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[Rintoo and Spyler runnning and laughing]
Rintoo: I'm going to get yopu.
Spyler: [laughing] You don't stand a chance.
[stomach growling]
Spyler: What was that?
Rintoo: That was my tummy rumbling. All this running around is making me hungry.
[Spyler's stomach growls]
Spyler: Me too. Hey, why don't we go início for lunch.
Rintoo: That's an awesome idea. Hey, Spyler, what do you think is going to be for lunch?
Spyler: I hope there's amendoim manteiga and geléia, geleia sandwiches, oh, oh, or maybe hot dogs, or maybe, or maybe
[Rintoo's stomach growls again]
Rintoo: Well, whatever's there is going to taste awesome!
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 2, Episode 6
"It's Gettin' Cold in Here"

[The episode begins in the palace playroom, where Tolee and Rintoo, laughing hysterically as they look at some very funny videos.]

Rintoo: Hey, hey, check this one out.

[The video they are looking at involves a baby pato who somehow finds his way out of the pond, and takes a bite out of a cake from the snack shack.]

[Rintoo and Tolee laugh once again.]

Rintoo: How does he do that?
Tolee: I have no idea, but it is hilarious. You can actually see the frosting on his lips.
Rintoo: [laughs louder] I know, I can't believe he did that!...
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Source: Make Your Own Nï Hao Kai-Lan Cast Meme por Abfan243 On DevïantArt
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Source: Nï Hao Kaï-Lan: Hoho's Chïnese New ano Coïn Catch - Old Flash Games
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Hello everyone. I have an announcement to make. This is about the continuation of Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures. I know it's been a ano since the last episode was posted, but I have a few things to get out there.

The first one is that the show is still going on, but I haven't been working on it like I used to. I've had a lot of things going on, and it's kept me from working on them, mainly computer issues. But I have managed to start the seguinte episode before that happened, and it is in google Drive, so I can go in and finish. I am expecting to post mais episodes before the end of the year, and it will be the biggest return I have ever made. Stay tuned for atualizações as they come along.

Thank you for understanding.
You guys may not know this, but the Ni Hao, Kai-Lan Wiki is undergoing a big change. That's right, we're making the site bigger and better than ever. The new additions to the wiki will include a new clock, a countdown to the seguinte episodes, full length transcripts, and lots more. But there's one problem: I can't do all this shit alone. I need some help.

Yeah, I'm asking anyone who's interested in joining me fix that place up to sign up and contribute.

If you need the url to the wiki, here it is: link