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posted by Bluekait

It is nighttime in New York City. Something glows from afar in the trash can. A green cube-like creature jumps out, glowing and growing in little time. It is Jiggles!!!


As the sun rises, morning light shines like a gem in the Central Park Zoo. In the pinguim habitat, a large explosion awakes everyone. The explosion lets Kowalski flying in air, landing in the water. Skipper comes outside in rage, while Private and Rico comes out to watch.

"Kowalski! Have you been up all night again?" yells Skipper.

Kowalski replies, "Yes Skipper. My...
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Never pergunta the king, baby.

Gender: Male, 31 years old
Country: America
Websites: N/A
Favorite TV Show: The Nonstop Dance Boogy Network, some detective shows
Favorite Movie: Most things with comedy or drama.
Favorite Musician: King Julien (he told me to put that)
Favorite Book or Author: Don't read much.

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RoyalRingtail said...
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By request of link. Hope I haven't lost my touch. ;)


Kowalski Barf: Take 1

Skipper: *slaps Private* WRONG! The lesson is leadership is MY job! You just stick to the cuteness and happy British swag! OK, guv'na?

Private: Right Skipper! I'm a jolly pip I am! Hahaha!


Director: Where's-

Kowalski: AAAAAAHH!!! *runs por still looking like a Marsh Meow Meow*

Rico: *chases* MEOOOOWW MEOWWW!!!

Director: I thought I said not to ACTUALLY put doces coating on him!!

Skipper: But Kowalski likes to really get into his role!

Director: *facepalm*

Kowalski Barf: Take 2

Skipper: *slaps...
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Skipper Is The King: Take 1

Julien: "I bet Skipper isn't doing nearly a bang up job at being me, as I am at being him!"

Director: *talking into walkie talkie to the camera men* "Cut to lémure, lemur habitat..."

Skipper: ...

Director: "Wait a minute?! Where's Skipper?!

Maurice: *points down the side of the main rock of the habitat* "Uh...I think I found him."

*cameramen cut to where Maurice is pointing*

Marlene: "Ya know Skipper, that crown makes you look manly." <3

Skipper: "Maybe we can go somewhere a little more...comfortable..." *starts kissing*

Director: "Stop!!! You! Stop the cameras!! Maurice! Stop...
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posted by Saracuda
The Penguins were training in the HQ. Kowalski however, was elsewhere. An explosion shook the whole zoo. The penguins hurried down the ladder..
"Fish & Chips!" Skipper shouted. The HQ was a mess. A soot-streaked Kowalski climbed out from under the rubble. He looked around and did a double take. "Skipper! Good golly! What a disaster!"
"Yeah. Shame that YOU caused it.." Skipper said, folding his flippers across his chest. He added, "-and not the first time as I recall."
Kowalski sighed, "Well, I guess I'll just go stash this invention then."
"What invention?" Private asked, receiving a slap from...
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posted by ladywhiplasher
Good Night, Baby Private

Morning dawned at Central Park Zoo. Skipper climbed out the hatch and inhaled the fresh scent of a new days breeze. "Coming, boys?" the leader asked and looked around the flock. But something was different this time. Skipper noticed a small, fluffy ball on the edge of the concrete island.

"What is it, Skipper?" Kowalski asked as the other pinguim stared at it. "What´s that over there? Kowalski, analysis!" Skipper ordered and he, Kowalski and Rico gathered around the fluffy ball. "Well, Skipper it seems like we´ve got company. Its a baby penguin" the scientist explained,...
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Skipper, Rico, Private, Mastique, and David are playing cards and occupying their time in different ways while Kowalski and I are working in the lab.
P: Man, Kowalski and Monique have been in there for 3 hours now.
Mastique: Seems like their definitely working on something important.
S: (sarcastically) Yea, "working".
David: What are you saying, Skipper?
S: Oh, nothing, David, just the fact that they might be saying that they're working when they are actually making out.
Mastique: Why would you think they're making out?
S: My gut says they are probably messing around in there. (Kowalski and I come...
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posted by karenkook
Chapter 3
Meanwhile, back at the lémure, lemur habitat
   Julien kept tossing and turning as he slept. He was having a nightmare, but it started out as a great dream. Julien was laughing as he ran through a familiar part of Madagascar. He was having fun exploring and partying with his subjects. All of his subjects cheered as he danced to the beat. He encouraged everyone else to dance with him. Julien watched as the other lemurs started to dance as well, except for one young male ruffed lémure, lemur who sat under the darkness of a tree. His body was white. He has patches of black on his tail, paws, hips, face,...
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posted by SummerPoM
"Come on, we have to get those fish!", Skipper said to the other penguins. "We are almost there!"
"But Skipper!" Kowalski said. "The truck will be gone before we get to it!"
"So we don't have much time." Skipper said. "At 3! 1 ... 2 ... 3!" The truck began to mover peixe just as they reached it. I mean ... just Skipper.
"Skipper, jump!" Private cried, seeing Skipper holding in the bumper of a moving truck. "Quick!"
Skipper insisted, and still trying to open the truck door, he fell right in the hot asphalt of New York, wounded.

"Wow, where is that pinguim was burning like this?" Alice said. "Never...
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posted by chaos-ice
Skipper stood up and went to Private. “Wake up soldier” He slaps Private on the face and Private is now conscious. “Boys get up on your feet. We got some work to do.” The penguins slide their way outside and went to the HQ.

