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It is nighttime in New York City. Something glows from afar in the trash can. A green cube-like creature jumps out, glowing and growing in little time. It is Jiggles!!!


As the sun rises, morning light shines like a gem in the Central Park Zoo. In the pinguim habitat, a large explosion awakes everyone. The explosion lets Kowalski flying in air, landing in the water. Skipper comes outside in rage, while Private and Rico comes out to watch.

"Kowalski! Have you been up all night again?" yells Skipper.

Kowalski replies, "Yes Skipper. My...
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I was trying to sing this. I'll start when Julien starts singing

Okay, monster música box
King "J" knows how to rocks.
Give me a thump
So I can wake my rump.
Give me a beat
Then watch me shake my seat!

Everybody get up
And the beat go
Thump, thump, thump.

This is how we do it now
With a thump, thump, thump.
Can you feel the funk?
When I dedicate my trunk
To the... *shakes booty rythmatically to the beat three times*

Everbody get up
And the beat go
Thump, thump, thump

Mort and Maurice,
Disturbing the peace.

Everybody get up
And the beat go *slams trash cans to beat*

This is how we do it now
This is how we do it...
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posted by KowalSkip9
I Wanna Control You - Neil Patrick Harris, A.K.A Dr Blowhole

Only I, Dr. Blowhole know
How to tame this beast, and so
Won't you listen to my power ballad solo, my SOLO

In a world with mediocre minds
Where geniuses dissed por ignoramus mankind
Prepare to be pleasantly astounded, ASTOUNDED

Oh, I wanna control you
(Wanna control you)
I wanna make you mine

I wanna control you
(Wanna control you)
An offer that I hope you shan't decline
I've got a motion of devotion that you're the one for me

A mutant disaster
But I'll be your master
And together we'll be
In a full wicked harmony

Like a beautiful evil destiny
Livin' large, in absolute charge
A metropolitan NYC

I've got a motion of devotion that you're the one for me
You're the one for me


If anyone spots any wrong lyrics, PLEASE let me know. I guessed some of the words, so I'd be glad if you spot anything you know is a mistake.
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- Knock Knock Jokes -

Private is laying in his bunk like a sack of potatoes, bored and lazily watching the clock.
Private: 1:00 P.M.... still two mais hours until they show the Lunacorns...
Skipper: Private! For one dia can you please not watch those ridiculous moonhorns with their hippie caring powers?!
Private: Aww! But why, Skippa?
Skipper angrily gazes at Private.
Skipper: Private...
Private: Ok, ok! (Sigh)....... ooh! I have an idea! Knock, knock!
Skipper: Who's there?
Private: Vampire!
Skipper: Vampire who?
Private: (Giggle) Vampire State Building! Ahahahaha!
Skipper looks at Private with an "I'm...
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Just a video I made a few months ago. I actually have a better version of it that I made after I got better at editing, but sadly I'm not able to update it without losing all the views. But I hope you guys like it!
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música video
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ms.kowlski rellly wanted me to make this so i just trew stuff with kowlski in there and done not my best work
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