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twinness posted on Feb 12, 2011 at 05:00PM
I really liked the last few episodes, but the actual ending could have been a lot better.

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over a year ago YukixKyon4evr said…
well honestly it could have-maybe-but i think they did the right thing there and i mean I LOVE the fact that when Duck was talking about turning bak into a bird Fakir said "And even after that happens I will stay by your side forever." (EEEEEE!!! Just typing it makes my heart flutter <3!) and when Rue starts crying in 26 after Mytho says "...right now I simply want to love Rue the most out of everyone." And that's why they're my fave couples! So I am quite pleased with the ending :).
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over a year ago MonkeyGirl700 said…
i think the ending was actually really good