violão, guitarra , drums baixo & piano

7:you listen to band's such as queen,the who,the beatles,john lennon,the shadows.

8:you drink champain ,guiness,vodka or tea

9:you eat japaneez comida ,spare rib's with cebola sauce,cheese on torrada, brinde or vegatarian

10: you live in England,london like freddie &
john , or you live in England,surrey like brian & roger

11:you wear t shirt's of queen.

12: you listenn to queen every day

13: you've visited freddie's início .
[freddie's adress: England,London,Kensington,Cromwell road,1 logan place ][house name:garden lodge]
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