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posted by randomgirl3000
Niall: He scrolls to the very beginning of your text message conversations and reads them over and over again. He even imagines you right seguinte to him and reads them with your voice in his head.

Liam: He goes through the fotografia album that he has dedicated to you on his cell phone. Then, he’ll go back and listen to all the voice mails that he refuses to delete.

Louis: He mopes around and sings sad songs that remind him of you. Even though it’s all pretty depressing, it somehow helps him get through it.

Harry: He calls you whenever he gets the chance. But, he has you doing all the talking. “I just want to hear your voice…I can’t get enough of it these days." he’ll say.

Zayn: He sleeps as much as possible so he can dream of you. He figures that it’s the only way that he can be near you while you are so far away. And of course, he always tucked in the covers with the teddy urso you gave him to take on tour.