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posted by sweetlady982002
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Monday, March 16, 2020
NKOTB Cruise 2020 postponed
NKOTB released a statement about the New Kids on the Block cruise that was supposed to take place this April:

Dear Cruisers,
Alongside all of you, we have been following information closely from public health officials and municipalities and working with Carnival to figure out a solution to protect the health and safety of the fans, NKOTB and all of our staff. We held out hope for this year’s cruise as long as we could.
We recognize the fact that many of you would not be able to...
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oi eveyone :) I just wanted to let you guys know about a new New Kids on the Block fansite I've started, I'm hoping you all can check it out and leave feedback/comments and help out!

The fansite, New Kids on the Block: is pretty new, we're just launching it but well, mais than a fansite, I have a bigger plan. I want it to be a community where everyone can register and contribute to the community!

That means that besides of me admin posting the info, everyone who wants to will be able to enviar information, news, pictures, etc. of New Kids on the Block... this way, the information, news and resources on the site will be better! The only requirement so far for posting is to register a username, but that's totally free. Plus, everything you post would be credited to you. :)

So please, please, check my site out! Feedback and comments are greatly appreciated, and well, help with posts is of course extremely welcomed!
posted by sweetlady982002
Are Evelyn Melendez and singer Jordan Knight divorced? Know about her marriage, husband, and children

Posted por MarriedBiography Posted on July 16, 2019 | In Affair , Child , Divorce

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There are many rumors about the divorce of this couple Evelyn Melendez and Jordan Knight. There was news of their separation in the ano 2012. But they did not officially announce their separation, much of social media was bubbling over with reports of their fights.

Evelyn Melendez and her husband Jordan Knight
Source: Biography Leaks(Evelyn Melendez...
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