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posted by sillybandfan321
Proactive has to be the best acne product EVER! I used almost all the products from clearasil, to neutragena, to clean and clear and so on! after the first week or two I noticed that the pimples are going away tremendoulsy!!! I still have them but they are going away!! you can barely notice them and they are not red anymore!! My face feels cleaner and fresher! Thank you proactive!! You make me feel cleaner and better. I never really liked my pimples i would always be afraid that people would make fun of me and when i would raise me hand in class and people would look at me i would feel awkward and now i really dont thank you!!

Down below i want all the people who agree with me and used proactive and it works!!!

Thank you Proactive!!!!!<3
-Claire aka sillybandfan321:D