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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The following fã fiction was written in 2013. It has been restored to High Definition

The ano is 2014, on the 14th of May. After playing baseball with my friends I decided to write a fanfic on my computer. So I grab my laptop and get on fanpop ready to write. I start with the title, ynoP elttiL yM which was named that, because Twilight would acidentally cast a spell making everything go in reverse. I finish typing the título when I get a message from my best friend on fanpop, applejackrocks1.

Applejackrocks1: Howdy Sean!
Seanthehedgehog: hEllO Jade.
Applejackrocks1: Why are you typing like that?
Seanthehedgehog: An honest mistake, I swear.
Applejackrocks1: What are ya'll doing?
Seanthehedgehog: Working on a fanfic.
Applejackrocks1: What's it about?
Seanthehedgehog: It's a surprise.
Applejackrocks1: Why can't you tell me?
Seanthehedgehog: Fine, Twilight casts a spell that makes everything go backwards.
Applejackrocks1: Sounds awesome. Ah can't wait to read it.
Seanthehedgehog: I can't wait to finish. So I gotta work.
Applejackrocks1: Alrighty then. Bye!
Seanthehedgehog: C ya later.

That was the end of our conversation, and I continued working on my fanfic.

The seguinte dia I worked on it some more, but got bored. So this time I started the conversation with Jade.

Seanthehedgehog: :D edaJ olleH
Applejackrocks1: lol, Hi Sean.
Seanthehedgehog: How are things?
Applejackrocks1: Fine, how about you?
Seanthehedgehog: Excellent, but I can't think about how to write this seguinte part of ynoP elttiL yM :S
Applejackrocks1: Ah have an idea.
Seanthehedgehog: And what's that?
Applejackrocks1: Why don't you have somepony watch something in reverse.
Seanthehedgehog: Damn Jade, you're a genius.
Applejackrocks1: "No I'm not, I'm a chicken!"
Seanthehedgehog: Maybe I should put that in too.

And so I did. But the seguinte dia was not gonna go well.

Seanthehedgehog: oi Jade.
Applejackrocks1 has blocked you

Sean: What the hell?
Haters: *Drive up to my house in a Mercedes SLS AMG* We grab him just as planned. *Gets out of the car, and walks towards the house*
Dad: Hey! What are you doing in my front yard?
Haters: *Kill my dad with Mini Uzi's*
Sean: *Hears gunshots* What is going on?
Haters: Break down the door! *Break door*
Sean: What did I fucking do? *Grabs car keys*
Haters: *Go upstairs*
Sean: *Grab cords, and air conditioner*
Hater 1: Which room is he in?!
Hater 2: Check them all! *Goes toward my room*
Sean: *Climbs down to ground*
Hater 2: Clear!
Hater 1: Where is he?!
Sean: *Starts his 2002 Impala*
Hater 1: GO! To the car!!
Sean: *Drives left out of the driveway*
Haters: *Shoot my car* Lets go!
Sean: *Goes fast down road*
Hater 2: Give me another mag.
Hater 1: I'm driving a car here!
Hater 2: GIVE ME A MAG!
Sean: *Drifts right*
Hater 1: *Follows*
citizen 34: *Honks horn*
Sean: *Goes wrong way*
Hater 2: *Shoot tire*
Sean: Oh great.
Hater 1: *Ram my car*
Sean: *Spins out in intersection*
citizen 235: What's the hold up?
Hater 2: Get out of the car man!
Sean: *Revs engine*
Hater 2: *Points gun* SEAN!
Sean: *Floors it*
Hater 2: Floor it! *Gets back in*
Sean: I have only three tires, how am I going to outrun these guys?
Hater 1: *Gets seguinte to me*
Sean: *Rams the haters*
Hater 1: *Hits other car*
Sean: There we go.

I escaped the haters, but now I had to turn around, and go to Frenchtown.

Mom: *Calls me*
Sean: Hello?
Mom: What happened at your house?
Sean: Some guys tried to kill me, and murdered my dad.
Mom: I can see that. I want you in Frenchtown, at my place now!
Sean: On my way. I should be there in 20 minutes.

I made it into Frenchtown, but I wasn't sure how to tell my mom who was trying to kill me.