There they saw Kowalski holding his uncompleted Life Generating Device. They tried to stop him from getting away. While the others are fighting, Skipper noticed a piece of paper on the ground; it’s the same paper Kowalski is holding a while ago. He picked up the paper and read it. He was shocked when he read the content of the paper; it’s a letter from Dr. Blowhole...
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posted by AgentJazzy00
Hmmm,looks like nobody read chapter 5.Eh,I'll just continue composição literária this.XD

As the penguins were getting ready,it took a while.Cause,well,There was only 2 girl stalls for 4 "girls".Katie had to explain some stuff to James.James had to explain some stuff to Secret.

And James insisted that "he" HAD to have an LA Dodgers baseball cap.That caused them to look in "Lost and Found".After they found it,they headed for the Otter's Habitat.
---Otter Habitat-------
"Sooo,why are we here again?",asked James as they we're jumping over the...
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"How do we kill it then?" asked Skipper. "By my calculations, since Pennywise, It, is an evil entity and not a human being, we can't kill him with armas or bombs, so Rico's weapons will be useless," said Kowalski. "Awwww!!" sighed Rico and Skipper in unison. "Stop whining, we can still kill it in some way, according to the Schlector-Schneiben theory on fiends and entities, any entity with the power to change into anything it's victims are most afraid of, can be killed when in it's true form with a funda, estilingue and silver rock," said Kowalski, flipping through his 55th book on Myths and Urban legends....
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Skipper added "Woah, woah, Private relax, it's not real, like what Kowalski said, it's just a prank, just don't believe everything you hear, right Rico?", "Yup" Rico said.

"Hmmm I guess you guys are right, I'm just scaring myself silly" I responded, chuckling. That night, I was busy cleaning up my bunk when I attempted to play the scary ring tone. Soon enough after that, I canceled the sound and proceeded to my bunk. Though scared, I was even mais curious if the sound file was just really a prank or an evidence to a real murder, either way I can't prove anything. I was thinking of homicide,...
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Private's Narration

One of the features of cellphones nowadays is customizable ring tones, at least that's what I heard from Kowalski when I asked him a few days ago. A person can now input his own choice of sound that will play whenever there is a phone call.

This is where my scary story begins. One night me and the other penguins were inside the HQ preparing to go to bed. I had with me phone that I found earlier this morning that was lying around the bench. Apparently someone who was in a hurry must have hastily left the phone. I immediately picked it up claiming it's now in my possession....
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posted by Icicle1penguin
Icicle's Log
1400 hrs.

Everyone waited for Tank's reaction when he busted that door down with that bat anf found that Skipper wasn't in the bathroom...

Disappointed. He felt disappointed at the fact that he didn't get to humiliate Skipper with a rude prank.


"Well that sucks," said Tank. "I thought I was going to get back at him for pulling all those pranks on his teammates. He was a real prank king, ya know. One of the reasons why he's my favorito student...and also why I hated him."

"You don't say," said Kowalski. "I guess he isn't here right now! Well that's too bad. Don't worry, we'll...
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posted by Colonelpenguin
The penguins where at my house that evening talking about their last mission they where on well skipper was holding the mission files. But, something happened the lights when out there was a scream of terror and when they came back on the files where gone.
But i said "I have a crystal ball you can use but i must..."
"Yeah yeah yeah what ever just give us the ball!" Skipper said."Fine," so I showed them where it was and this is what happened.
There was a Genie inside that ball that hated everybody even me it will play tricks on you and it will be mean about it.
The boys where rubbing it and words...
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oi oi hey!! This is Skilene4ever here with my segundo story on fanpop! Heres how this works... You (the readers) can send me comments of truths or dares you want the characters to do. Simple. I'll created new chapter when i get enough truths or dares...get it?=D

RULES: Yeah...sorry theres rules.
1. This has no rating soo whatever sick dare you wanna see go for it!

2. No mais than 2 truth or dares per person

3. No cantar request please (I dont know how to do that hahaX)






King Julien




Fred the squirel

Pairings: Heres are the pairings I will allow......
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Kowalski was going on vacation after a nervous breakdown at the zoo. Marlene had gone with him because she needed to unwind and relax. Kowalski began sweating vigorously, and scratching his head. 'What's wrong Kowalski?' asked Marlene. 'Nothing, the plane's motor is just...unreliable,' said Kowalski. 'Oh, I get it, you're afraid of heights,' teased Marlene. 'I am not!' yelled Kowalski as he took a weed. 'No smoking, sir,' said a flight attendant. 'Of course I understand, sorry,' said Kowalski. Only two days atrás had Kowalski started smoking, but in the path to the plane's destination, it will...
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posted by knocktimerico
Private stirred quietly on the mesa, tabela he was lying on, his eyes lids slowly lifting, allowing light to pour into his pupils. He searched around the HQ for a moment and saw Kowalski sitting down leitura the newest edition of Science Magazine, composição literária furiously as he read.

Rico and Skipper were no where to be found.

Finally the pain from his wounds hit him like a ton of bricks.

His head began to throb. He placed his good flipper on his head and let out a soft moan, “Oww…my head.”

Kowalski quickly snapped his attention to the young penguin. “Private? You’re awake! Don’t try and mover much,...
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posted by skipperluvs
Chapter 6

Rico stood silently, as his right eye began twitching a little bit. His nervousness was atuação up again. He couldn’t help it, it just happened when major events that would probably impact his life happened, such as the one that he stood before at that very moment. Marlene had a fake smile plastered on her face, tightly gripping Rico’s flipper, and getting tighter por the second.

“HE’S A PENGUIN!” Richard busted out laughing as he pointed at Rico’s flawless laranja beak and scampered his fingers through a couple of the feathers on the flipper Marlene wasn’t squeezing.

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