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Hi! I know I haven't been active here for a while, I was caught up in things. Doubt anyone remembers me, but I have written many fã fictions. And then the movie came out and ruined some of my fã fictions. In a good way.

So I was leitura up about the movie, and I found something saying that the movie and the show where set in parallel universes. I was surprised so I wrote something down about it. And some more. And ended up composição literária this about the penguins and alternate realities.

Sorry if I get off topic, I was literally just talking and Siri was composição literária it down. So here we go!

The Penguins...
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The lontra Woman ENGLISH
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A normal dia at the CPZ, the penguins are going through their normal morning routine when the Alice alarm goes off suddenly. They all run up topside to see her carrying a large crate.

To the man on the walkie-talkie she says, “Yeah we’re hoping that this female will mate with one of the males.” Alice put the engradado, caixa down and walked away.

From inside the crate, they all heard a mumble, “Mate my ass. What am I, a prostitute?” It was a pretty female voice.

Skipper examined the engradado, caixa and said, “Kowalski, options.” Kowalski flipped through his notebook and looked over his options he planned...
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