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Annabeth lay in my arms, the blood from her back seeping into my jeans. I didn’t care. I threw the car on the road and drove to the nearest hospital. I carried my wife into the hospital and felt the blood flooding onto my hands, but once again, I didn’t care. I only wanted to make sure that she was okay again.
“What happened?” A doctor came rushing forward.
“We were in my car, and the seguinte thing I know, she screamed. I think it’s a bullet. Help her!” I screamed. The doctor nodded and wheeled her away. I slumped in a chair and wiped my hands off before pulling out my phone and...
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Found this on fanfiction. So it's all copied & pasted. Enjoy!

You Know You’re Obsessed With Percy Jackson When…

You go to the Empire State Building and you ask for the 600th Floor.

There’s a thunderstorm going on and you scream, “CALM DOWN, ZEUS!”

Every time you use the Internet, you thank Hermes.

When you see Harry Potter, you think of Percy with glasses.

You burn comida to see if it smells good.

You see an owl, you go, “Hi Athena!”

You’re in a running/swimming race and you’re praying and sacrificing to Hermes/Poseidon.

You think that your favorito singer is a child of Apollo.

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now for a long time i thought and i thought and at first i hated it because it was sooooo different from the books and i guess that is still partly true but it is not that that bugs me it is the fact that the movie is just plain bad. lets think about this por making some examples of great books that have bin made into great filmes that are completely different

1 Jurassic Park: i read this book and i have to say it is probably one of the best books i have ever red but the movie is completely different. you know what??? i don't care i amor the is one of the best movie making achievements...
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ok so what makes big 3 kids so powerful (besides the fact that there parents are the most powerful) is that they get powers. now what i mean buy that is that the kids of the other gods have skills like Aries kids have the skill of close range weaponry kids of Athena are very clever and kids of Apollo have the skill of archery. now what makes these things skills is that not all people have them but they can. now when we look at kids of the big 3 we see things like controlling the water,making lightning come out of spears,and raising the dead all of these things are powers not skills. in the world of Percy Jackson there is nothing stopping a mortal from having a skill that all kids of a non big 3 god has. but they cant have the powers of big 3 kids and that is what makes them great and powerful.
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It will get better as the series progresses, urso with me please!
I had a really weird day. I mean as weird as it can get with me. It all started with waking up to my room being all packed up. My dad walked into my room. “Dad, why is all my stuff packed up?” I asked. “Get in the car; you’re going to Crest Water boarding school.” I walked into the foyer. Standing in it I saw my brother, Matthew, with red puffy eyes and enrolados hair. Obviously, he’d been crying. I went back to my room and grabbed my bags. We all trudged out to the car. The car was silent the...
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