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posted by Upashna
Aashita o terasu yo sunshine
madokara sashikomu tobira hiraite
Stop! because you got me think that i'm a little quicker
Go! maybe the rythm's off but i'll never let ya
Wish you could see for yourself
it's not, it's not just stop hey'all yada
I never thought that i could cover it all
now there's no way I could fall
you know it's on and on and off and on
and no one gets away

Boku no yume ha doko ni aru no ka?
Kage mo katachi momienakute
Oikakete ita mamoru beki mono
There's a sunshine in my mind

aashita o terasu yo sunshine
doko made mo tsuzuku me no mae ni hirogaru
sashi mo saki hae
mirai no sunshine
Kagayaku sunshine
know it's hard just take a chance
Aashita o harerukana
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nurarihyon no mago
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posted by Upashna
Rihan Nura (奴良 鯉伴, Nura Rihan) was Rikuo's father and the segundo head of the Nura Clan. He was a hanyō (half-yōkai) and the creator of the matoi technique, having no problems reconciling his human and yōkai halves.

Born the son of Nurarihyon and Yōhime, he was often taken around on his father's patrols (much to his mother's dismay). During the Edo period, he took over as the segundo Head of the Nura Clan. Under his leadership, the Nura Clan's power reached its peak and he was responsible for stopping the actions of The String Assassin of Hitachi Province. Rihan fell in amor with and...
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