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Niall’s P.O.V:

Finally!! Im finally with leah! I climbed up onto my balcony and walked into the apartment. Amanda smiled at me when i came in.

“where were you?” she asked.
“with leah.” I replied.
“oh god. Don’t you annoy her enough already? And where’s liam?” she asked.

“well um... about that.... liam has been cheating on her for the past mês and today she found out.” I said.
“OMG!!! Is she ok?” lois asked.
“we need to go down to her FAST!” Amanda exclaimed.

“no there’s no need to. I went down and talked to her and made her feel a bit better and we sort of.... kissed.”...
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Leah’s P.O.V:

I smiled at Niall when he walked in. He looked very surprised to see me smiling. Its probably because i don’t do it much when he’s around.

“hi Niall.” I said quietly while putting on my apron.
“um hi leah.” He said.
I looked up at him and saw that he had a really bad black eye.

“oh my god niall! What happened your eye?” i asked.
“um......... i walked into a door....”
I looked at him strangely.

“how on earth did you manage that?” i asked.
“i don’t know!” he shouted.
Well then niall, be that way!

The dia went past very quickly. Niall didn’t talk to me very...
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Niall followed me. Oh god does that boy ever quit?

“hi how may i help you?” i said as i looked up. It was my friend kate.

“oh hey!” i smiled at her.
“hi.” She said grumpily.
“what’s wrong?” i asked.
“i want hot chocolate.” She ordered.
“don’t we have some at home?”
“ya but i didn’t feel like making it.”
“alright then!” i said. I made her the hot chocolate.

Niall was still watching my every move. I handed her the hot chocolate and whispered:
“niall is the most irritating person EVER.”
“you and him would make a perfect match then!” she laughed. I gave her the...
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posted by supergirl143
we were all sitting down watching the movie until Harry got up."What ya doin?" Brittany asked curiously."i'm gonna check up on Liz" he replied."M'kay" she replied.after he left all i was thinking was:
'i should ask her out it's perfect timing'
'but what she rejects?'
'should i ask her out'
'god i need to man up ask her out NOW'

"Brittany" i finally blurted out."mhmm yes Louis" she replied."would you like to go out on Friday?" i asked nervously."i would amor that Louis" she answered smiling.i smiled back but on the inside i was like:
YES! SHE SAID YES! WOOHOO oh my god where am i gonna...
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Preview: What makes for a beautiful day? Spending it with Liam Payne, 18, Louis Tomlinson, 20, Niall Horan, 18, Harry Styles, 18, and Zayn Malik, 19. Already a hit overseas, rowdy British-Irish boy band One Direction is dropping it's debut album Up All Night stateside March 20. And you'd better brace yourselves, babes, 'cause their estrela is going in only one direction-up.

GL: Up All Night is finally hitting the U.S., and we're do excited. Which is your favorito track?

Zayn: "One Thing." There is always someone in your life who has that one thing that you don't really know what it is, but you find...
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posted by LeoNicoCrazaiii
Chapter One

Today was the dia I had to go to One Direction's meet and greet with my friends. I sighed. The only reason I had to go was I lost a bet with one of my friends. Lesson learned: Don't do anything with the names One Direction. Don't worry, I don't just dislike them, there's a huge list from One direction to Selena Gomez. The only band I listen to is Marianas Trench, the occasional rap and all the old incredible songs everyone forgot about. My favourite song right now is " Beautiful Soul" por Jesse McCartney.

I looked at my clock, 12:17 p.m. It started at 3:00 but they wanted to get there...
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One Direction's Niall Horan has as much energy on the phone as he does when he's leaping on stage. From getting us with a bubbly ''Good to hear from you!'' to cantar the melody of his violão, guitarra part on ''Live While We're Young,'' his excitement for 1D's new album Take Me Home radiated through the phone line!

J-14: Why did you guys decide to do a segundo One Direction album this year?

Niall Horan: We wanted to keep the fãs interested. They don't want to be listening to the same thing for two or three years. You want to keep giving them fresh, new music. If you look at the likes of Rihanna, she's...
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The guys of One Direction recently revealed that they are totally jealous of each other! Harry Styles spilled, "I wish I had Niall's Irish accent!" Liam Payne wants to be "as funny as Louis." Niall Horan wishes he "could riff like Zayn." Louis Tomlinson dished that he is totally envious of Zayn's "quaff," which is the British word for hair. Plus, Zayn Malik is "a little bit jealous of Liam's six-pack." OMG, Zayn with Liam's six-pack? We sure wouldn't mind that, but we amor the boys just the way they are!
This weekend the whole world has been glued to their televisão screen watching the royal wedding between Kate and Wills. That includes our favourite five men... Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan of One Direction, We've been wondering how they reacted to the romance, the magic and the stunning women...

Liam Payne let us all know he was watching with the statement tweet, "Royal wedding".

He followed this with a rather sweet messages saying, "Congratulations to the happy couple... Kate looks amazing."

Too true Liam, Kate did look amazing!

Harry Styles nodded his...
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posted by 1Dforlife5524
oi my name is (y/n) and i have been dating the one and only harry styles for 2 years and i have to say he is the perfect gentel man. This is how we started dating. One dia i was at the coffe comprar with my laptop. (Btw the girl in the story is a singer) and then i noticed a bunch of one direction fãs out side but i ignored it. Then i saw him harry had walk out of the bathroom. He took his assento that was at a booth acroos from me. Out of the corner of my eye i saw him staring at me. 10 minutos later he got up and he "accedently" spilt his drink on me. "Oh my god i am so sorry" he said "i will help you clen it up." "No need to panic, its just a little spill" i said. Then he introduced himself "i'm harry." I'm (y/n)."
-Before I start, I own none of this interview. All credit to Seventeen Magazine. And the interview is por Devin Tomb. Oh, and it'll mention Dani as his girlfriend throughout this, but it was written before they broke up.-

It may be totally devastating to know that Liam, 19, has a girlfriend. But the way he feels about her will really melt your coração and make you like him even more.