Mom: So what did you do after your father died?
Sean: I escaped.
Mom: How? They were at the front door.
Sean: Does it matter how?! I escaped!!
Sean: I climbed out of my cama room window.
Mom: You jumped from the roof?
Sean: mais like climbed. With a rope.
Mom: Do not lie to me.
Sean: *Groans* You think everything I say is a lie!
Mom: No I don't. I'm going to ask you another question. Do you know who is trying to kill you?
Sean: *Sighs nervously* Haters.
Mom: Haters of what?
Sean: My Little Pony.
Mom: You watch that show?
Sean: Yeah, and people are trying to kill me because of that.
Mom: God I wish we were in the 70's again. Why would "haters" kill you for watching My Little Pony?
Sean: Several months ago, I noticed that many haters were getting fed up with bronies.
Mom: Bronies?
Sean: fãs of My Little Pony. Anyway, they said that they would kill anyone that enjoys My Little Pony.
Mom: People wanting to kill other's for watching a cartoon?
Sean: It's mais then just a cartoon. Many fãs make their own parodies, music, and a lot of cool shit.
Mom: Don't say that word.
Sean: And on October of 2013, the haters started waging war against bronies. Some have fought back, while others tried to run away. It's extremely chaotic.
Mom: I hear you.

After the conversation I decided to go on the internet, again.

Applejackrocks1: SeaN!!
Seanthehedgehog: oi Jade. Why did you block me?
Applejackrocks1: Ah had to, some haters barged in mah house.
Seanthehedgehog: Same with me.
Applejackrocks1: Ah am now living with mah aunt in San Francisco.
Seanthehedgehog: Swag. I have an aunt in Oakland.
Applejackrocks1: Awesome. Did you kill those haters after you?
Seanthehedgehog: Yeah I did. And you?
Applejackrocks: Nah, I broke their necks lol
Seanthehedgehog: Not bad. I made the others hit a car. I have to go now, I'll talk to you later.
Applejackrocks1: Ok, bye!

And that was the end. I went to sleep, thinking of what to do tomorrow. Then I heard a car going por my house. Frenchtown is right seguinte to the Delaware river, which separates New Jersey from much of Pennsylvania. That's not why a lot of cars go through here,... Maybe it is. Ah whatever, I gotta get ready for school. Yeah, after my dad died, and part of my house got destroyed I still gotta go to school.

3 and a half hours later

Sean: Hello Jack. Is the head backwards?
Jack: The head is backwards.
Ian: I don't know why you two say that.
Sean: It's from arco iris, arco-íris Factory.
Ian: What's that?
Sean: A arco iris, arco-íris Dash presents video. Gunnar, we gotta show Ian arco iris, arco-íris Dash presents arco iris, arco-íris Factory.
Gunnar: Ok. *Looks for video*
Mike: *Walking through cafeteria. He spots me with Ian, Gunnar, and Jack* What the fuck?
Ian: Why are all the characters ponies?
Jack: It's a parody of My Little Pony.
Ian: What?
Mike: I knew it! You watch My Little pónei, pônei
Sean: Eeyup, and proud of it!
Mike: What next, you gonna wear a camisa with one on it like this cunt? *points at Gunnar*
Gunnar: You're just jealous that you don't have any shirts like mine.
Mike: That show sucks big time. I oughta kill you four right now. *throws soco at me*
Sean: *Grabs Mike's fist* Try again asshole.
Mike: *Attempts to kick me*
Sean: *Breaks leg* What do you think of us now?
Mike: *Laying on floor* You're all gay!
Sean: Wrong answer *Steps on Mike's neck*

I ended up in the Principle's office for that.

Principle: We talked about this before Mr. Sean.
Sean: We have?
Principle: Yes we have. But since you haven't taken my advice, and killed someone, I have to expel you.
Sean: Fine *Gets out of chair*
Principle: Wait!
Sean: *Stops*
Officer Electra: *Arrives*
Principle: Before you go I have to tell you something. Not only are you going to jail, but you'll end up drafted into the military once you get out.
Sean: How long am I going to be in jail?
Principle: 18 months.
Officer Electra: Let's go Mr. Bodine.
Sean: At least someone called me Mr, the right way *Hits cop*
Principle: *Grabs for phone*
Sean: *Grabs officer's gun* STOP!
Officer Electra: Give me back my gun
Sean: *Kills officer* You touch one key on that thing, and you're dead.
Principle: *Puts down phone* What are you going to do now?
Sean: That isn't your concern anymore. I'm expelled *Leaves*

What I would do was what I was thinking about for a long time. Moving to Los Angeles. I know many people say it's a crappy town, but I planned to be a movie star. Who knows when they'll need someone at the age of 17 to be an actor? I was just driving to Los Angeles, which was a very long way from where I was now. Peekskill New York. I stopped here to visit my cousins, and Aunt Laura.

