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Tailedfox66 posted on Jan 06, 2015 at 03:11PM
Write down your greatest thought of what your crew would be if you where a pirate captain, follow the example below where you can use your own name or not if you want to be private about it, but mainly have fun with this.

Name of Crew: The Bounty Pirates

Captains Name: Tsunami Luke

Captain Abilities/ Skills: Mizu Mizu no Mi (Water Water Devil Fruit) is a Logia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to control water (except rain and water in your blood)

Attack 1: Tidal Sphere; encased the opponent within a ball of fast moving water that is extremely difficult to swim out off.
Attack 2: Tsunami Strike; creates multiple fists from the closest source of water which strike the opponent with the force of a Tsunami.
Attack 3: Rain Running; increases speed depending on how strong it is rainning.

Goal/Dream: To find the Devil Tree, which is a tree that can grow all types of fruit and is supposedly the creator of all devil fruits.

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over a year ago Tailedfox66 said…
Almost forgot about one of the most important thing, the Flag, same as above but with the
Flag Description E.G. a skull with the berry currency as eyes with two broad sword in a cross pattern behind the skull.
over a year ago Nix10110 said…
Name of crew:Angel Pirates
Captain:Dracule Aiza

Captain abilities/skills:flare flare devil fruit/life life devil
fruit/(one of my theoretical angel fruit

Attack 1:Brings out her huge burning wings that can
create fire waves
Attack 2:She summons her fire aura and any Ally close to her
shall have improved agility, strength,and heals wounds.
Attack 3:If she doesn't use her powers,she uses a white
sword with a black handle.She looks at the Target like a
hawk and moves in the speed of light slowly killing it.

Dream:All she wants is the saftey of her son.She's also
helping the strawhats full fill their dreams.

That's all for now.Can I ask for your help?If you have any
ideas for the skills please tell me.Anyways I named the
Draco_Phoenix commented…
Maybe she could have Observation and Armament Haki Maybe she can also cast her blade on fogo as well that it's so hot it turns the blade white. doesn't damage the blade because (maybe she was wearing the blade on her when she ate the frutas a devil frutas users clothes and items on them are enhanced por the frutas to withstand it) (This seems also to be like a ancient Zoan type kind of fruit? if so also has three transformations plus an awakening over a year ago
over a year ago Draco_Phoenix said…
Name of crew: Nutronic Pirates

Captain would be me but the name I'd go under: Zain Ymo

Captain abilities/skills Devil fruit is a mythical zoan Tori Tori no Mi Model Thunder Bird. Basically is the native god of the sky it controls the winds, lightning, thunders and even the rain storm causing (Is the fruit I think monkey d dragon has actually but I could be wrong) Armament Haki, Observation.

Every zoan has 3 forms plus awakening:

1st/Attack 1: Is a human like form with lightning embed wings (lightning normally is yellow or white but can be any color that you want it to be doesn't change the amount of voltage or amps but you do) spreading from their back 2 of them 4 ft wings on each size can fly. The attack would be causing lightning to be able to be perfectly controlled that can come from the wings in spread like fashion or used from the sky lightning Spark and chain lightning are the names of both.

2nd/Attack 2: Has a liner like design the wings a made shorter 2 ft wing span on each side but they also have a beak that protrudes this is their fastest form they can move inside with the lightning or glide with the wind they cast they fire at a target (can move on air with their feet jumping and moving so quickly). Attack The attacks are weaker but just faster so can pull off more hits at once like chaining the lightning and then riding with it and slamming into them. Can hit with their tail beak attacks and even Talons which are sharp enough to cut through steel in each form imagine with armament haki added onto them or even in the lightning attacks. Black lightning is the name with the armament haki, Riding electro Slam. Sparking tail, Jet Talon

3rd/Attack 3: Turns into a size of Thunderbird with 6 ft wing span on each side the tale has 5 tails which is a black like bird with silver eyes (If it was full like in some lore they are big enough to carry a whale in their talons Maybe if this person awakened their fruit they could be half the size of a regular one) The whole body is covered in electricy touching would shock anyone, air pulsates from their body pushing away from it. Attack can flap their huge wings to make strong winds and even control mid sized tornado's (full control of Weather thunder/lightning storms even can produce hail if it is near that kind of climates). Tornado barrage creates 4 smaller tornado's or two medium sized and controls them to attack. Bolt Dance spreads the lightning across the sky and focuses them all on one point 5 bolts of lightning.

Dream: To one day Gather a relabel crew who will try to bring down the celestial dragons but also maybe become king of the pirates.

Flag:The flag is black and has a Skull and cross bones but has the lightning like wings of a Thunderbird which are a green color coming from beside the skull with a dark cloud above the skull.

This is what I have for now. A side note as powerful as this fruit is would probably be easy for someone to pick up and use. But it defiantly has it's weakness such as if someone was made of rubber the lightning attacks would be ineffective or maybe some is able to controls metal and use it to conduct the electricity produced Also sea stone and being put in the water would also work or if someone else has armament haki they could hit (me) say was traveling in the lightning. The wings are also a big target as well without the lightning on them they can be damaged.

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