pokémon favorito STATER POKEMON

MARIOPOWER posted on Nov 05, 2016 at 01:39AM
Mine is Mudkip

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over a year ago CokeTheUmbreon said…
over a year ago FanFic_Girl_26 said…
I would probably pick either Chikorita or Treecko. (By the way, I noticed that “Starter” is misspelled as “Stater” in the title of this topic.)
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 I would probably pick either Chikorita or Treecko. (By the way, I noticed that “Starter” is missp
over a year ago KimikoDashie said…
Gen 1: Bulbasaur and Charmander (I like both)
Gen 2: Totodile
Gen 3: Treecko
Gen 4: Piplup
Gen 5: Snivy
Gen 6: Fennekin
Gen 7: Litten
over a year ago Taciturnal said…
From order of generations:

Generation I: Charizard (Especially Charizard Y, but that's from generation VI but anyways I'll add it) and Wartortle.

Generation II: Feraligatr

Generation III: Sceptile (Shiny) (And Mega Sceptile but again that's from generation VI but I'll add it anyways)

Generation IV: Turtwig

Generation V: Snivy's evolution line, Oshawott and Samurott

Generation VI: Greninja

Generation VII: Decidueye

With my favorite starter of all time being Serperior.
over a year ago ajotma said…
Grass: Bulbasaur
Fire: Cyndaquil
Water: Popplio

Gen 1: Bulbasaur
Gen 2: Cyndaquil
Gen 3: Mudkip
Gen 4: Piplup
Gen 5: Snivy
Gen 6: Froakie
Gen 7: Popplio
over a year ago Ashgrenija558 said…
over a year ago GreninjaGuy7 said…
Gen 1: Venusaur
Gen 2: Typhlosion
Gen 3: Sceptile
Gen 4: Infernape
Gen 5: Samurott
Gen 6: Greninja -All time favorite-
Gen 7: Decidueye
over a year ago piplup100 said…
Piplup and bulbasuar
over a year ago AlphaWendigo said…
gen 1: Charmander
gen 2: Cyndaquil
gen 3: Mudkip
gen 4: Turtwig
gen 5: Snivy
gen 6: Chespin
gen 7: Rowlet

grass: Rowlet
water: Mudkip
fire: Cyndaquil