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Source: Sylvie
arte dos fãs
posted by sawfan13
*For all you loyals out there that really truly BeLIEve. :)*

The stage lights are bright and blue
He has wings and can fly
Marriage, fantasy, villains
I truly BeLIEve.

Magic in the big atmosphere
This dream is never ending
Let me stay here forever darling
And let's all BeLIEve

Crimson and her monsters try to hurt you
Criss, I will help protect you
We connect through dreams and love
Because we all BeLIEve!

The poppies on the ground
The rabbits coming towards us
All the dancers and dolls
Please do not awaken me

Do you BeLIEve?
Do you?
I do.
I shall forever BeLIEve
The stars at night whisper to me
Telling me you...
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posted by anime123rox
I lay in cama alone at night and wonder why I'm here.I do so much for everyone
Why don't they show they care.
I met this girl who said she loved me
something I haven't heard in so long.
She used me for my money
what a ride she took me on.
There is so much hurt I feel, so much anger trapped inside.
Sometimes I wish my dad was here, but to me he's not alive.
I have no one to talk to
These drugs seem to be the only way
Turns out it's a lie just like the smile I put on each and everyday.
I know outside I'm smiling, It's the face I fake for you,
But inside my soul is crying and there is nothing I can...
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posted by ThornedRose
falling down
my face
pain tearing
my stomch
pouring out
covering my
raio, ray of
drawing me
a smile
covering my frown
as I think
as I let
my mind wander
as I
a raio, ray of light
made the faca gleam
made it closer
my quivering hand
touched the sharp
my smile
grew wider
my hands stopped
my body stopped trembling
the blade
pierced my skin
I touched my neck
feeling the blood
was sucking out
my sole
he persuaded
he tempted
he lied to
he cheated
my breathing stopped
my coração stopped
my fear was gone
my soul was gone
my life was gone
satin lossened
his grip
and sent me
to burn in hell for
yet my real suffering
was over
posted by juicyjossy9

I burn to make you understand
One wrong word and it all may come crashing down
For the fates are devious por heart
They envy you your dreams, so they'll let you drown

And there is no why, there is no how,
it's like the sky, just one free flow
But you're here right now, and this is your show,
so take a bow, cos the show is on right...

Here and now with all dreams realized
Would you choose still mais time to do
Don't fall down when it's time to arise
No one else can heal your wounds

Once again taboo becomes your law
What you want seems taken por another tide turning away
from our flor field where...
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posted by bettyboop1996
why did you cheat on me?
why did I deserve that?
I loved you so much, I still do,
and if you asked for me back,
I would probably come.

that's because I amor you,
and you've got a hold on me,
why did I have to see you,
with another girl in your arms,
your a cheat that's all I can say!!

I loved you and you just threw it away,
but that's it im done with you now,
im not trying anymore,
I could of been the best thing you ever had,
you don't know what you have got until you loose it,
your a cheat and that's all I can say,
now its time for me to go my own way.
posted by Briannalq
one por one we count the dust one por one we begin to rust ...
...counting off into the darkness... all we see is fake light... the light we see is fake...
and soon it dissapears,,,,
.... and then we all see the dia that we fall into the....
nothingness ofthe world...
they all embrulho, envoltório there selfs into the own little bubbles..
but the damnd who see those who are off
into there own little world destroy and demolish them.......
TwT demolishion , pain, suffering, is me....
posted by twilightgirl2
Red hot liquid comes out of me,
I cringe at the blade as it
repeatedly goes through me
I scream for help
as the attacker stabs me
Then he leaves me alone
as the rain comes down
I lay on the ground as I look up at the rain I close my eyes as I lay there
And my coração starts to slow down

My eyes welled up as I see whats happening
I turn around and run out the door
but I'm stopped por somebody
I look up and see my best friend Donte
He looks at me as if he knows what I'm feeling
I lay my head on his shoulders as I cry my eyes out
He keeps me comfort as I cry
Endlessly with pain
He shelters me with his warmth
posted by ThornedRose
like all my composição literária feedback
this is from long atrás since then ive stopped this type of poesia but im goin to strt with
ok hope

ashes to ashes
filling gaps
rosas to rosas
breaking hearts
bringing amor
tearing you appart
life to death
the time your full
the time your right
your golden time
amor to hatred
pulling you
killing you
forcing you
to be
forcing you
to be
posted by juicyjossy9

Why in these days of manmade wonders we still bicker over flies?
When you come seeking for forgiveness, I'll be forced to choose my side?

If I deny you what you're searching, do I do it out of fear?
Am I ruling out my reason, killing that which I hold dear?

Out of my way I'm coming, with an excuse just underway
Reality's so daunting, and I've got no way to explain

Cos when you're sound asleep seguinte to me, I know you're the one
So when I hear you calling my name, why do I turn away and run
I guess that's why it's raining diamonds, sweet happiness in tears
Crying heaven shed your diamonds,...
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posted by MythGal
Her world is black,
she knows not how to win,
her parents play favorites,
and she is so scared,

help her out,
of the dark, dark forest,
to see the light,
to find her way,

save a life,
is what she wears on her wrist,

she is so sad,
and all she has is me,

how can I help,
how can I help her in her time of need,
how can I make a difference in her life,
how can I help,

She is so sad,
but what can I do,
how can I help,

her world is so dark,
she is in so much pain,
and what can I do,

She needs my help,
she needs to know she is safe,
she is loved,
she is important,