Hater 24: oi isn't that the guy our team tried to get 2 days ago?
Hater 532: It is. Let's get him!
Sean: *Hears haters & drives faster*
Hater 24: All units listen up! We found Sean Bodine, driving a 2012 Toyota Camry! License plate is GRE-33K
Hater leader: Alright! Permission to shoot on sight.
Sean: *Weaving through traffic*
Hater 532: *Grabs gun*
Sean: *Turns off highway*
Hater 24: *Follows*
Hater 532: *Shoots back window*
Hater 48: Joining in pursuit!
Sean: *Avoids car*
Hater 24: *Hits car*
Hater 48: And now that you hit me, I'm thinking of leaving the pursuit.
Hater 24: You better not!
Sean: *Drifts right*
Hater 63: Just follow those other guys, and we'll catch up to the brony.
Jade: *Parachutes from plane*
Sean: *Rams hater's car*
Hater 24: *Hits building*
Jade: *Shoots other haters*
Sean: Whoa what the?
Jade: *Lands on my car*
Sean: *Stops*
Jade: *Gets in* Howdy.
Sean: Are you?
Jade: Applejackrocks1? Eeyup.
Sean: Great to meet you, but I thought you would be in San Fran.
Jade: Yeah, ah don't have an aunt in San Francisco.
Sean: Wish I did. Oakland isn't close enough *Stops at aunt's house*
Jade: What are we doing here?
Sean: Making a visit to part of my family. We could get something useful from them.
Jade: Like?
Sean: A gun, ammo, and knives.
Jade: Alright, let's go in.

So we both went in to my Aunt's house.

Jerry: Mom, Sean's here with some hot girl.
Jade: *Laughs*
Sean: What's up cous'?
Jerry: Not much, how have ya been? What happened to your car?
Sean: A long story,
Jerry: Alright then. Make yourself at home.
Laura: What's going on?
Sean: A bunch of guys are trying to kill me, and my friend here.
Jerry: What do you want us to do?
Sean: Do you have any weapons you don't need?
Jerry: Yeah, let me check *Walks away*
Laura: Why do you need weapons?
Sean: I said some guys are trying to kill me.
Jade: And me.
Jerry: Here you are Sir Sean. potro, colt 1911, and a Mossberg 500.
Sean: Wow, these are cool.
Jerry: Thank you, after all, you'll need them.
Sean: What's this on part of the pump?
Jerry: That's where you put the pistol. If you hold it regularly, it's a regular grip, but hold it sideways, and it'll fire.
Sean: Awesome.
Jerry: And for Jade, a Mini-Uzi.
Jade: Thanks Jerry.
Jerry: No prob. Good luck
Sean: Thanks a lot. We'll need it.

We were walking back to the car when mais haters decided to show up.

Hater 57: *Pulls up por car*
Hater 66: *Shoots at me & Jade*
Sean: Nearly got hit in the leg!
Jade: I got these morons *Kills haters*
Sean: *Shoots other haters*
Hater 756: We have to bronies trying to leave Peekskill!
Hater 554: Which part?
Hater 756: They're a few miles from the movie theatre!
Sean: *Kills mais haters*
Jade: Let's get in the car!
Sean: *Starts car & drives off*
Hater 45: I'm in pursuit!
Hater 554: Made it! Where is he?
Sean: *passes hater*
Hater 554: I found him!
Sean: Jeez, every hater is either driving a Mercedes, or a dodge!
Jade: *Shoots the 554th hater*
Hater 45: *Hits dead guy's car* My car is dead!
Hater leader: This is just great! We have to stop these two now!!
Sean: *Drifts onto highway*
Hater 536: *Drifts onto highway*
Jade: *Shoots at car*
Sean: Hang on! *Jumps off of truck*
Trucker: What the fuck?!?!?!
Sean: *Lands in train yard*
Hater 536: Where'd they go?
Hater 634: They're dead. They couldn't have survived that landing. Let's go back.

