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“I just wish I knew why they couldn’t schedule this meeting until after Christmas,” Marlene said with a heavy coração as she and Skipper walked through the airport.

“Don’t worry, Marlene. I’ll be back for Christmas. This whole thing was situational. It isn’t something that can wait,” Skipper replied.

Marlene hugged herself. “I hope so. natal wouldn’t be the same without you guys,” she said.

Skipper smiled and came to a stop, sitting his suitcase on the ground seguinte to him. “Come here,” he said taking her por the waist. He looked into her chocolate-brown eyes. “I promise...
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posted by spmana123
The stage was all set, and all the people who were involved in the play were getting ready, Phil even had costumes for them all.

Phil: alright....the play will begin in a few minutes, make sure your ready, and I hope you remember your lines!

Everyone was getting thier costumes on as Phil was saying this, Michelle was all ready for the play, so she sat and watched Rico get ready.

Rainshadow: "whispers" oi Michelle....go talk to Rico...I know you like him.

Michelle then jumped, how did rainshadow know she thought?

Michelle: what?!

Rainshadow: just go. Just start any conversation, oh look he needs...
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Lol, before we start, have I said that I went to the penguins' habitat to meet my friends, the ninja pins? Oh yeah, I had! Well, I'm going to visit them again with my brand new automatic walker made por Kowalski.

Walking, walking, walking... Lol, yes, were (or I'm) there! Private noticed me come in through the front door, so he decided to secretly put some peanut manteiga winkies inside of me. I took a quick glance behind me, and I saw them!

Without any walkers, they stood there like they've saw a ghost. Automatically walked to them.

"Lol hai, Ben," I greeted him.
"I'm gonna tell you why do we...
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posted by LifelessPenguin
We were barely hypnotized. We were so addicted with our new stuff. You might be asking what Kowalski won. Well, I spied on him, he got a personal prize from Julien a while ago. It was a mixed chemical reaction of aleatório things he got from his habitat. He said it was perfect for his experiments, because he had 10 ten test tubes of it. For now, he created 3 experiments already in one single hour. That's amazing.

I ate ten Winkies in one minute. That's for getting segundo place in the "Me Talent Show". I was not really aiming for first place, or third place, but when I heard the prize in the second...
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posted by evviefoxx
******A/N: What's up!! So I've been messing around with the idea of Skilene in my head for a while now. Oh yeah, I admit it. I came up with a little two-shot and thought I'd post it here first since I know a lot of Skilene apaixonados hang around here. Enjoy! Oh and, reviews make me type faster. Thanks!! ******

Marlene was bored. It was a bright, sunny dia with very little to do to pass the time and the zoo was unbearably slow. She had spent most of the dia having a go with various hobbies with less enthusiasm than usual so she gave it up as a bad job and decided to go visit the guys and see what...
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posted by JediPenguin16
I had this idea...it festered, it made characters, it implanted itself into my subconscience, and now, I bring it to you.
Skilene, but not too much. Has Oc's.
Prolouge:The Mystery
The sky was blue reds and browns and yellows began to commandeer the green of the leaves, yet summer was fighting back with it's greatest weapon; heat.
Too much heat, in fact, than even the madagascar and Africa faring penguins could take. Standin on thier "iceburg" they waved to the few visitors, exhausted. Even taking a dip in the pool wasn't helping, the cooling units had broken in the heat, and all the "cool" had...
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(These are the first comments I have gotten)
-First comment ever made when I joined myspace, was like a fun greeting-
Col. Skipper
(Apr. 21,2010 6:55PM):
"1Ah...Blowhole! My arch nemesis!
Finally made an account I see...It's obvious that weare NOT friends!"
-That was a wounderful welcoming was it not? Ahahaha...anyways,
Yet that was not such a bother this was-
Lyn Cassady
(Apr. 22,2010 7:55PM):
*Cassady smirks* "Well....never thought I'd see you here."
-I got suspisous knowing I did not know...
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Dear Diary, I am so PISSED AT HOW DR FUCKING BLOWHOLE HAS TO BE RETARDED AND USE CHROME INSTEAD OF SOMETHING LIKE TITANIUM :P IT IS FKIN STRONGER! Anyway, I have the feeling that I am being watched. Oh brb. Back. I brbed coz i thought HE WAS USING MY GUN AND HE WAS SO I JUST TRIED TO SHOOT HIM BUT HE USED ALL OF THE FUCKING BULLETS :L So i have a new pack of bullets right here in my flipper at this here very moment, and I might just refill my gun with bullets and try to shoot Dr Bastardhole :P So erm... I'm gonna finish composição literária now, coz SOME aleatório FAG ON fanpop IS leitura MY DIARY PAGE >:L But I really gotta stop overusing the :L face. :L DAMN IM DOING IT AGAIN!!!!!! Bye.
~ it needs 2 to amor ~

