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Does anyone else think that Mila should have gone início on the last episode?

It made me really mad last night when the sent Ben início instead of Mila. When the judges were deliberating, they said that her color-blocking got old fast, and that it was the only thing she knew how to do. When they talked about Ben, they said he had done good work in the past, it was the just this one challenge that knocked him off of his game. I don't understand why they kept her and sent Ben home.

Does anyone else feel the same or disagree?
 VampiresRevenge posted over a year ago
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TeamZoey said:
I totally agree with you! The outfit she made was sooo boring. It's like she can only work with black and white. Ben should not have gone início at all.
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posted over a year ago 
I know. I hope she does her color blocking on the seguinte episode so she will hopefully get kicked off, haha.
VampiresRevenge posted over a year ago
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