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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 1
"To Share or Not or Share"

[[The episode begins in the castelo of Empress Kai-Lan and Emperor Rintoo.]]
[[Emperor Rintoo and Prince Hoho are playing in the royal playroom, which is located near the end of the segundo floor.]]
[[Rintoo and Hoho laugh]]

Hoho: Rintoo, where are you?
Rintoo: You'll never find me.
Hoho: Let's hope I will. [[laughing]]

[[The scene cuts to the cupboard, where Rintoo is seen opening the door half way, but Hoho hears him and opens the door on him]]

Hoho: [[laughs]] I found you
Rintoo: Okay, you caught me, but seguinte time I'll find a better...
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[Rintoo and Spyler runnning and laughing]
Rintoo: I'm going to get yopu.
Spyler: [laughing] You don't stand a chance.
[stomach growling]
Spyler: What was that?
Rintoo: That was my tummy rumbling. All this running around is making me hungry.
[Spyler's stomach growls]
Spyler: Me too. Hey, why don't we go início for lunch.
Rintoo: That's an awesome idea. Hey, Spyler, what do you think is going to be for lunch?
Spyler: I hope there's amendoim manteiga and geléia, geleia sandwiches, oh, oh, or maybe hot dogs, or maybe, or maybe
[Rintoo's stomach growls again]
Rintoo: Well, whatever's there is going to taste awesome!
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Kai lan is the best girlfriend ever because she is cute and so pretty and so nice and she is amazing the way she looks and how she wants to take me out to a place that she wants to surprise me and she also wants to cuddle with me and also she is an amazing whistler and can whistle the best amor tune ever she also wants to take me too my past and she wants to kiss my lips! my friends and Donald Trump know that she is my girlfriend and they think that she is the best also my favorito friend of Kai lan is cute little Hoho because he is so cute and so adorable. Kai lan is dating me at the most special place ever and she will kiss my lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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