This is a story about friendship and love.
How would emotions change the penguin's life? Can the coração be stronger than the psyche?

This here's the story.

Surprise, Surprise.

Marlene was enjoying herself in her bright pool, cantar loudly and swimming a few rounds, as suddenly an animal landed with a big splash in the water.
Marlene got frightened, she quickly turned to the animal who couldn't swim.
''Hold on!'', she shouted and swam as fast as an Arqueiro to save the poor animal. It was a rendeer.

She carried it in her habitat and as she looked at the rendeer's face, she smiled...
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posted by Icicle1penguin
Private was walking outside. Suddenly he heard music. It came from the HQ.

He went down the fishbowl enterance. What he saw was funny and somewhat disturbing. There were lights, the room was pink, and with colorful balloons, paper streamers, and hearts.

Rico was a D.J. and Everyone else holds a microphone. (including King Julien. Mort and Maurice were dancing)

Rico tossed Private a microphone and he sang along.

Julien: Ladies and Gentalmen-ies, my servants!
Skipper: I'm Skipper, this is my crew, and we're gonna sing a song.

Skipper: Bow Chica Bow Wow!
Marlene: That's what my baby says
Kowalski: Mow...
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posted by TheRatKing1
Author's note: yes, i realize this story may be far-fetched, but this was one of my best ideas at the time, and i'm happy with the way it turned out despite my having no knowledge of how the actual voice actors act in real life, nor how they'd behave in a situation like this. This is my version of them, and my take on the show. I'm just here to tell my stories and do my own thing. if you don't like it, shaddap and don't say nuthin'. but if you like it, por all means, comment! I hope you enjoy this!

-Adam (AKA @NumismatistNut on twitter)

Tom McGrath's Point of view (Skipper's voice actor, in case...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
The Dr Blowhole Countdown is on! The 3rd special is just moments away from us. Here is what you pinguim and Blowhole loving fãs can do while waiting!

WATCH the anterior specials on the Operation Blowhole DVD. Or download them from iTunes and watch them on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

LIVE the action in the Penguins of Madagascar video game Dr Blowhole Returns AGAIN! Available for KINECT for Xbox360, PS3, nintendo DS, and uDraw for Wii.

PLAY The Deep theme of the Pinball HD Collection app. Complete awesome missions, slay the shark, and discover hidden treasure. Available on the App Store.

DANCE to Dr Blowhole's theme song, You Make Me Feel por cobra Starship, the hit single from their latest album, Night Shades. Dance to it your own way or dance to it on Just Dance 4 (Wii, Kinect) and Dance Central 3 (Only for Kinect).

And on the dia the special airs, grab your popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready for The pinguim who Loved Me starring Dr Blowhole!
posted by ally11
Private:LET ME GO
Private:because I am missing the LUNACORNS!!!
blowhole:u amor the lunacorns? I amor the LUNACORNS
Private:NO WAY!
(they'd watched the lunacorns)
(back at the HQ)
Kowalski:guys I have something to say
Kowalski:I-I-I- amor PRIVATE
skipper:what about doris?
Kowalski:I said that to make private jeouls
Skipper:whoa did not see that caming
(at blowhole's lair)
Private:Aww commical
Blowhole:awww Harry potter u suck hope u die in the last movie YEAH VOLDY!
private:Harry potter is amazing
(back at the HQ)
(skipper slaps Kowalski)
Skipper:Kowalski! Stop watching this Harry potter movies-oh which one are u watching?
Kowalski:deathly hallows part 1
Skipper:oh did u hear that part 2 comes out seguinte ano
Kowalski:OH YEAH GO HARRY!!!
Recap of what happened in the last chapter:
1. There was a zoo clean-up.
2. We went to this zoo (temporary stay).
3. I got left behind when they left the zoo.
4. The third worst dia of my life.

