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GiantDwarf posted on May 12, 2009 at 08:58PM
Just gave the PS3 exclusive a pretty amazing 9.2 and a glowing review:


They've been pretty high on this game since an early review back in December, so a high score isn't totally unexpected - I mean, you kind of had to see it coming once they went so far as to build an entire inFamous-branded section of their website at link - but still, a 9.2 is a REALLY high score from them; that's even better than Uncharted got!

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over a year ago DoctorSpud said…
big smile
WOO-HOO! Let's go inFamous!! I can't wait for this game!
over a year ago GiantDwarf said…
Same here - I've already beaten the demo 3 times (I got the early demo code for preordering from Best Buy), and I love it; I can't wait to finally get to sink my teeth into the real thing!
over a year ago GiantDwarf said…
Sony made the inFamous demo available to everyone now, so if you want to get a taste before the game comes out on Tuesday, go download it - it's awesome!
over a year ago GiantDwarf said…
big smile
Just picked up my copy of inFamous yesterday... IGN was SOOOOOOOOO right; this game ROCKS!!!

Anyone who hasn't downloaded the demo yet is MISSING OUT!