In the train yard

Sean: *drives into parking lot*
Jackson: Mom look! It's Sean!
Casey: Whoa, what happened here?
Sean: Aunt Casey? What are you, and Jackson doing here?
Jackson: Visiting the park! Who's the girl? Why is your car destroyed?
Sean: oi Jackson, remember how I told you about my interest in My Little Pony?
Jackson: Yeah.
Sean: That's why, and as much as I'd amor to stay here, I can't.
Casey: Where are you heading?
Sean: To the headquarters of the haters, and killing them all. Where is it Jade, do you know?
Jade: Every brony knows, it's in Philadelphia.
Sean: Ok then. Let's go there.

We were heading for Philadelphia having just crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge when Jade was on her laptop.

Sean: Good thing this car has Wi-fi. What are you doing?
Jade: I'm sending a message to every brony about the assault on Philadelphia.
Sean: Perfect. We gotta stop to refuel though.

So we stopped at a gas station after getting off the highway.

Jade: I think that store is open. Let's get some food!
Sean: Ok.
Hater 643: *drives up in '32 ford*
Sean: Whoa, that's a very cool car.
Hater 643: I found them!
Sean: What?
Hater 643: *Pushes me to ground*
Jade: What the heck?
Hater 643: *Kicks my face*
Sean: *Grabs foot*
Jade: *Hits hater*
Hater 643: *Grabs gun*
Jade: *Hits gun*
Hater 643: *Shoots his own foot*
Sean: What'd you get?
Jade: I found a taco bell, and got us some doritos locos tacos.
Sean: Awesome. I'm gonna let you drive the rest of the way.
Jade: Yeah, I think you should after what happened to you.
Sean: I was kicked multiple times in the face.
Jade: I saw that.
Sean: You know, why don't we take his car?

So we did, and Jade was driving for the rest of the way. I was sitting seguinte to her relaxing when I heard my phone go off. My mom was trying to call me.

Sean: Hello?
Mom: Where are you?
Sean: That depends, where are you?
Mom: I heard from your principle that you got expelled, and killed two people! One of them was a police officer!
Sean: So?
Mom: Don't give me that attitude young man! I also got a call from your aunt that you were driving Chris' car, and got it destroyed.
Sean: Well I wouldn't say it's destroyed, maybe shot at a lot of times.
Jade: *Revs engine*
Sean: stop!
Mom: That doesn't sound like Chris' car!
Sean: I know.
Mom: What did you do to it?
Sean: Made an upgrade
Mom: that's it! I want you início right now!
Sean: Why?
Mom: Because I am going to ground you for 5 months!
Sean: You can't do that.
Mom: Oh yes I can, I'm your mother, and you're just a 17 ano old going on a rampage!
Sean: Go screw yourself *Hangs up*
Jade: Who was that?
Sean: An angry bitch.

My mom kept on trying to call me, but I ignored all her calls. por the time we got back into New Jersey, she was making her 10th call to me.

Sean: *Ignores call* I gotta block my mom.
Jade: Why? She just wants whats best for you.
Sean: Yeah, she thinks I should be grounded for half a year, thats' really helpful. We have to make our attack on Philadalphia.
Jade: We better hurry then *drives faster*

In Philadalphia at 30th rua station.

Hater 356: *Gets off train*
Hater leader: What took you so long?
Hater 356: You know how it is, the train stops at every platform.
Hater leader: How many platforms were there?
Hater 356: At least a dozen, but who gives a piss?
Hater leader: Alright. Let's see what you got.
Hater 356: *Sets down suitcase*
Hater leader: *Opens suitcase* Oh, this will do nicely.

Near the Delaware river

Jade: What's this river called again?
Sean: The Delaware.
Jade: Why do they call it that?
Sean: No clue, but there's a town alongside it called Frenchtown. It's far from here, but you gotta check it out sometime. They have this path that you can ride bikes on.
Jade: Actual bikes? Like BMW's and Harley's?
Sean: No no *Laughs* Bicycles.
Jade: Oh. Basically a Honda.
Sean: That's also a motorcycle.
Jade: *Laughs*
Sean: *Smiles* Alright, we're not far from Philly.

Meanwhile on the internet

Someonebutnoone: I don't know where is Seanthehedgehog!
Mariofan14: He hasn't been on for a while.
someonebutnoone: Hold on, I got message froma Applejackrocks1
Mariofan14: What does it say?
Someonebutnoone: Get everybrony to 30th rua station in Philadalphia. We're finishing off haters!
Mariofan14: How will that work?
Someonebutnoone: Transport tunnels!

