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posted by Seanthehedgehog
This fanfic is a combination of My Little pónei, pônei with a movie called Duel. If you have not seen Duel, then you should. It is very good. Ok, here we go

Mr. Cake: Pinkie Pie did you get your new car?
Pinkie: Eeyup, I got a Hoofington Diligence.
Mrs. Cake: Allright. We need you to go into the badlands to get these ingredients.
Pinkie: Frosting, flour, eggs, and milk. Okey dokey lokey.
Mr. Cake: Keep the list with you in case you forget.
Pinkie: *takes list*

Pinkie drove off to go into the badlands to get the ingredients that she was told to get. 50 minutos later she got behind a big rig carrying gasoline. It was going very slow, and the smoke was causing Pinkie to cough.

Pinkie: Why so slow? *coughs*

After 20 segundos Pinkie drove past the big rig.

Pinkie: *listening to radio*
radio announcer: Now, up seguinte is Frankie Nylon & The Colts with Why Do Foals Fall In amor
big rig driver: *drives past Pinkie nearly hitting her*
Pinkie: HEY!

Once again the big rig was behind Pinkie Pie going 30 miles an hour.

Pinkie: *drives past big rig, then stops to get gas*
gas station owner: Hello, how can I help you?
Pinkie: Full tank.
gas station owner: Sure thing.
big rig driver: *pulls into station seguinte to Pinkie*
gas station owner: Ok that'll be 8 bits please.
Pinkie: *pays pony*
gas station owner: If you want I can check under the capuz, capa for you.
Pinkie: Sure
gas station owner: *opens hood* Looks like you could use a new radiator hose
Pinkie: Really? This car is brand new. I'll get one later. Do you have any phones I can use?
gas station owner: Yeah inside.
Big rig driver: *honks horn*
gas station owner: I'll be right there!
Mr. Cake: Hello?
Pinkie: Hi.
Mr Cake: You didn't crash did you?
Pinkie: No, I just stopped to get gas, and I wanted to say hi so... Hi!
Mr Cake: How far away are you from the store?
Pinkie: Very far. Why do I have to drive for a long time just to get cake ingredients?
Mr Cake: Because that's the only store with cake ingredients.
Pinkie: Ok, bye! *hops back to car*

Pinkie Pie left the gas station, while the big rig was there. But ten minutos later, the truck was tailgating her.

Pinkie Pie: You wanna pass? *signals trucker to pass*
trucker: *passes then goes slow*
Pinkie Pie: Come on, I gave you the road, why don't you use it?

They passed a sign that said two lane traffic. Pinkie could now pass the truck.

Pinkie Pie: *goes into left lane*
trucker: *blocks Pinkie off*
Pinkie Pie: I don't believe this. I DON'T BELIEVE THIS! *goes right*
trucker: *goes right*

While this continued Pinkie Pie missed her chance to pass the trucker.

Trucker: *signals Pinkie to pass*
Pinkie Pie: *gets on left side to pass*
driving pony: LOOK OUT *honks horn*
Pinkie Pie: *avoids driving pony*
Trucker: *goes slower*
Pinkie Pie: I'll just have to pass him the hard way *floors it*
Trucker: ?
Pinkie Pie: *passes trucker* Wahoo! Now to get those ingredients.

But 15 minutos later, things wouldn't go the way she thought they would. The trucker returned.

Pinkie Pie: Oh no.
Trucker: *honks horn*
Pinkie Pie: *floors it*
Trucker: *follows Pinkie*
Pinkie Pie: This isn't good.
Trucker: *rams Pinkie's car*
Pinkie Pie: My Celestia.
Trucker: *honks horn while hitting Pinkie's car again*
Pinkie Pie: *loses control hitting fence* Oh wow
Old pony: You ok mam?
Pinkie Pie: I don't know *sweating badly*
Old pony: What happened?
Pinkie Pie: You know that big rig that passed?
Old Pony: yeah why?
Pinkie Pie: He rammed me off the road.
Old Pony: Are you ok?
Pinkie Pie: I'm fine, but my neck hurts.
Old Pony: She's fine. Just a little whiplash.
Other old pony: Ok.

Across the rua is a restaurant, so Pinkie decides to chow down.

Pinkie Pie enters the restaurant, and soon meets the manager

Manager: Hello
Pinkie Pie: Hi
Manager: What happened out there?
Pinkie Pie: A pónei, pônei driving a big rig tried to kill me.
manager: Really?
Pinkie Pie: yeah *sits down at table*
Waiter: Can I get you anything?
Pinkie Pie: Just a cupcake. *looks out window & spots truck*
Waiter: Anything else?
Pinkie Pie: a water, and do you have any asperine?
Waiter: Coming right up.

