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4.02 - Things I Forgot At Birth
*When Nathan wakes up on the bridge his camisa has the number 20 backwards, but in the episode anterior it was the right way when he was on the bridge.

4.03 - Good News For People Who amor Bad News
*In the last scene when we see Derek cutting up Peyton's picture for his wall, the camera shows all of his stalker photos. But in one fotografia both Derek and Peyton are in it, so he couldn't have taken the photo.

4.09 - Some You Give Away
*In the café, Rachel hands Haley her purse, but when Nathan and Haley walk out of the café, Haley has no bolsa with her.
*When Deb wakes...
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1.01 - Pilot
*At 15:02 & 27:34, on the left hand side of the screen, when Lucas and Peyton talk for the first time, a crew members arm and leg are visible.
*At 28:57, when Lucas is walking back to the tow truck, on the road, at the right hand side of the screen, equipment is visible.

1.03 - Are You True?
*At the end of the basquetebol, basquete game, at the start of the episode, they show the back of Jake Jagielski. However, the name on his camisa is spelt wrong. (Jaglieski)
*When Brooke is changing clothes in the back of Lucas' SUV, she drapes a leopard skin bra over his shoulder. When Whitey walks past,...
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