So, that was the recap of what happened before. I was left all alone in this wonderful zoo. I think Julien will realize that I was left behind and ask the penguins to come with him in finding me. What I heard before about him, he can't do anything alone.

So, yeah. I relaxed. They still haven't picked me up. For this particular moment, I wish I had Kowalski's intelligence to build an invention that can...
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After captuer the flag marlene got kidnapped por Dr.Blowehole but nobody notice when they go to their habitat to go to sleep but war pinguim and fun123fun stay up to plan to rescue all the of the animais that got kidnapped."What are going to do to free them?"fun123fun asked.War pinguim replyed."I don't know fun123fun."The alarm came off and all of the penguins woke up and form into battle positon."Who are you?"skipper asking for ansers."I'm jedi penguin."she anserd."Why are you her?"private asked ."I'm here to help you to plan to rescue all of the captuer animals."Jedi pinguim replyed."Do you...
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The dance contest is over and it end up as a tie so king julean and war pinguim have to do a tie braker to see who win and the tie braker of captuer the flag have started five minuts atrás and they went to get the flag but after they whent marlean and roger is missing."This is my game and there is no way that pinguim is going to win"king julean told him self."I know that he is going to look for the flag up in the trees but I bet that kowalski put it inside a tree."war pinguim thout to him self.After war pinguim look insid all of the trees he saw the flag but king julean saw it to so both of them...
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It was 1:00am and skipper and the whole zoo was asleep and all of a sudden aloude nosies happen at the flamingos hbbitat.When all of the animais in the centeral park zoo woke up and went to the flamingos habitat allof the flamingos aere gone."Something happen to the flamingos habitat" Kowalski said."The sky spirets must be angry at us." suggested king juilean."What no the sky spirets is not appart of this but someone is."said skipper.Then a pinguim discise as a flamingo came out."Hey skipper look one flamingo is out."Privaet shouted to skipper.The pinguim shouted "I am not a flamingo I am a...
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posted by Camillebas
(Here is were it gets exciting.)
All four penguins stared at her in awe, "You used to work for Dr.Blowhole?" Private said. Victoria nodded, Skipper continued to glare at her and Kowalski looked heartbroken. "But, as I said I no longer do and he probaly has no idea I'm still living." Victoria repeated, seeing Kowalski's look. She didn't know why, but something about him made her feel... well.... diffrent. She couldn't discribe what it felt like, it wasn't a bad feeling, but just a feeling. Suddenly, there was a noise, the TV turned on. Victoria's eyes widened in horror. On it was someone she...
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posted by spmana123
Rico was awoken por skipper the seguinte day...Rico's back was hurting from sleeping on the cold floor...he got up and looked at everyone...

Skipper:Rico..? Why did u sleep on the floor? Wasn't Bruce supposed to sleep on the floor?

Everyone looked at Rico..even Bruce...Bruce have Rico a scary look...

Rico:I-I- let Bruce sleep on my bed...to be nice...

Skipper:oh...well...that was nice of u Rico...

Kowlaski have a suspicious look towards Rico...but quickly stopped hearing thier comida above was here...

Skipper:lunch time boys!

Everyone jumped up and stood separately as skipper divided the fish...

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who needs a lema when ur someone awesome, like me?

Gender: Male, 26 years old
Country: anywhere i wanna be.
Websites: ur on the only one i got right now.
Favorite TV Show: don't have a tv.
Favorite Movie: still don't have a tv.
Favorite Musician: not big on music.
Favorite Book or Author: don't read much. well, at all, really.

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