While Pinkie looks at the truck she remembered the pónei, pônei driving it had laranja hooves. The driver had to be in this restaurant. There were only three ponies that had laranja hooves. One of them had to be the driver.

Waiter: Here you go.
Pinkie Pie: Thanks. *eats cupcake* Ok which one is the trucker, and what do I say to him?

Thinking about which pónei, pônei was the trucker, Pinkie finished her cupcake, then drank the water. She then decided to go towards an laranja stallion, eating a sandwich.

Pinkie Pie: oi you.
laranja stallion: What do you want?
Pinkie Pie: I just thought that we could set aside our differences, and be friends ok?
laranja stallion: What the hell are you talking about?
Pinkie Pie: You tried to run me off the road when you were driving a big rig.
laranja Stallion: I don't drive a big rig, my truck is a 3000 series.
Pinkie Pie: Yeah ok. If you don't stop trying to kill me I'll call the cops.
laranja stallion: That's it! *throws Pinkie onto pool table*
Manager: Whoa, what's going on here?!
laranja Stallion: This mare is screwed up! She thinks I'm trying to kill her!
Manager: That's enough. I mean look at her, she's scared to death. Get outta here!
laranja Stallion: *leaves & walks to truck*

Pinkie Pie then saw that the pónei, pônei was telling the truth, as he drove off in a PMC 3000 series. She then left the restaurant.

After driving for a few miles, she was stopped por a bus driver.

Pinkie Pie: What's wrong?
Bus Driver: I was taking these colts & fillies on a field trip for school, and the bus overheated. Now it won't start, and I need someone to push the bus.
Pinkie Pie: I don't think my car can push a bus.
Bus Driver: Can't you at least try? It's not like the bumper is going to get stuck under the bus.
Pinkie Pie: Fine I'll do it. *drives behind bus*

After trying to push the bus with her car, Pinkie eventually got the bumper stuck under the bus. Just like the driver said would not happen.

potro, colt 6: Mr, she got the car stuck.
Bus Driver: Oh great.
Pinkie Pie: Well it got stuck.
Bus Driver: I'm sorry I could have sworn you would have pushed the bus.

While getting the bumper out from under the bus, Pinkie then saw something that scared her. THE TRUCK!

Pinkie Pie: NO!!
Bus Driver: What's wrong? We got your car free.
Pinkie Pie: *points toward truck* That pónei, pônei has been trying to kill me.
Bus Driver: Great story.
Pinkie Pie: I'M BEING SERIOUS!! *drives away*

While Pinkie was driving away from the big rig, it was pushing the bus. After helping the bus start up, the pónei, pônei driving the big rig went back to chasing Pinkie Pie.

After evading the big rig once again Pinkie had to stop a railroad crossing, and watched as the train passed her.

Trucker: *pushes Pinkie Pie's car*
Pinkie Pie: What the? *looks behind her* oi STOP!!
Trucker: *doesn't stop*
Pinkie Pie: *puts car in reverse*

The big rig kept pushing Pinkie Pie's car closer to the crossing until the end of the train arrived. Pinkie then drove off the road letting the truck pass.

After nearly getting killed again Pinkie Pie decided to drive slow, and avoid the truck, but that didn't work out. She saw the truck in front of her, and decided to stop at a gas station.

station attendant: Hello ma'am. What can I do for you?
Pinkie Pie: Full tank, and a new radiator hose.
station attendant: Sure thing.
trucker: *pulls over*
Pinkie Pie: Do you have a telephone I can use?
station attendant: Yeah, it's over there *points at telephone booth* Feel free to look at my snakes if you have time.
Pinkie Pie: *walks to booth looking at snakes* What a cool place for a telephone booth.
Trucker: *revs truck*
operator: Hello can I help you?
Pinkie Pie: Get me the police.
trucker: *drives toward Pinkie Pie*
Police sgt: Hello?
Pinkie Pie: I'd like to denunciar a truck driver that's been endangering my life!
Police sgt: What is he driving?
Pinkie Pie: OH GOD *runs out*
trucker: *smashes phone booth*
station attendant: WHAT THE feno ARE YOU DOING?!!?
trucker: *driving in circles*
Pinkie Pie: *runs toward car*
trucker: *drives toward Pinkie*
Pinkie Pie: *drives away*

Pinkie Pie left the gas station without paying, and did not get her new radiator hose. She decided to hide from the trucker, and her plan worked. The big rig drove past, while the driver did not notice Pinkie's car.

