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pokémon Satoshi or Lions,who of these two characters do you like the best?

14 fans picked:
 MCHopnPop posted over a year ago
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MCHopnPop picked Satoshi:
Satoshi-kun is awesome!...how can I compare them...I still have no idea XD
posted over a year ago.
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kitmolly123 picked Satoshi:
I like the fact that Satoshi/Ash did his hat like that, just like in the first season
posted over a year ago.
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AninditaS picked Satoshi:
Oh man,Ash is looking so hot x)
Nice Pic :D
posted over a year ago.
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kailar27 picked Satoshi:
Rip ash-greninja, also ash is derp
posted faz 10 meses.
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