On January 24 2014, lightning fast transports were made to go through underground tunnels into any city from anywhere. Every brony took one into Philadalphia. They were armed with guns, and MLP merchandise

Brony 53: Where is Applejackrocks?
Brony 36: No clue
Jade: *Revs engine* Right here boys!
Sean: *Gets out of car* Alright. This war ends now! All the haters are inside that train station. We must kill them all!
Brony 64: *Loads gun* Let's do this!
Sean: On me *Runs into station*
Hater 54: *Sets up MG*
Sean: *Shoots haters*
Security guard: Stop the fighting!
Hater 54: *Kills guard*
Sean: Enemy machine gun! Take cover
bronies: *Hide behind wall*
Hater 54: *Shoot at wall* Penetrate!!
Sean: *Kills machine gunner* All clear!
bronies: *Advance*
Jade: We got enemies with RPG's!
Hater 402: *Shoots missile*
Sean: *Runs from missile*
Hater 635: *Shoots at Jade*
Jade: *Shoots missile*
Hater 635: *Dies from explosion*
Sean: *Kills other míssil carrying haters*
Brony 64: Let's mover up!

We moved up a floor, and got introduced to 50 haters wanting us dead.

Brony 675: *Shoots haters*
Hater 51: I'm hit! *lays on floor*
Hater 65: Get mais sandbags!
Sean: *Hides behind train*
Jade: Get away from there!
Sean: Relax, it's derailed.
Hater 564: *Shoots at me*
Sean: *Reloads gun*
Jade: *Hits hater*
Hater 564: You're tough for a girl.
Sean: *Shoots hater's head*
Jade: I had him.
Sean: Sorry. I'll let you kill a few.
Hater 745: *Throws grenade*
Brony 66: *Runs* Look out!
Grenade: *Kills brony*
Jade: *Shoots hater in the head*
Sean: Great shot.
Jade: Thanks, but we gotta go. They're retreating.
Sean: How many bronies do we have left?
Jade: About 100.
Sean: Christ, that's a lot.
Hater leader: What the fuck do you think you're doing?!
Hater 723: There are over 100 bronies fighting us!
Hater leader: Alright, stand your ground *leaves*
Hater 136: Where's he going?
Hater 723: How should I know? Let's just kill the bronies.
Sean: There they are! *kills haters*
Hater 45: mover up!
Hater 65: *shoots me in leg*
Sean: AH! *shoots hater's head off*
Hater 45: *hits me*
Sean: *breaks his neck*
Jade: Are you ok?
Sean: I was shot in the leg.
Jade: So you aren't ok?
Sean: I can still walk. I'll be fine.
Brony 35: How many haters are left?
Sean: Not many, can't be mais then 30.
Hater leader: Get your defenses set NOW! We cannot lose to these guys!!
Hater 53: Yes sir!
Sean: Before we go out there *cooks grenade*
Jade: Ok.
Sean: *throws grenade which kills about 8 of the haters*
Hater 888: Where did that come from?
Sean: HERE! *shoots hater*
Hater 888: *falls off ledge*
Jade: Surrender now! You're all outnumbered.
Haters: *put down guns*
Jade: Where's your leader?
Hater leader: *pops up from ledge & shoots Jade's shoulder*
Sean: NO! *runs toward leader with machete*
Hater leader: *drops gun*
Sean: *hacks hater*
leader: GAH!
Sean: *stabs his heart*
leader: FU-
Sean: *chops his head off*
leader: *falls off building*
Sean: Jade. Hang in there, you'll be ok.
Jade: I was shot in the shoulder.
Sean: *looks at haters* You careless.. Soul less FUCKS!
Haters: oi man take it easy.
Sean: *grabs machine gun* RAAAHHHHHHH *kills all haters* Finally. It's over

Song time: link

Jade: What about any hater that wasn't in this fight?
Sean: I know just where to put them.

And so, every hater went straight to hell for not liking My Little pónei, pônei Friendship Is Magic

Jade survived being shot in the shoulder thankfully, and after the fight in Philly mais people have been becoming bronies.

I ended up losing my leg after having it shot, and I'm now a famous actor in Hollywood. My first movie was a remake on To Live & Die In L.A.

My mom saw me fighting the haters on the news, and killed herself.

My stepdad never found his car that I ditched, and the hotrod? I still have it

The End
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