Pinkie Pie: The highway is all your's pal. I'm going to wait here for an hour, and the police will get you. Even if they don't, I'll be far away from you. I can't wait to get back home, then I'll be back with Mr. & Mrs. Cake with Pound, and Pumpkin. One of them will be bound to ask me, "Hi Pinkie Pie, did you have a nice trip?" I just want to get those ingredients, and go home.

Eventually Pinkie Pie fell asleep, and after 65 minutos she heard a horn. She thought it was the trucker, but it was a train passing por her.

Pinkie Pie: *laughs* Thank goodness.

She watched the train, and when it passed she drove off. Then she saw the big rig.

Pinkie Pie: Oh boy.
Trucker: *reving big rig*
Pinkie Pie: *drives toward trucker*
Trucker: *blocks road*
Pinkie Pie: *stops*

Pinkie then went in reverse off the road. She got out of her car, and stopped two ponies driving on the road

pónei, pônei 1: What is it ma'am?
Pinkie Pie: The pónei, pônei in that big rig is trying to kill me. I need your help!
pónei, pônei 2: This mare is crazy.
pónei, pônei 1: What do you need our help with?
Pinkie Pie: I need you to go call the cops, and tell them that a pónei, pônei driving a big rig is trying to kill another pónei, pônei driving a hoofington.
pónei, pônei 2: I'm telling you this mare is crazy!
Trucker: *drives toward other ponies*
pónei, pônei 1: Get away from us!
Pinkie Pie: I just want you to make a phone call to the cops!
pónei, pônei 2: Mike look out!
pónei, pônei 1: *drives backward*
Trucker: *returns to position por road*

After the big rig nearly hit the other ponies Pinkie had it. She had this pónei, pônei run her off the road, pushed her toward a train, and almost killed her just because she was making a phone call. Now it was all down to this.

Pinkie Pie: *drives fast past truck*
Trucker: *chases Pinkie Pie*

After half a minuto Pinkie spotted a police car.

Pinkie Pie: *pulls up toward cop car*
Police pony: ?
Pinkie Pie: *drives off*
Trucker: *smashes police car*
Pinkie Pie: *passes train*
Trucker: *honks horn*
train driver: *honks horn*
Pinkie Pie: *drifts onto dangerous road, hitting sign*
Trucker: *slowly turns onto road*

This was it. There was no way the truck could keep up with Pinkie Pie going up hill, but the radiator hose on Pinkie's car overheated

Pinkie Pie: No, no no *cries*

Her speed was slowing down, and the truck was slowly catching up to her. She then got to the top, and was cruising downhill.

Pinkie Pie: Yes, mais speed. Come on!
Trucker: *honks horn*
Pinkie Pie: That's getting annoying. I hope this ends soon.

Pinkie decided to go up another hill. She turned, but it was too late, and she hit a mountain.

Pinkie Pie: *tries to start car*
trucker: *speeds toward Pinkie*
Pinkie Pie: Come on! Start! *starts car, and drives up hill*
Trucker: *follows Pinkie Pie*
Pinkie Pie: *reaches cliff* Ok, here goes nothing *puts heavy suitcase on gas pedal*
Trucker: *gets infront of Pinkie's car*
Pinkie Pie: *jumps out of car*
Trucker: *hits Pinkie Pie's car causing an explosion*
Pinkie Pie: *wipes blood from mouth*

Pinkie Pie watched as the truck drove over the edge of the cliff, and when it hit the bottom it blew up.

Pinkie Pie: Yes, YES!! *cheers*

After getting rid of somepony that tried to kill her for no reason. Pinkie Pie sat there sleeping. As she woke up the sun was setting, and she realised that she had no way to get back into Ponyville. That was fine though, because she didn't want to go back just yet. She wanted to see the sunset, then when it got dark she would make her way back.

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It has been restored
Prepare to be amazed.
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Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Honey Bee From NaomiWinx

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 7: The boss of my boss is my enemy

May 25, 1951

We start this episode near the station of Cheyenne. An observation car was sitting on a siding near the line.

???: Oh my god man! How many of these engines do you still have?
Pete: The same ammount we had since 1944.
???: That's not good! We...
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Welcome to another story about a spy named Con Mane. We begin at a Mexican nuclear base.

Con: *runs onto dam*
pilot: *flies past Con*
Con: *ties himself to guardrail*

Con jumped, as the rope slowly let him down toward part of the base. A few minutos later he was inside.

Mexican pony777: *watches T.V.*
Mexican pony484: *goes to bathroon*
Mexican pony556: *leaves bathroom*
Mexican pony484: *reads newspaper*
Con: Beg your pardon. Forgot to knock *K.O's mexican*

From there Con walked into an unlit room when he ran into another pónei, pônei named John.