She needs my help,
but what can I do?
posted by xxmeoryouxx
give me love
give me pride
be for I die to night
give me pain
give me some thing I'll remember
for the rest of my life
give me the hope I need
to breath
or just tell me I’ll be the saint of the’a

give me love
give me pride
be for I die to night
give me pain
give me some thing I’ll remember
for the rest of my life
tell me I’m the one for he
or just let me be

give me amor
give me pride
before I die to night
give me pain
give me some thing I’ll remember
for the rest of my life
give me the hope I need
to breath
or just tell me I’ll be the saint of the’a

sry of its bad I just came up with it not even a min ago......
posted by ThornedRose
Why is there so much pain
Why wont it go away
Why cant we live
Why cant we smile
Why is there so much pain

Why is there so much pain
why wont it go away
Why cant tears stop falling
why cant people stop stalling
why is there so much pain

why is there so much pain
why wont it go away
why cant life win
Why cant we be one
why is there so much pain

Why is there so much pain
why wont it go away
why cant serial killers vanish
why cant disese disapear
why is there so much pain

why is there so much pain
why wont it go away
why cant death disinagrate
why cant it stop
why is there so much pain
posted by juicyjossy9

In the beginning, the heavens and the earth were one. The sky was a mass of angry black clouds and the sea was nothing mais than a seething, murky swamp. Life as we know it did not exist.

Then one dia the clouds began to swirl and grow, thunder crashed and a terrible rain began to fall. It rained night and dia for weeks and months, as if it had done so forever.

At last the rain stopped, and the heavens and the earth had separated. From the waters and the mud, the gods began to appear, like young shoots of grama spinging forth from the earth.

This is...
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posted by kittencutie119
All is quiet. Nothing but the sound of the beating of my frightened heart.

I feel the burning. The pain is unbearable. I feel it crawling up my body. Slicing into my flesh, into my blood.

The tenticles of the dark embrulho, envoltório around my legs, my arms, my throat.

The pull me deep into the black and suffocate my being.

They release me. por my will I control them and they obey.

You thought you could control me well now I am the alpha.

You broke me...they fixed my internal wounds, my cries for the pain to end.

You smashed me to peaces they healed me in return I spare them.

I am now The Alpha. i am the controler now. I say what happens from this dia on.

I am the ruler of night. I am Darkness...

And I'm Coming For You.
posted by wolfgirl985
What you are about to read is true and heartbreaking. I had a big crush on my best guyfriend, until my best friend told he chose an annoying girl who only cares about herself, no one else. Here goes..

When she called me,
She told me,
"Victoria, I'm sorry but he has a girlfriend. Didn't you try to tell him?"
That made me lose control.
I felt shattered.
No mais to tell him.
That's all for my sad soul.
It's all..

Dead and Gone...

I could've called and told you how I felt,
But I was afraid and welt,
Like a flower,
I guess things didn't turn the way it was supposed to be.
Instead, I am left with sadness...
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posted by juicyjossy9

Tell me this, would you miss it,
trying on another face again to see if it's you
And wondering where you've been
and where you're gonna find yourself
before the night is through

I know the way you go
cos I've been the same for too long
Like I'm fearful that my choices are all wrong
I know the way you go
cos I've lived your life of make believe
Dying to live

Tell me this, is it lonely in the shadow of a masquerade for life you hide behind
What's the deal with your reasons to run away
and let your feelings leave you undefined

I know the way you go
cos I've been the same for too long
Like I'm fearful...
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posted by ThornedRose
Everything I am
Everything I want
You are all I’m thinking of
Sitting on the floor
Two feet out the door
You’re all I’m searching for
And even in the darkness of the night
Through the fires arising from hell
You’ll be my light
My protection

Everything I want
Everything I feel
You are all I feel it for
cantar every verse
Trying to find the words
To tell you how I amor you now
And even though we are apart
Separated por borders
I’ll be with you

Everything I feel
Everything I say
You are always in my mind
Holding you in my arms
Keeping you from harms
Protecting you from life
And even through the storms
Through the blackest blasphemy
You will always mean everything to me
In the solemn shades of those art angelic clouds,
my airy spirit grows so light a true of hearts, and por your unnameable beauty with all inspirational grace, my silent thoughts of it my words to sweeten, in honey breath composed, that breathes in vows of love.

That blessed realm, that overspreads the earth,
came thundering down upon me from heavens fiery eyes, shining solely through the unstained window of your breast with the sacred radiance of that divining light, overlooking the flowery hills, green meadows and glassy streams, to bower natures art, as amor has come to harvest.

Upon your virgin...
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posted by Insight357
So many thoughts,
The end is near,
The darkness coming,
Now its here,
The show is over,
The lights are off,
We now say goodnight,
As we begin 2 open the new chapter

It hurts at first,
Will the changes be extreme?
Please, just tell me,
This was only a dream,
I want to go back,
To relive this again,
This high point in life,
It can't end.

The stage lights dimmed,
The leaving spoke,
With happy faces on,
But tears in their eyes,
This show is over,
Now go home.
posted by Duncan-superfan
By A'leleah Steortz

I wake up to see your face,
Smiling brightly and warm.
When you hold me tight I know I'm safe.
Our hearts are together and they start to form,
Into something lovely.

When we kiss its like fogo and ice,
You amor it my drug,
The antidote for pain,
Your touch is all that will suffice.
Your life is all that makes me sane.
We are something lovely.

Like the cold winter wind,
Or the hot summer air.
You are like an angel the heavens sent.
Eyes so bright, skin so fair,
You are something lovely.

~ <3