17: What drew you to your girlfriend, Danielle?

Liam Payne: She's got really curly hair and beautiful eyes. I told Harry on The X Factor that I thought she was really hot, so Harry said into his mic, ''Liam thinks the...
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 CullenSisters-X :))
CullenSisters-X :))
1. How long have you been a fã of 1D??
Since the beginning :) When they were lined up on the stage at bootcamp being put together I thought they had something, like they were obviously going to be awesome, and then when they sang 'Torn' it

just cemented my amor for them xD

2.How did you find out about them??
On the X Factor episode, when they were put together at bootcamp :)

3. Do you have a favourite member??
No, they're all equal in my eyes xD I mean, I was drawn to Harry and Liam at first when they auditioned but then when the other 3 were introduced and I learned all about the 5 of them,...
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A couple of days had passed since then, and Harry spent every moment of the dia with Carter. He’d chat to her about the old memories they shared, and cuddled her when she was down. She was discharged from the hospital yesterday, so they went straight back home.

Carter had been very affectionate towards Harry. Sneakily pecking him on the cheek every so often, telling him she loves him frequently and never wanting to leave his arms.

The bad news is, she didn’t remember Liam or any of the boys for that matter. Harry said he would wait until later to go through it with her. She didn’t remember...
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A few days had passed since then, and, as Carter had requested, things went back to normal. Harry was much mais aggressive towards her and her beatings had become daily again, although Harry seemed reluctant to hit her. She listened to everything he said and went where he wanted to go. They had also gone back to school, where Lucy made Carter’s life even mais of a misery. Carter wasn’t herself at all; she was mais like a ghost. She barely ate, she never spoke and she didn’t sleep much at night.

The only brightness left in her eyes was Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis. She talked to them every...
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A week later, everything was finally starting to get back to normal. Carter was a lot less dependent on Harry, and wanted to be alone more. School was no different though, as anytime Harry turned his back, Lucy would think of something horrible to do to Carter. That was the kind of thing that would upset Carter for the day, with the aid of medication doing nothing for her.

Carter’s depression was also putting a large amount of stress on Harry. He didn’t sleep much at night in case something happened to Carter. As of yet nothing has, but you can never be sure, right? She may suddenly decide...
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Harry groaned as he got out of cama the seguinte morning. He dragged himself down the stairs and into the kitchen. He had a bad hangover as a result of the amount of alcohol he had consumed last night and a pounding headache to topo, início it all off. He opened the drawer and took out two painkillers. He threw them back his throat and forced them down with a glass of water.

He re-heated some left-over pizza from last night and brought it into the sitting room. He flopped onto the sofá and switched the channel on the TV, wrapping a duvet around him afterwards.

Not only did Harry have a horrendous headache,...
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The seguinte morning, Carter shot up from her cama and stood up. She journeyed into her en-suite bathroom and looked in the mirror. Dark bags hung under her eyes and she looked very pale. Sticky blood marks clung on her arm and she wiped them carefully with a cloth, wincing as she did so. She tied her hair into a messy bun and threw on a hoodie.

She couldn’t seem to stop sneezing and had a horrible headache. She felt so un-well and didn’t feel up to anything today. She dragged her body down the stairs and ventured into the sitting room. Harry smiled warmly at her when he saw her, which made her...
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Harry- Get in The Car Babe
*Janie walked into Harry's cereja red convertible.*
Harry- Put this on.
*Harry Hands Janine a Blindfold.*
Janine- why do i have to do this..
Harry- just do it babe.

- Janine looked into Harry's blue green eyes and she couldn't resist-

*Janine Put on the blindfold and Smiled slightly at Harry. She puckered her lips waiting for Harry but Harry left her hanging and kissed her on the cheek*

-Janine was dissapointed-

*Harry turned back around and kissed her bottom lip and Harry drove off*

They were driving for about an hora and Harry Stopped.

Harry- Get out of the car babe.
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Janet Devlin is a topo, início contender on this years X factor. She is a favourite on twitter and her voice is so shy but yet so unique. Niall Horan from One Direction has 'got his eye on her' and it has been rumoured that he has been DMing Janet alot on twitter, which Janet isn't to pleased about. But who knows what might happen when they meet when One Direction perform on the X factor on November 13th!

pergunta asked to Janet in her video diary!!:

Do you like One Direction and who is your favourite???
Janet Devlin: "I do like One Direction, yes, I
supported them in the shows as well as Matt Cardle, i like both of them, errm and my favourite, i don't actually have a favourite cause i can't really pick them out unless i get to meet them, so!"
posted by _PRETTYQUEEN1E
oi there! I know alot about One Direction, but I always forget their encontro, data of births.
Did you know that Harry's first proper girlfriend was at age twelve? Wow was she lucky! And without Harry knowing- Harry's mom sent a video of Harry cantar to X-Factor. If she hadn't done that oh who would we be dwelling over in One Direction?
If you have short hair then why don't you tell Harry that? He likes girls with short hair!

Did you know that Zayn's name is actually spelled, "Zain" but he thinks that it's much mais resfriador, refrigerador Zayn.
Zayn LOVES red! Oooh! A color of my favorito fruit! Pomegranate!

All the boys...
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