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PTA and Banished Pergunta

Put requests here.

Im going to begin working on making an ícone and banner for this club using some photoshop stuff I know how to do.

There will be the characters of PTA and Banished, but since getting the basic raw materials to use is the hard part of it all (14 characters covered in about 150 minutos using the easy to render characters) I will not be able to do all of them.

So, for PTA and Banished, please list any characters that you feel MUST be in the banner.

I will try my best to include those that you list, but if it is out of my ability I may have to leave them out.

For the PTA character pre-Gen 3, please include imagens for my own personal time management.

Note: I will try to render the hard to render ones, but if not listed and I dont see them as a 100% needed, they may end up being left out

Note 2: Characters may have a change in image, but not change in appearance if you may have noticed with the renders I posted today
*totally not pouting in the corner realizing I saved half of the rendered imagens I did as JPEG (non-render) instead of PNG (render) causing a lot of my work to be undone* >.> At least they were the easy to render ones.....
Riku114 posted over a year ago
 Riku114 posted over a year ago
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PTA and Banished Respostas


That is all.
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 Kaine Yasashi Satsunji. That is all.
posted over a year ago 
por the way, what is Kaine's image? I dont remember and cant find it
Riku114 posted over a year ago
I'll post it.
IAMYOURENEMY posted over a year ago
Gah...... Well theres another 30-45 minutos put into making this XD Ill try my best though.
Riku114 posted over a year ago
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