Pippin Took From me to You (short story)

Inwe_Elensar posted on Dec 31, 2011 at 01:11AM
I'm sorry.

Everyone calls me a fool, says I'm in the way. I don't mean to be, I just can't help that I'm curious. I may be small, but I cause a lot of trouble... I got us in a lot o that these past years, haven't I, cousin?

Do you blame me?

Do you think all of this is my fault? Are you still mad that I got into something I shouldn't have and had to leave you behind? Do I still mean anything to you? 

Do you remember?

Do you remember how this all started as us gathering up mushrooms? Do you remember meeting the man at the inn? Do you remember seeing that beautiful city? Do you remember me finding you on the battle field and telling you I was going to look after you?

After all that, and were still friends.

Cousin, I wouldn't trade you for the world. All the things we got into together these past years, will be my favorite memories for te rest of my life. Remembering finding you, half dead among others bodies, will always make me cry. I'll always be there for you, cousin. Always. 

To my cousin, Merry.
From your cousin, Pippin.

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over a year ago PinkCamo33 said…
this... almost made me cry!!! (and that's almost impossible!) :'') beautifully written.
over a year ago Pippin112 said…
yes... i agree lol