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PTA and Banished Pergunta

Name a character from PTA that you believe has a skill that could be described as "Superhuman"

Ariana has read literally thousands upon thousands of books and not only remembers the names of each book, but every bit of information in them. While this does not mean that she understands everything in them, it does mean that she can recount every detail she has learned with near perfect accuracy. Ariana does not have a large IQ, but the sheer amount of knowledge she possesses makes her superhuman.
Imma have to think on this one for a while.
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 wantadog posted over a year ago
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PTA and Banished Respostas

I guess Johnny's sheer endurance could be considered superhuman.Not only did he survive a Carvanha attack but managed to also walk away(Of course after some hallucinating and other nasty things)He also survived a Scyther lightly cutting his neck too which was also a little while after the Carvanha attack.That alone shows a higher level of endurance that could be considered superhuman considering he didn't die.
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