John: ¡Señor! ¿Estás solo?
Con: Yes, I'm alone....
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At the station, the Germans were interrogating Maurice. He was hit several times in the face. He had a bruise on his right cheek, his chin, and blood was on his forehead.

German pónei, pônei 593: *Hits Maurice while holding him por the neck* Who did it?
Maurice: *Gets punched again, and has blood come out of his nose* I'm not sure, I can't remember. I was drunk!
German pónei, pônei 593: You're lying!! *Throws a bucket of water onto Maurice*
Maurice: *Coughing*
Colonel Von Waldheim: *Walks into the room* If you tell the truth, you live. Now, what does he look like?
Maurice: Colonel, I can't remember. *Stares...
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The following is based off of the 1964 film, The Train.

Paris, August 2nd, 1944. 1511th dia of German occupation.

German Ponies: *Guarding a museum*
Other German Ponies: *Arriving in a staff car between two motorcycles. They stop at the museum*
German Pony: Achtung.
Driver: *Gets out of the car, and opens the back right door*
Colonel Von Waldheim: *Steps out of the car wearing a jacket, and a hat. He salutes his soldiers, and walks into the museum*

Inside the museum were lots of paintings. This was an art museum.

Colonel Von Waldheim: *Puts his jacket, and hat onto a casaco hanger. He slowly...
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Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Honey Bee From NaomiWinx

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 6: Percy's "Finest" hora

May 21, 1951

You already know this, but bare with me. Percy fixes tracks on the Union Pacific. He usually works with his best friend Jeff, but today that would change.

Percy: *walks along station*
Pete: Percy, I have some bad news.
Percy: What is it?
Pete: Jeff isn't...
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This is the sequel to the story of a stallion named Bob Newhart. He still lives in Fillydelphia with his wife Emily.

Everyday you can see Bob walking around the streets of Fillydelphia, and most of the time he does that, he's on his way to work. Speaking of work, he's a therapist.

One day, Bob was at his office at work, when his assistant Carol knocked on the door.

Bob: Come in.
Carol: *Enters room* Good morning Mr. Newhart. I just wanted you to know that a pónei, pônei came all the way here from Chicagoat to work as a dentist.
Bob: And, you're telling me this because?
Carol: Well, he...
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This is a combination of Casino Royale with Quantum Of Solace. It all started in a place called Dodge City, where many stallions were pitting animais to fight against each other. Con had to find a certain pónei, pônei that was gambling on the animals.

Con: Did you find her yet?
Hungry: No. I don't see her.
Con: Stop touching your ear!
Hungry: Sorry?
Gambling pony: *notices hungry*
Hungry: *pulls out gun*
Con: Put your gun away! I need her alive.

Con chased after the mare into a construction sight. When he found the fence he couldn't hop over, he roubou a bulldozer, and destroyed it, then continued his...
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Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Honey Bee From NaomiWinx

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 5: War pónei, pônei

May 15, 1951

The korean war has been going on for months. Everypony on the Union Pacific was doing their best to deliver supplies to Los Angeles for use in the U.S military.

Gordon: *doing yard work*
Pete: Gordon, I have something for you to do.
Gordon: Great! I'm doing a lot of...
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Fast motion scene

Ralphie: *Running with Flick, and Schwartz to school*
Scut, and Grover: *ChasingRalphie, and his friends*
Randy: *Chasing Scut, and Grover* Come on you guys, wait up.

At school.

Students: *Handing in themes to Miss. Shields*
Ralphie: *Places his theme on Ms. Shields desk*

I knew I was handing Ms. Shields a masterpeice. Maybe Ms. Shields would be so thrilled with my assignment, that she would excuse me from theme composição literária for the rest of my life.

Fantasy time!

Ms. Shields: *Wearing red coat, with black hat that has two long black feathers on it* Look at these themes! Lousy!...
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Special thanks to AquaMarine6663 for letting me use her three OC's, Aqua Marine, Double Scoop, and Blue Fedora.

Our main character for this story is a potro, colt named Ralphie. He will be narrating this story, taking place in Indiana, 1948.

Ponies: *Walking on sidewalk, looking at the snow*
Colts: *Running down rua passing a yellow house*

Ah, there it is. My old house. And there I am, with that ugly hat, and that dumb smile. No matter, natal was on it's way. Good old, lovely Christmas.

Later at night.

Band Ponies: *Playing natal música with trombones*

Downtown, everypony was getting prepared...
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Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Honey Bee From NaomiWinx

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 4: Show business

October 3, 1950

Pete: *Driving a Big Boy pulling a passenger train at 10 miles an hour, then stops* Hello. I'm the controller of the Union Pacific. This engine I'm driving is not only fast, but it's the world's largest engine, and can pull a train five miles long. The Union...
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